Tag: Greensborough


  • Highpointe

    *Highpointe* is a very high-class neighborhood on the crest of the city, affording a nice view over the entire city. Contains a few high rise buildings and very nice residential areas.

  • Downtown

    *Downtown* is the commercial focus point of the city. Home to a few skyscrapers and a large variety of boutiques and other commercial institutions. Home of the [[Weistech Building]]

  • Henry Boulevard

    *Henry Boulevard* is where the nightlife of [[Greensborough]] happens, where bars, clubs, restaurants, boutiques and theatres center. You can surely find a lot of what you need there. The boulevard extends from [[Highpointe]] to the [[Harbor]] and the …

  • Weistech Building

    The *Weistech Buidling* is the largest corporation to come out of [[Greensborough]], [[Weistech]] produces everything from household appliances to missile guiding systems. The building is a tall, modern-looking skyscraper that is the pride of the town. It …

  • Harbor

    Both boardwalks and industrial loading piers are found at the [[Greensborough]] *Harbor*. Though not the biggest harbor around, it’s large enough to have a few shipping companies there. Lots of warehouses and seedy dens of villainy lie here

  • Weistech

    *Weistech* is a large company founded in [[Greensborough]] in the late 70s. Since then, it has grown immensely due to its high quality products that range from consumer electronics to military missile guiding systems. It's cornerstone is the [[Weistech …