Alexis Einhardt

Former military enlisted OSI operative strugling with post-tramatic stress and vice after seeing the biggest evils in the human heart.



Solo (d8) / Buddy (d6) / Team (d10)


Underhanded Stratagemist / Enthusiastic Indulgence / I Have Seen The Darkest Evils of the Human Heart

Semiramis, Assassin Queen of Babylon:

Poison of the First Assassin (Weapon) d10 / Orders of the First Queen (Mind Control) d8 / Protection of Divinity (Durability) d8 / The Queen Does Not Kneel (Mental Influence Resistance) d6

  • SFX—Debilitate: Add a d6 and step up your effect die by +1 when inflicting a Poison complication on a target.
  • SFX—Commanding Voice: Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target of Orders of the First Queen.
  • SFX—Poision Immunity: Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from Poisons.
  • Limit—Divinity: Earn 1 PP when affected by anti-divine specific Milestones and tech/abilities.
  • Limit—Persona: Semiramis may not be used outside the Dark Hour, if Stressed out, asleep, or unconscious.


Covert d10 / Military Combat Professional d8 / Menace d8


Learning to Trust Again
The fear of losing another comrade makes the road harder.
1 XP when you trust someone to cover your back and vice versa or refuse to trust anyone else and act on your own.
3 XP when you trust someone to complete a separate co-dependent objective or refuse to trust someone to complete the task and attempt it yourself.
10 XP when you declare you trust someone else with your life or declare that they have broken your trust so completely that you can never trust them in anyway again.

Once a Airman, Always an Airman
One may leave the military, but the military never leaves them.
1 XP when you draw on your military training to overcome an obstacle.
3 XP when you take direct command of a situation or follow another’s order to the letter.
10 XP when you suffer great hardships to Leave No Man Behind or sacrifice a fellow team member to complete a major objective.



[Cliffnotes Version]
Enlisted shortly after graduating High School into Intel career field.
Transfers to OSI Special Duty and becomes an Agent three years later.
Spends half enlistment deployed going against terrorist cells and enemy country intelligence.
One mission goes horribly wrong (partner perhaps dying/other horrible shit). Alexis suffers dramatic PTSD and gets Medically Discharged after 6-8 years of service.
Currently going through therapy and works part-time assisting the local PD as a consultant.



Powers and Resources

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Alexis Einhardt

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