Gil Miller

Slacking Minor League Baseball player



Solo (D10) / Buddy (D6) / Team (D8)


Puttin’ Off Puttin’ Off Till Tomorrow / Loveable Goofball / Minor League Slugger


Flying Nimbus D10, Najimbo Staff D8, Transformation D8, Fire Control D6

  • SFX—Immune: Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from Fire.
  • SFX—Unleashed: Step up or double any SUN WUKONG power for one action. If the action fails, add a die to doom pool equal to the normal rating of your power die
  • SFX—Masterful Trickster: Spend 1 PP to borrow the highest die in the Shadow pool
    as an asset for your next action, then step back and return the Shadow die.
  • Limit-Extinguished: Shutdown a SUN WUKONG when you take stress from a water related attack and gain 1 PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.
  • Limit-Persona: SUN WUKONG may not be used outside the Dark Hour, if Stressed out, asleep, or unconscious.


Combat Professional D8 / Athletics Expert D10 / Psych Professional D8


Hard Work Pays Off Eventually, But Slacking Pays Off Now.
Gil’s doing his best to grow develop a work ethic, but there’s just so many fun things to do in this city!
1 XP When you spend time doing something unimportant to your baseball career or your new investigation.
3 XP Whenever you show that slacking off helped the problem or working hard made it worse.
10 XP When you dodge a responsibility to recover from stress or when you fulfill a commitment despite your stress.

Rising Superstar!
Move over Babe Ruth! Gil knows he’s going to be best slugger of all time!
1 XP when you bring up your baseball career to someone you never mentioned it to before.
3 XP when you get recognized (positively or negatively) for your baseball playing skills.
10 XP when you either turn around a game that your team was going to lose, or you make a major error that loses the game for your team.



Throughout college, he was always ready with a joke and a grin. Coasting through his classes, he’s never really had to work very hard before. Now that he’s firstbaseman for Greensborough Gators, a solid job that requires commitment and hard work, he’s… not much different. His teammates enjoy his company, but the coaching staff is growing tired of his unprofessionalism. He’s had it spelled out in, no uncertain, terms that he’s going to have to crack down if he wants to amount to anything.

After that harsh meeting, Gil went to a nearby sub shop, The Line Drive, and ate by himself to think things over. While he was eating, a young girl, about 10 or 11 years old, came up and very, very quietly asked if he was Gil Miles. Surprised, Gil nodded, mouth still half full of sandwich. Staring down at her shoes, the girl mumbled something about a hat and a sign. After a few more repetitions, Gil finally heard her say, “Will you please sign my hat, Mr. Miles?” Still unsure if this was some sort of prank from the guys on the team, he cautiously nodded. Suddenly the girl thrust a hat and a sharpie into his hands. He signed his name on the bill of the hat and plopped it onto her head. The girl let out a ear-piercing squeal and hugged him. Before he could react, the girl ran out of the shop and left Gil feeling like a star.

Gil made up his mind before he even finished the sandwich. He’s going to buckle down and become the Next Big Thing in baseball. He’s only had one other person ask for a signature, but he still keeps that Sharpie the girl left behind on him at all times. You never know, right?


Still a bit of a clown, Gil is trying to buckle down and get serious about baseball. The only thing that he enjoys more than making people laugh is having people recognize him as a baseball player. He doesn’t need them to ask for a signature or anything (although that tends to make him go over the moon). Just the fact that people know who he is enough for him.

For now, at any rate.

Powers and Resources

Gil does well for himself. Minor league baseball isn’t the best paying gig around, but he does well enough for himself. He’s got enough on his plate that he’s had to cut back on the goofing around, which, in turn, means he’s starting to develop some savings.

Gil Miller

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