John Darling



Solo (d6) / Buddy (d10) / Team (d8)


Knight in Oil-Stained Coveralls / Calloused Hands / “Gonna Uncork a Bottle of Liquid Therapy”

Hephaestus, Implacable God of Fire and Technology:

Superhuman Strength d10 Enhanced Stamina d8
Enhanced Durability d8 Technology Influence d6
  • SFX—Fire Absorption: On a successful reaction against a Fire action, convert your opponent’s effect die into a Hephaestus, Implacable God of Fire and Technology stunt or step up a Hephaestus, Implacable God of Fire and Technology power by +1 for your next action. Spend 1 PP to use this stunt if your opponent’s action succeeds.
  • SFX—Constructs: Add a d6 and step up your effect die by +1 when using Hephaestus, Implacable God of Fire and Technology to create assets.
  • SFX—Unleashed: Step up or double any Hephaestus, Implacable God of Fire and Technology power for one action. If the action fails, add a die to the doom pool equal to the normal rating of your power die.
  • Limit—Persona: Hephaestus, Implacable God of Fire and Technology may not be used outside the Dark Hour, if Stressed out, asleep, or unconscious.


Combat (Friendly Brawling) Professional d8 Tech (Mechanical) Expert d10
Vehicle Professional d8


Bonds of people is the true power
While no one will ever fill the role his father’s departure has left, that doesn’t stop John from trying to fill it with other platonic relationships.
1 XP when you share a drink with another character for the first time.
3 XP when you help a friend with a problem, or convince them to help you with one of yours.
10 XP when you abandon a personal goal in order to help a friend, or abandon a friend to pursue a personal goal.

Milestone name
Short Milestone description
1 XP when …
3 XP when …
10 XP when …



John was born to Marcus and Anna Darling on a foggy day in late July. Marcus was still out on the boat – the family had an even greater need of money, now that there would be another mouth to feed – and so his father wasn’t there to greet him when John came into the world. Some of the townsfolk whispered that this was why John later betrayed his father’s legacy, but old fishermen don’t need any reason to share tales after the sun has gone down and they’ve started into their cups.

In truth, John loved his father. Always had. He didn’t blame his father for pushing the boat away from the dock at dawn, even though Anna lay on her death bed. When Marcus came back to port, there were no hard words from John – he simply gave his father his mother’s ring as way of delivering the news. John was eight.

The family struggled on as it always had, with Marcus hauling in nets during every daylight hour. John went to school when he could, and lent his father a helping hand when it was needed. Being a quick learner, John’s studies never really suffered, and he liked parts of being on the trawler with his father. Engine maintenance and repair in particular fascinated him, and John spent all the time he could tinkering with the sputtering, temperamental beast. And he loved spending time with his father.

But fishing? John couldn’t stand it. He hated the fish’s protruding eyes, the slimy skin, the cold scales. He hated the smell of them, their sharp teeth, spines, fins. Every damn thing about them. So John saved his allowance when he was young, and his share of the catch when he was older.

And after he had graduated high school, when John’s father told him it was time to sign the family boat down to the next in line – John said no. He had saved enough to study at a vocational/technical school, and John announced his intentions to become a mechanic.

Marcus threw him out. John hasn’t seen his father since.

Time passed. John graduated, and got a job. He stayed local. He made friends through work. Work friends led to happy hours. Happy hours led to drinking. And John took to drinking the way that only sons of sailors can. He never became a barfly, the type to sit besotted at the rail from opening to close. But they knew him, they knew his drink, and there was always two fingers of rye ready at 8:30pm. John tried not to dwell on what that said about him.

But being a steady presence in a bar wasn’t all bad. He chatted with the people around him. Heard their problems. Gave some advice. Listened when that was all that was needed. John found solace in this – helping others helped himself. When one of the local women complained about an abusive boyfriend, John decided it was time to take it to the next level. They took a ride, and visited this guy’s house. John was calm, collected. Friendly. He explained the situation, and asked the guy to leave it be. When the guy took a swing at John, John took him down.

At the Cove on 1st, where you can still hear the waves and smell the salt even though you can’t see the ocean, you might be able to find a man drinking at the end of the bar. He’ll have a tumbler of whiskey in front of him – just one – and if you tell him your problems, sometimes – sometimes – they go away.


If there’s one thing his father taught John, it’s the value of hard work. Persistence, determination, and a sheer stubbornness forms the very core of who he is. The stories he was told growing up – both the old folk tales told by his father, and the biblical verses read by the preacher on Sundays – formed the core of his belief system.

Loves Old Overholt straight rye whiskey. Greatly prefers rye over every other drink. Will drink bourbon in a pinch.

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John Darling

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