Persona Secunda

Awakening Act II: The Dark Hour Part 2

Wherein they find and fight further shadows.

The group met Alexis and Gil mysteriously did not show up. a rumor was heard of people going missing at a certain street corner and them coming back around and committing suicide. This completely transparent plot hook worked and the group (which still doesn’t have a name) decided to meet up around midnight at the corner of Henry Blvd and 12th Avenue…
It is now the day after two days after people met a stranger in a dream train car. It’s close to midnight and the street corner is not very crowded at this hour. It’s time for sleuthing of some kind!

<the21stcentury> Are you all at the corner and if so, what are you doing?
<john_darling> Acting suspicious?
<scott_solder> ^
<aidan> I follow Scott
<aidan> <><
<aidan> (we are posing for a photoshoot for a photographer that isn’t there)
<the21stcentury> I guess Aidan can do that…
<aidan> (where did the murder take place?)
<john_darling> Alexis, what did you say your job was?
<aidan> (or suicide I should say)
<scott_solder> (it’s always murder)
<the21stcentury> (Suicides don’t take place here, but disappearances do, if the rumor is to be believed.)
<aidan> (abandoned house or what or just alleyway?)
<alexis> I work as a contracted investigator with the police. It’s on the card I gave you. Did you lose it?
<the21stcentury> There is an alleyway nearby, the corner building is an sort of old and badly maintained duplex.
<john_darling> No, I was making a verbal segue. Do the police have any leads?
<alexis> You mean to people being hacked up in pieces with no traces of evidence or dna? That would be a “no”. It defies logical explanation.
<john_darling> Hm. When I’m trying to diagnose a problem with a car, I start looking for potentially related issues.
<john_darling> <stops>
<john_darling> Excuse me, sir? My car was parked here a few hours ago, and I seem to have been a victim of some vandal. Have you seen anyone suspicious recently?
<aidan> (is it alright if my dude is walking around with a maglite?)
<the21stcentury> John stops a man walking by, he looks particularly nondescript. “Sorry, i wasn’t there, i’m just passing by…”
<the21stcentury> yes, Aidan, you can have a maglite. It’s always useful to find stuff!
<the21stcentury> the man looks a bit nervous, now that you look at him.
<john_darling> Nothing unusual, then? No strangers lurking in alleys?
aidan had starting to look through the back alleys while the other chatted . He held onto a maglite in case anything caught his eye. It also helped if someone happened to pounce upon him.
<the21stcentury> “I wouldn’t really know, but this isn’t the best neighborhood, ya know. Kinda weird, when you think about it.”
<john_darling> Huh? Why’s that?
<the21stcentury> “Well, it’s pretty close to downtown, lots of good bars around… you’d think there wouldn’t be a bad neighborhood like that so close. It always makes me nervous walking around here at night…”
aidan tries to examine drips,water, puddles, or any other liquid substances he comes across to see if he runs across anything similar to the tar-like goo the monsters were made of…
<aidan> ((is scott with me or them or somewhere else?))
<john_darling> Hm. Well, I’m sorry to have stopped you, sir. Those sound like good instincts to me.
<the21stcentury> Aidan: You don’t notice anything at first, but after looking, you notice that there’s tracks of some sort, lines on the ground. They seem to be a soft black under the maglight
<scott_solder> ((scott is with aiden because otherwise there’s nothing else to do!))
<the21stcentury> The lines seem divided in two groups, with some drips that also glow a soft black between the two groups…
<aidan> ((is the black a tangible substance?? or more like skids? ))
<alexis> (or is it oil?)
<the21stcentury> more lke skids.
<aidan> “Hm..Scott?”
<john_darling> (( skids? ))
<aidan> ((like tire marks))
<aidan> ((
<the21stcentury> it’s sort of like skids, but made with very… irregular tires
aidan stands up with the maglite still pointing down at the markings
<the21stcentury> The groups aren’t car-spaced either.
<aidan> ((scott should I just assume you are there? :) ))
<alexis> (motorcycle?)
<scott_solder> “I don’t know about you, but these don’t exactly look…regular, you know what I mean?”
<scott_solder> (i have always been here)
<aidan> (Ah figured you weren’t hovering near me… Compeltely :) ))
<alexis> “They don’t look like tire marks, no.”
<alexis> “Shall we follow the yellow brick road?”
aidan eyes dart to Alexis “You’re sneaky..”
aidan wasn’t aware the two had been joined by others
<alexis> “K’, I’ll scout ahead.”
<scott_solder> Scott doesn’t have a “witty” remark for once. “Okay, you…do that.”
John_Darling shrugs.
<john_darling> Let’s go.
aidan looks at her a bit skeptically but he doesn’t seem like he will be able to stop her
<the21stcentury> The streetlights flicker. off and then back on. it’s getting dangerously close to midnight, now that you think about it.
aidan continues to follow the markings with his light
aidan looks up at the streetfights
Alexis leads ahead of the group, maintaining being unseen and checking for people or anything suspicious along the skid trail
<the21stcentury> The tracks lead to a wall
<aidan> “Good sign”
<the21stcentury> a brick wall, looks sturdy
<aidan> (we do remember that it was midnight on the subway right? and the midnight hour stuff?)
<aidan> (just double checking)
<scott_solder> (i think so, we talked about it earlier)
<the21stcentury> (It’s up to you if you made the connection or not…)
Alexis searches for any hidden switch/opening just in case
<aidan> “10 dollars says a door or tunnel appears on this as soon as this.” Aidan reveals his watch " Reaches midnight"
<the21stcentury> None seem apparent…
<alexis> “Tracks just don’t disapear.”
<alexis> “Why midnight?”
<aidan> “You’ll see..” Aidan smirks
aidan centers the light on the brick wall
<the21stcentury> The maglite flickers… Seems like it’s time…
<john_darling> Hm. Alexis, you may want to get out of here…
<aidan> “Here comes the sandman…”
<alexis> And why’s that? I can handle myself.
<alexis> These monsters you were talking about last night?
<the21stcentury> Everything goes dark for a second, the streetlights die, the maglight stops functioning, darkness envelops the city. The moon’s light steadily brightens, turning greenish-yellow. Puddles of what appears to be blood emerge here and there… You can hear a slight drip from behind. The Streetlights come back on, weak and bathing the area in the same sickly glow
The alley seems somehow… longer, larger now, perhaps a trick of the light… the wall is still very much there, however.
<the21stcentury> You do notice that the trail is now… wet, covered in that blood-like substance that pools everywhere.
Alexis looks at the freaky green-tinted surroundings
<john_darling> …yeah, it’s gonna be monsters again.
<aidan> “Guess I owe people money” Aidan examines the maglite
<the21stcentury> The maglite seems… well it won’t work anymore, as if the batteries died suddenly.
<scott_solder> “Bring it on.” Scott’s starting to feel pumped up now that Things Are Happening.
aidan clicks it on and off with no luck . Under his breath he says “At least I can still hit people with it…”
Alexis checks the wall out again to see if anything has changed with it
<aidan> (did the wall move away as the alley got longer?)
<the21stcentury> It’s still there, it looks a bit… odd, it’d slightly dripping with blood, or a blood-like substance… it’s hard to tell what it actually is.
<the21stcentury> You hear something, a clanking noise from the other side of the boulevard
aidan eyes Scott and then moves over to John and whispers “Does he worry you at all?”
<alexis> Anyone else hear that?
<alexis> I vote that if someone or something’s out there we don’t wait for it to get the jump on us. Last thing I want is to be caught flat footed.
<aidan> “Likely something trying to kill us…yes”
John_Darling whispers back. “Yeah, but I didn’t study weird shit when I was growing up. Maybe he can tell us about this stuff. Best I can do is hit things.”
<aidan> “Fair enough.” His whispers back
John_Darling frowns slightly.
<alexis> (can I sneakily head to the sound?)
<john_darling> You’re awfully gung-ho about this, Alexis. Aren’t you… worried?
<the21stcentury> (You should be able peek around out of the alley, yes…)
<alexis> “Enemy first, freak out later. If I let my emotions get to me on the spot the Taliban would have killed me multiple times over”
<alexis> (how does the roll work again?)
<the21stcentury> I don’t need to make you roll for that
<the21stcentury> You do hear a few more clangs.
<alexis> “Gonna scout. Be on your guard.”
Alexis scouts in the direction of the noise
aidan furrows his brow at Alexis’ response .
<john_darling> Ah… shouldn’t we… be protecting her?
John_Darling rubs the back of his neck awkwardly.
<aidan> “I don’t know..I never fought the Taliban..”
<the21stcentury> Stealthily scouting, Alexis sees the boulevard. The sidewalks have coffin-like structures here and there, made from some kind of dark crystalline substance. Straight facing the alley is now another alley that wasn’t there, overlapping with a storefront. In that alley, you can notice two tall humanoid shadowy figures.
aidan looks slightly amused in a macabre sort of way
Alexis waves the party over
<the21stcentury> They’re rather tall and large, at least 7 feet tall, wide enough for Alexis to know that whoever they are, they pack a wallop. But they’re in the shadows, not close enough to the streetlights for you to have a good, clear picture of the possible assailants.
<alexis> wispering “We have company.”
<the21stcentury> The figures look around in an exaggerated way…
<alexis> “And they’re not acting like people.” still whispering
<scott_solder> Scott whispers back, “I think we’ve found our monsters.”
<alexis> “We should think of a plan before we rush in.” Alexis continues
<alexis> “Anyone else have experience with sneaking around? If not I’ll volunteer to flank them.”
<john_darling> Like what?
<scott_solder> “I thought rushing in was the plan.”
<aidan> “Not around”
<the21stcentury> You hear a pair of clanging noises as a third figure rises in front of the two figures, it’s almost in the street, emerging from what looked like a puddle of blood. This one can be seen clearly in the moonlight.
<alexis> “Rushing in gets people kill—— what the hell, another one?!” surprised whisper.
aidan whispers to Scott “I don’t think she is aware of her dark passenger yet…”
<aidan> ((aidan likes to whisper))
<scott_solder> “I guess not.” Scott whispers back.
<john_darling> OK. Well, I guess we should go beat those things up.
<aidan> “Hold on a sec..”
<aidan> “Alexis, you are aware your card is more than just a card. Yes?”
Alexis pops a pill (anti-anxiety) and grabs her M9 out of her concealed holster. Takes it off safe.
<the21stcentury> What stands before you is a tall man-like creature, its skin looking bluish in the moonlight. It wears a loose poncho, revealing surprisingly muscular arms, the likes you’d see on someone who abused steroids. The hands have the flesh stripped off, revealing steel that gleams in the eery light. It weirs a mask, a dark blue female mask bearing a rough XI inscription.
<aidan> “By card..I mean the tarot card the one the creepy trio gave you”
<alexis> (occult person should probably recognize arcana number. hint. hint.)
<aidan> (that is scott ;-))
<scott_solder> (i know i know)
<the21stcentury> (Maybe it’s just his name. Xi is a very common greek name, ya know.)
<alexis> “Go on.”
<scott_solder> “XI…Strength. Hope you guys got some muscle.” Scott manages to suppress a laugh.
aidan pulls out his card and lays it on the ground
<john_darling> That’s… ugh. Couldn’t our monsters be more like… drunk people? Or something more… traditional? Like zombies.
<aidan> “Basically if you concentrate hard enough and utter an Jungian phrase. You can summon a guardian of sorts.”
<the21stcentury> The two shadows in the alley walk out, towards the middle of the street, towards their new companion. As the moonlight catches them, you notice they’re all more or less the same…
<the21stcentury> they still don’t seem to be aware of you.
<alexis> (if you be flashy and ruin our chance to flank I will be upset Aidan)
<aidan> (I’m just explaining things to your character :P ))
<aidan> (hence why I didn’t say the phrase..))
<aidan> (or term)
<alexis> “Okay. so monsters, check. Magic powers, check. I’ll let you demonstrate while I circle arround their back. Hopefully I’ll pick it up.”
<scott_solder> "Strength is one of the 22 Major Arcana in a tarot deck. It can represent <the21stcentury> SO, actually, Alexis has more than one option here.
<the21stcentury> Do you still want to sneak by?
<the21stcentury> This would separate you from the group when the time for battling comes
<john_darling> (( Meaning you start off Solo instead of Team ))
<the21stcentury> You’d also need a successful roll against the doom pool (which is 3d6)
<alexis> yeah, solo sneak roll
<the21stcentury> Okay!
<alexis> Solo d8, Underhanded Stratagemist (flanking, suprise attack) d8, Covert d10
<alexis> ,roll d8+d8+d10
<shadowpool> Alexis: 10:1+3+6
<john_darling> (( do you have any powers you an use? ))
<alexis> ((haven’t awakened it yet))
<alexis> (well shit)
<the21stcentury> Ooh, a 1! that’s one more PP for you (total of 4 PP for you) and one more d6 to the Shadow Pool.
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d6+d6+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 15:6+2+3+4
<aidan> :)
<the21stcentury> Alright, so your total has to be 9 (6+3) with a d4 effect (Because you have no dice left to use for effect dice) and the shadow pool total is… 10 (6+4) with a d6 effect… you are sadly spotted!
<alexis> (0/2 for covert rolls. grumbles)
<the21stcentury> One of the shadows [Uncharitable Barbarus] spots you and shrieks. its 2 companions turn and shriek as well You’re saddled with a d6 complication: “Found Out” for the turn. things are gonna be painful…
<aidan> (i take it we can tell she has been discovered? )

<the21stcentury> Luckily for you, Aidan’s persona gives him enhanced reflexes, so Aidan can go first!
<alexis> (now you get to protect the girl :P)
<aidan> Lucifer , I choose you!
<alexis> (see. all according to plan)
<aidan> :3
<aidan> SOLARRR RAY!!!!!! (goku voice)
<the21stcentury> Here’s some music for AMBIANCE!
<aidan> (how many dudes are there 3?)
<the21stcentury> yep, 3
<aidan> (also I’ll go with dark romantic to protect the girl ;-) )
<aidan> (mu hahaha)
<the21stcentury> heh
<the21stcentury> how oddly fitting.
<alexis> (all acording to plan!)
<aidan> (how much pp do i have, debating if i should go d4 or d8 for that)
<the21stcentury> you have 4
<the21stcentury> Which you should use before you lose them.
<aidan> (alright guess I’ll go d8..I’m that romantic ;>)
<aidan> (k)
<aidan> (so two additional d6s right?)
<the21stcentury> if you use your AOE SFX, yeah
<aidan> (so 2 d8s, 1 10, 2 d6s ?)
<aidan> (yep)
<the21stcentury> does that include a specialty?
<aidan> (oh another d10)
<aidan> (forgot combat)
<aidan> ,roll d6+d6+d8+d8+d10+d10
<shadowpool> Aidan: 26:3+5+8+1+3+6
<aidan> er
<aidan> let’s see
<the21stcentury> You get 1 PP for a total of 5, one D6 in the shadow pool is stepped up.
<aidan> can I use a pp to make that half way decent
<the21stcentury> 14 is a halfway decent total, but yeah, you could spend a PP to keep an additional total dice.
<aidan> (john_darling any suggestion?)
<john_darling> 14 w/ d10 is good. could spend a pp to keep the 5, that’d be a certain hit
<aidan> ok since I should start spending I’ll do that
<the21stcentury> you get to keep 3 effect die, BTW
<the21stcentury> because of your AOE SFX
<aidan> 5
8+6= 19 with d10 effect
02:06:35: <aidan> is it a different effect die for each target?
<the21stcentury> yes
<the21stcentury> sorry if i wasn’t clear
<aidan> ah ok so
<aidan> d10 effect, d8 effect and d6 effect ..only options :/
<aidan> i believe?
<the21stcentury> Alright! Let’s see how that works out!
<aidan> since i’m using the other 3
<aidan> (I will save you my love ;-) )
<aidan> (Aidan becomes junpei)
<the21stcentury> The 3 Barbarus are blindsided but react quickly! They scramble clumsily.
<the21stcentury> Jdark, i get to step up shadow pool dice if i use d4 distinctions, right?
<alexis> (junpei wasn’ creepy. you’re thinking yosuke.)
<john_darling> yup
<the21stcentury> good
<the21stcentury> So they scramble clumsily! they all do Team d6, Selfish d4, enhanced Durability d8, combat pro d8!
<the21stcentury> 3 d6s are stepped up to d8, shadow pool total: 4d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d4+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 12:5+1+2+4
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d4+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 11:4+4+1+2
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d4+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 14:6+1+3+4
<the21stcentury> haha, they’re not very good at it.
<the21stcentury> A has 9, d8 effect. B has 8, d8 effect, C has 10, d8 effect… and now Aidan will be in a very bad spot, i kinda feel bad about it, heheh
<the21stcentury> A takes stress up to d10, B takes stress to d8 and C takes stress to d4 (d6 stepped down due to the d8 effect, right jdark?)
<the21stcentury> BUT as they get hit by the solar rays, they emit a piercing shriek and send out a shockwave of pure rage, dealing d8 emotional stress to Aidan… 3 times… Aidan is now at d12 Physical Stress!
<the21stcentury> one more hit and you’ll be stressed out!
<john_darling> reaction is 9 d8?
<the21stcentury> what do you mean, 9 d8?
<john_darling> i’m having trouble following the reaction results
<the21stcentury> Okay, they each have the Rage Wave SFX
<john_darling> A got 9 total, with d8 effect? B had 8 w/ d8
<the21stcentury> yes
<the21stcentury> Rage Wave is an SFX that, upon recieving Physical Stress, causes Emotional Stress equal to the effect dice.
<john_darling> ok, so Aidan’s … 19? … was a critical success, and his effect die should get stepped up
<the21stcentury> OH damn, you’re right
<the21stcentury> Twice, in fact
<aidan> how are we suppose to defeat these guys O_O
<the21stcentury> That changes the situation somewhat
<john_darling> twice for A & B, once for C. so he’d stress out the first two, and C would take d12 … whatever kind of stress he was dealing
<aidan> oh.
<the21stcentury> actually, only the first one, the second is at 12
<john_darling> ah, right
<the21stcentury> and C is not at 12, it’s at d8
<the21stcentury> So, to properly recap what actually happened, thanks to Jdark’s vigilance…
<alexis> (rules lawyers can be helpful)
<the21stcentury> Countless solar rays were fired at 3 shadows. The first one was destroyed instantly, the second one was very grievously wounded and the third one merely wounded. The two surviving shadows let out a shockwave of rage towards their assailant, dealing d8 + 1 emotional stress, leaving Aidan at d4 physical stress and d10 emotional stress…
<the21stcentury> Aidan gets 1 XP for his Hunter of Shadows milestone.
<aidan> (merely a flesh wound)
<the21stcentury> Hmm
<the21stcentury> would you guys say that counted as defending Alexis?
<aidan> eh considering I automatically went
<john_darling> probably
<alexis> yes
<the21stcentury> it’s a conundrum, but i’m gonna rule as you defending her because you used dark romantic… That implies defending someone, right?
<the21stcentury> you get +3 XP for the Hunter of Shadows Milestone… good job, Aidan! You’re getting all the XPs!
<aidan> yeah dark romantic has heroic connotations
<the21stcentury> So, Aidan, who goes next?
<aidan> John want to hit stuff with your hammer?
<john_darling> Sure, my turn?
<aidan> yeah
<the21stcentury> what doest thou doest?
<john_darling> OK, Hephaestus, let’s show ‘em how it’s done!
<john_darling> Team d8 + Calloused Hands d4 + Superhuman Strength d10 + Combat d8
<john_darling> ,roll 1d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 13:5+4+1+3
<john_darling> well, 2pp….
<john_darling> 9 w/ d8 effect
<john_darling> (( roar? ))
<the21stcentury> You forgot the stress
<the21stcentury> d12 or d8
<john_darling> ooops
<john_darling> ,roll 1d12
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 5
<john_darling> heh. 10 w/ d8 effect.
<the21stcentury> very well
<the21stcentury> One of the two remaining shadows sees the mighty hammer of Hephaestus and tries to block as well as it can.
<the21stcentury> also, Forgot to mention I stepped up a d8 to 10, because of that 1
<the21stcentury> so Buddy d8, brutish d8, enhanced durability d8, combat pro d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 20:8+2+4+6
<the21stcentury> 14 with a d8 effect. The Uncharitable Barbarus manages to steel himself, succeeding in deflecting the mighty blow.
<the21stcentury> Who goes next?
<the21stcentury> (I’d suggest Alexis, so she can awaken)
<john_darling> Alexis
<alexis> “Here goes nothing…”
Alexis holds her card
<alexis> “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. SEMIRAMIS
Alexis lost the connection
<the21stcentury> oh nooo
<scott_solder> fffffffffuuuuuuuuuu
<the21stcentury> :\
<aidan> Alexis is actually jumping between different time eras
<the21stcentury> I guess… We… move on to someone else?
<aidan> Scott is actually the main baddie and summoned her away before she could cause dmg O_O
<john_darling> SCott?
<aidan> insert evil laugh
<the21stcentury> Scott, is you there?
<scott_solder> So you’ve finally realized my grand scheme. Muwahahahaha
<aidan> that’s why he gets so happy during the midnight hour
<the21stcentury> So, what does Scott Do?
<scott_solder> “Told you guys we should’ve stuck to rushing them. Bullets are quicker than sound.” Scott brings out Magoichi Saica and takes aim at B…
<scott_solder> stress is d12 right?
<the21stcentury> Yes
<scott_solder> ok
<scott_solder> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d12
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 26:4+7+8+2+5
<the21stcentury> What distinction did you use?
<scott_solder> cool as a cucumber
<the21stcentury> Very well
<the21stcentury> The targeted shadow tries to block the bullet with its steel fists, but will it succeed again?
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 18:8+2+3+5
<the21stcentury> Oh, i’m guessing your total is 15, yes?
<the21stcentury> with d12 effect?
<scott_solder> yes
<the21stcentury> Hmm, let’s see… do I spend a shadow dice… Naaaah, I’m gonna need them later on
<scott_solder> D:
<the21stcentury> You hit, the bullet pierces the steel hands, dealing massive damage to the already weakened shadow. it begins to disappear into a cloud of smoke.
<the21stcentury> Who goes next?
<scott_solder> well, alexis is currently lost to the timestream so…john is up
<john_darling> i already went
<the21stcentury> Guess it’s Shadow time?
<scott_solder> yeah, i think so
<the21stcentury> Shadow time! Huehuehue!
<aidan> (does scott know who his persona is?)
<the21stcentury> The last remaining shadow looks around and decides to rush Aidan, who’s still kind of shaken from the rage waves.
<scott_solder> (well yeah, this d10 occult ain’t for show :P)
<aidan> (from video games or ..? :3 )
<scott_solder> (…okay maybe it is)
<scott_solder> (from whatever it needs to be!)
<aidan> (ominous)
<the21stcentury> Solo d10, Brutish d8, fists of steel d8, Frenzy d8 (from the Shadow pool, will be stepped up), combat pro d8
<aidan> (O_O )
<the21stcentury> ,roll d10+d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 23:1+3+5+6+8
<aidan> (shadow gone knock me out .. )
<the21stcentury> oops, forgot the d12
<the21stcentury> ,roll d12
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 8
<aidan> :/
<scott_solder> ahahahaha oh shit
<the21stcentury> 16 with a d8 effect
<aidan> :/
<aidan> :/
<the21stcentury> don’t worry, it’s gonna be PHYSICAL STRESS, it won’t kill you or anything,
<the21stcentury> just break a few of your bones, maybe cause some internal bleeding
<the21stcentury> no biggie
<aidan> what die would I roll affiliation wise
<the21stcentury> team, probably
<aidan> k so
<aidan> what did I forget last time I tried to dodge?
<the21stcentury> Distinction?
<aidan> hmmm
<aidan> maybe?
<the21stcentury> also, the d8 stress
<aidan> so could I do kin to evil (i know you want to hurt me baby ;-) ?)
<the21stcentury> Hmm, that’s a bit far fetched
<aidan> hm
<aidan> i really should have picked better distinctions
<the21stcentury> Rebellious soul could work ish? you’d need to frame it as a sorta stunty parkour thing, maybe?
<the21stcentury> that… actually doesn’t make sense… :|
<aidan> dark romantic (have to survive and keep fighting? )
<aidan> :/
<the21stcentury> Alright
<aidan> so d8,d8 an d8?
<aidan> *and
<aidan> and d8
<aidan> forgot acrobatics
<the21stcentury> affiliation, Distinction, Power, Specialty and Stress
<aidan> i think i forgot to add reflexes last time
<the21stcentury> that’s 5 D8s
<aidan> k
<aidan> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> Aidan: 21:5+8+1+3+4
<aidan> boop boop
<the21stcentury> Oh, haha, stumble! 1 d8 turns into a d10, you get a PP
<aidan> hmm
<the21stcentury> So, what do you do?
<aidan> what happens if i spend a pp to make it 17 with d8 effect?
<the21stcentury> you avoid the attack
<aidan> ok I’ll do that :/
<the21stcentury> cool
<the21stcentury> Aiden manages to jump out of the way, in a romantic manner… somehow
<john_darling> (( throwing himself in front of Alexis? ))
<the21stcentury> So, I guess… Well, I’d love Alexis to be here, but VW is missing because of Internet issues
<the21stcentury> throwing a wink at Alexis, rather, since he was the primary target
<the21stcentury> So i guess… John can be next?
<john_darling> do we want to go for alexis? or just say she’s panicked or something
<the21stcentury> Yeah, makes sense
<aidan> she ran off to spy
<aidan> on the boss
<the21stcentury> going out with a full-blown PTSD attack
<aidan> and she joined up with Nega Gil
<aidan> as a result
<aidan> and is now wearing obligatory slavegirl outfit
<john_darling> lol
<john_darling> well, hephaestus is going to use its comrade as a bludgeon
<aidan> (Prometheus to Gil “YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!” in Obi-Wan voice)
<the21stcentury> That’s… impossible, shadows all evaporate into clouds of dust as they die…
<john_darling> team d8, calloused hands d8, superhuman strength d10, unleashed d10, combat d8 – what’s its stress?
<the21stcentury> d8
<john_darling> (( ok, he’ll use a bludgeon as a bludgeon. like a mailbox or something. ))
<john_darling> ah, then i’ll step down d8 to a d4 for the pp
<the21stcentury> A streetlight?
<the21stcentury> :P
<john_darling> ,roll 1d8+1d4+1d10+1d10+1d8+1d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 25:8+1+3+4+4+5
<john_darling> ffff
<john_darling> keep an extra die. 8+4+5=17 w/ d10 effect
<the21stcentury> you get 2 PP, -1 you’re now at 7 PP
<the21stcentury> The Remaining shadow tries to block, hoping to attain the same success as its ally did
<the21stcentury> Solo d10, Brutish d8, Enhanced durability d8, Frenzy d10 from Shadow Pool, will be stepped up, combat pro d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d10+d8+d8+d10+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 18:3+5+7+1+2
<aidan> (doh)
<the21stcentury> 7 + 5 = 12… So yeah, it steps up to d12 effect… good job, you successfully bludgeoned it!
<the21stcentury> One more successful hit and it, too, dies
<the21stcentury> So, two things, A) Scott got 1 XP, i forgot to say it, for killing a shadow and having the right Milestone, B) Who goes next? :)
<john_darling> aidan
<the21stcentury> Aidan! You better beat it!
<the21stcentury> just beat it!
<aidan> how much stress does it have?
<the21stcentury> d12 stresses
<the21stcentury> almost all the stress!
<aidan> what’s in the doom pool
<aidan> wondering if i should berserk it for the lawls
<the21stcentury> 3d10, 1s12
<the21stcentury> *1d12
<aidan> so I could step up the 3d10 to 3d12 O_O ?
<aidan> O_O
<aidan> wait
<the21stcentury> 1d10 to 1d12
<aidan> ah ok
<aidan> and it works after the roll, right?
<the21stcentury> it steps it up after the roll, yess
<aidan> k
<aidan> is there a danger to using berserk
<aidan> just wondering
<aidan> it seemed like there was..
<the21stcentury> yes… it steps up a shadow pool dice
<the21stcentury> that’s the danger, it means you can cause more problems later on when a shadow decided to draw on the shadow pool
<aidan> isn’t it only temp, though?
<the21stcentury> Only in the sense that shadow dice will get used up at some point
<aidan> ah ok
<aidan> well wtf I’ll go at him
<aidan> can always reroll if I fuck up :/
<aidan> due to to lucifer’s ability
<the21stcentury> yes, that is true
<aidan> how close to dying is he?
<aidan> ah d12
<aidan> ok so close
<the21stcentury> basically, if you hit, you kill it
<aidan> k
<aidan> i’ll go berserk using the d12.
<the21stcentury> so you can’t step it up? smart
<aidan> is the creature afraid?
<aidan> wondering if i could do mercy kill kin to evil
<the21stcentury> That’s a way to see it, i’ll allow it!
<aidan> ok guess I’ll go d4
<aidan> watch me regret this
<aidan> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> Aidan: 32:6+4+9+10+1+2
<the21stcentury> you get 1 PP for your 1, I add a d6 to the shadow pool
<the21stcentury> what total, what effect do you go for?
<aidan> do i get a pp for the d4 or nah?
<the21stcentury> yeah, you do
<aidan> 19 I think with … d12 effect seems right
<the21stcentury> Alright, that’s… overkill, but alright
<aidan> if you are gonna kill
<aidan> might as well use overkill
<the21stcentury> there’s no kill like overkill
<aidan> Lucifer holds out hand
<aidan> everything turns white
<aidan> ( :) )
<aidan> (monster evaporates or …whatever happens goes away line by line)
<the21stcentury> ,roll d10+d8+d8+d6+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 21:3+5+6+6+1
<aidan> (disintegrates ..)
<the21stcentury> the d6 from the shadow pool is stepped up to a d8 due to frenzy
<the21stcentury> It is disintegrated by the light-bearer’s righteous… light…
<aidan> of righteousness
<the21stcentury> That’s also one more XP for the Hunter of Shadows Milestone.
<the21stcentury> As it evaporates, the last shadow leaves a single gem behind… a truth!
<john_darling> (( who wants it? ))’
<aidan> (should I be the test dummy?)
<aidan> (if we give it to Prometheus does it count towards all of us?)
<the21stcentury> (Nope, just towards whoever gets it)
aidan walks over and picks it up
<aidan> (mu haha)
<aidan> ( :I)
<john_darling> heh
<aidan> “A curious thing”
<the21stcentury> It vanishes as soon as Aidan touches it. it fills Aidan with a strange feeling and imparts him with a simple warning. Watch your Back.
<the21stcentury> So, not gonna warn anyone?
<aidan> ( :) )
<aidan> (it’s not just warning me?)
<the21stcentury> Alright…
<aidan> (it’s warning the whole group?)
<the21stcentury> all you know is that you should watch your back
<aidan> (hm)
aidan looks over his shoulder at his compatriots “We should move…”
<the21stcentury> You hear a scream, it’s very close!
<the21stcentury> a human scream close by!
<the21stcentury> But with VW not here, I will cut this short on this cliffhanger



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