Persona Secunda

Awakening: Act II: The Dark Hour Part 1

Wherein they meet another dreamer at a Bar.

<the21stcentury> Alright, let’s set the mood a bit… It’s after midnight, John Darling, Aidan Sen and Scott Solder are at a bar near the stadium, The Third Strike. (I don’t like having to come up with names, but that’s all that came to mind). You have all exchanged numbers, but something came up preventing Gil from joining you, even though coming there was his idea in the first place.
The Third Strike Bar, with its walls full of Baseball Paraphernalia and memorabilia is still full of activity at this hour. Where are you and what are you doing?
John_Darling goes straight to the bar, and politely gets the bartender’s attention.
<alexis_einhardt> (going last as i’m already there BY HAPENSCHANCE. will describe the event that brings notice)
<john_darling> Good evening, my good man. Three scotch and soda, when you have a moment.
<john_darling> And one rye, neat.
John_Darling turns to his companions.
<john_darling> “I am buy you a drink. Then, we are going to drink. Finally, we may discuss … things.”
<the21stcentury> The barman, a jolly man brings the order
John_Darling takes the rye, and distributes the scotch and soda among the others.
John_Darling inhales the aroma of the rye before taking a sip, savoring the spicy flavor.
<john_darling> “So, you.”
John_Darling points at Scott.
<john_darling> “What in the blue fuck did we just go through?”
<scott_solder> “Huh? How would I know?”
aidan takes a sip from his drink , relieved he wasn’t being called out.
<scott_solder> “I mean, you were there, wouldn’t you know?”
<scott_solder> Scott sighs, and puts down his drink. “Well okay, let’s go over it again.”
<aidan> “You should probably ask the man who absorbed the gem of truth”
<aidan> “A pity he isn’t here…”
John_Darling sips.
<john_darling> “I thought I heard you mention something about … creepy stuff? Books or something. I’m a mechanic, man, I can’t keep all that theory stuff straight.”
aidan smiles and looks at one of the TVs in the bar, finding himself rather bored by the discussion
<aidan> “You ..did seem eerily calm back there..” looking to Scott from the side
<aidan> “Not that it’s really my business” he takes a longer sip
<scott_solder> “Oh, so that’s what this is about! Well I’m sorry, but I don’t have a clue either. I just, you know, happened to be in my element.”
<john_darling> “So tell us about your element.”
Alexis_Einhardt < from the corner of the room there is a loud -CRASH- and you hear a woman yell “I told you not to fucking touch me you pervert!” as you see an older man now on the floor separated form his kicked out bar stool >
<scott_solder> Scott gulps down some alcohol before answering. “Well, you see- what the fuck.”
<the21stcentury> The older man gets up confusedly.
<alexis_einhardt> < the woman pays the bartender for her tab and starts walking towards the exit angrily here hopefully she hears someone mention the word “Persona” >
<john_darling> "Excuse me, miss?
<john_darling> “Is something wrong? Could we help you with something?”
aidan stands up drink in hand and watches the exchange with a curious morbidity as if expecting things to go awry
<alexis_einhardt> “I just came here for a simple drink. Sadly I get interrupted before I can enjoy one.”
<aidan> “This should be amusing” he remarks to Scott “Or at least I hope so”
<the21stcentury> The older man is trying to find the exit as quietly as possible…
<john_darling> “Well, tell you what, I was never able to just let a distressed lady go without offering to help. How about I buy you a drink?”
<alexis_einhardt> “A drink, nothing more.”
<alexis_einhardt><alexis_einhardt> (was this too hard handed or is it working?)
<john_darling> “Didn’t offer anything else, except maybe a sympathetic ear. We all go through a rough patch now and then.”
aidan looks over awkwardly at John and then over to the woman and smiles
John_Darling catches the bartender’s eye.
<john_darling> “Whatever the lady wants, on me.”
<alexis_einhardt> (what’s the most expensive mixed liquor on the menu?)
<aidan> “John’s made a new friend” he quietly remarks to Scott
<the21stcentury> (I have to admit, i know practically nothing about liquor… So you get some expensive cocktail i don’t know anything about.)
<scott_solder> “Yeah, I’m surprised” Scott replies likewise.
Alexis_Einhardt orders the most expensive mixed liquor on the menu
<scott_solder> (aww, no awesome cocktail trivia?)
<aidan> “Now do we sit here and see how far he gets or do we intrude?” Aidan taps on his glass
<john_darling> “Uh… OK.” John rubs the back of his head. “I’m just a mechanic, m’am. I don’t… ah, never mind.”
<aidan> “We could always bet …will he or will he not get the number” Aidan smirks
<aidan> “Or will he get further”
<scott_solder> “Five bucks says he won’t get it.”
<aidan> “Does having a persona infuse you with animal magnetism . Our expert puts it to the test.”
<aidan> “Alright. I’m in for that”
<alexis_einhardt> “Thanks, it’s been a long couple days. First I have to look at a murder scene that looks like some monster got to some poor college student… and the next thing I know I’m having some crazy vivid dream in this blue velvet train car where I sign a contract. I needed a drink to see if I’m still sane.”
<john_darling> “A guy in a light blue conductor’s cap? Gold eyes?”
<alexis_einhardt> (it’s faaaaaate!)
aidan looks over at Scott
<scott_solder> “Um…I don’t think this is how it normally goes.”
<aidan> “Can you read lips?”
<scott_solder> “Something about murders and shit.”
<aidan> “Also do you think Gil has been kidnapped or is he power tripping…?” Aidan looks back at Scott
<alexis_einhardt> (are they wispering?)
<scott_solder> (yes)
<aidan> “Neither would particularly surprise me…maybe a bit from column a and b”
<aidan> “Like the Hulk”
<scott_solder> “Well whatever it is, I’m sure he can handle it.”
<aidan> “Or Blanka from Street Fighter the Movie”
aidan makes an odd expression
<aidan> “kinda…”
<alexis_einhardt> “Yes. a guy in a blue conductor’s cap and a man and woman beside him all in blue with gold eye—— wait, how did you know?”
<john_darling> “I never believed in fate, m’am… not until last night.”
<john_darling> “I had something of a waking dream with three other people I had only met in a dream.”
<scott_solder> “Oh boy, here we go. ‘I never believed in fate’. He seriously just said that.”
<john_darling> “It was… surreal. Unbelievable.”
<scott_solder> “Not sure I wish I could figure out what else he’s saying though.”
<aidan> "At least he didn’t say “until tonight” "
<aidan> “You have to give him a little credit..” Aidan to the side “a little..”
<scott_solder> “That’d be pretty generous.”
<alexis_einhardt> (how does rolling d10 covert specality against reading lips work again?)
<alexis_einhardt> (that Alexis has been doing this entire time?)
<aidan> (are we reading lips?)
<aidan> (Scott? :) )
<scott_solder> (i guess we are now!)
<scott_solder> (…how does that work anyway?)
<alexis_einhardt> ,roll d8+d4+d8
<shadowpool> Alexis_Einhardt: 10:5+4+1
<the21stcentury> you build your dice pool. In this case, Affiliation (solo) + a distinction at d4 or d8, depending on if it’s helping or hindering you + a specialty, in this case covert. Um, you should also state your intent and describe how you’re building your pool, like, what distinction are you using and why;‘s it hindering you?
<alexis_einhardt> (distinction underhanded strategamist at d4 attempting to catch the other two off guard, but i don’t know their weaknesses. and roling d10 covert which whoops i rolled as a d8. redo?)
<the21stcentury> Yeah, you can reroll. :)
<alexis_einhardt> ,roll d8+d4+d10
<shadowpool> Alexis_Einhardt: 8:1+2+5
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 6:2+4
<the21stcentury> Wait, i messed up
<the21stcentury> you rolled a 1, so you get a total of 2 PP from this exchange and I add 1 d6 to the Shadow pool
<the21stcentury> meaning my roll will be ,d6+d6+d6
<alexis_einhardt> (gotcha. gonna loose this one. damn)
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d6+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 10:2+3+5
<alexis_einhardt> (no witty comments from me :( )
<the21stcentury> Sadly, yeah, you fail to read their lips properly. You have a rough idea that they were talking about stuff. :P
<alexis_einhardt> “waking dream with three people?”
<john_darling> “It’s hard to describe. Would you mind if I called them over? Maybe we can pool our information.”
<scott_solder> “Ugh, can’t tell what they’re saying. It’s like they’re trying to keep their conversation secret.”
<aidan> (i think 21st was talking to alexis , not us :D )
<aidan> (or no?)
<the21stcentury> (yes, it’s Alexis who tried to lip read… right?)
<the21stcentury> (at least, she rolled)
<alexis_einhardt> (yes)
<scott_solder> (ah, i thought it was the other way around)
<alexis_einhardt> “go ahead. and thanks for the drink… just tone down the cheezy lines. it’s not actually endearing.”
<the21stcentury> (Also, the drinking with new person tally for John is now 4, so let’s add 4 XP for the milestone)
John_Darling waves over the others.
<scott_solder> “Oh look, he seems a bit desperate. Should he help him, or let him suffer alone?”
<aidan> “You want to fake cough or do you want me to?”
<scott_solder> “You do it, I’m not a good actor.”
<alexis_einhardt> (you guys are hilarious by the way)
aidan takes a deep swig from from his glass and gulps
<aidan> * COUGH * * COUGH *
<aidan> “Oh.” he puts his hand out , he says loudly * Cough * * cough *
<scott_solder> “Christ, are you okay? You sound like you’re dying.”
<aidan> “wrong pipe..I’m” * smaller cough * * followed by a lesser cough * “alright” * followed by a little lesser cough * “I think”
aidan places both hands on the bar
aidan whispers to Scott “perfectly fine”
aidan then looks over to the side at Alexis and John
<aidan> * lesser cough * * followed by less cough *
<aidan> “hate it when that happens..”
John_Darling quirks an eyebrow and taps his foot.
aidan shakes his head
<john_darling> “Hey, c’mere.”
aidan moves quickly over to John . As he does he quickly raises his right hand and says “Hello” to Alexis
<scott_solder> “All right, all right, I’m coming.” Sighing, Scott makes his way over to John’s table.
Alexis_Einhardt looks into her minipurse and flings two cough drops straight at Aidan’s chest
<alexis_einhardt> “Catch” (trying not to laugh)
aidan catches it with his left hand “And thank you”
<aidan> “Always prepared . Good quality” He nods at John “Very good quality”
<scott_solder> “Indeed.” Scott nods back.
<john_darling> “Great, glad you liked it. So you remember that fucked up train car with the creepy contract guy and his sidekicks? She’s seen him too.”
<aidan> “Oh” Aidan tries to act surprised as he looks over to Scott
<aidan> “Small world”
<alexis_einhardt> “Blue outfits. Gold glowing eyes.”
<scott_solder> “Uh, wow. Yeah, I guess it is.”
<alexis_einhardt> “Contract you couldn’t make out the last line of?”
<john_darling> “Yeah, that was bullshit.”
<aidan> “Fancy little card that follows you around like one of those little creepy dolls you see in a Twilight Zone episode”
aidan looks over to Scott, thinking he is the only one who might get the reference
<aidan> “Well, maybe not that creepy”
<scott_solder> Scott glares at Aiden a bit.
<aidan> “Continue”
Alexis_Einhardt pulls out a blue tarot card with a lantern covering an eye
<alexis_einhardt> “Something like this?”
<scott_solder> “The Hermit…interesting.”
<john_darling> “Yeah, looks familiar.”
<scott_solder> (can normals see the cards?)
<the21stcentury> (Yes, they’re just cards, it’s only during the Dark Hour that they can be used magically to summon your Persona)
<alexis_einhardt> “So someone explain this collective insanity.”
<john_darling> “So. We were attacked. These things helped defend us.”
<john_darling> “But you’re saying people died?”
<alexis_einhardt> “……attacked?”
<aidan> “Imagine slimer but not cute”
<john_darling> “Monsters. No other words. We were attacked by monsters.”
<aidan> “Slimesters” Aidan smiles
<alexis_einhardt> “I find that hard to believe. Humans are the real monsters. The world doesn’t need anything extra when we’re capable of horrors ourselves.”
John_Darling shrugs.
<john_darling> “You had the same dream we did, about the conductor with the golden eyes. Why would we lie about this?”
<alexis_einhardt> “Because I don’t want to believe that the world is more fucked up than I already know it to be.”
aidan whispers to Scott “Granted she mentioned the blue room of velvety goodness first. So this could just be a very elaborate scheme to help our friend get laid”
Scott_Solder whispers back, Are you sure about that? I mean, how desperate can you get?
aidan looks over at John and then looks back at Scott and shrugs
<john_darling> “Maybe it is. But maybe we can do something about it.”
<alexis_einhardt> “Peanut Gallery. What happened on this attack? Where was it at?”
<aidan> (what stop did we get off at 21st? was it just stadium?)
<the21stcentury> (Yeah, sure, that works. I kept it super vague.)
<aidan> “Subway. When the attacks ended we ended up around the Stadium .”
<aidan> “This one…”
<aidan> (so whatever baseball one I guess? * shrugs *)
<scott_solder> (there’s more than one stadium? :P)
<the21stcentury> (Yes, it’s a baseball stadium.)
<aidan> (hence why I said this one, scott :P )
<aidan> (whatever one we are near by )
<aidan> “We kind of ended up on the subway rather mysteriously..” Aidan purses his lips
<alexis_einhardt> “And Dragon Quest slime monsters?”
John_Darling looks confused.
<scott_solder> “Well, they were weren’t so cute, but they were about as threatening.”
<aidan> “Are Dragon Quest slime monsters similar to Final Fantasy slime monsters?”
aidan scratches the back of his head
<aidan> “They’re all basically the same, right?”
<scott_solder> Scott glares at Aidan. “I should punch you for saying that.”
<john_darling> “Well, there was those three with the giant teeth.”
<john_darling> “That was different.”
<alexis_einhardt> “What time did this happen? Was there anything unusual besides these slime monsters?”
<aidan> “Guy with the fork…there was the guy with the fork”
<scott_solder> “Wasn’t it around midnight? I think I checked the time before stuff started happening.”
<the21stcentury> (Guy with the fork?)
<aidan> (Didn’t we see a huge guy with a fork and knife that scurried off?)
<aidan> (alternatively Aidan is hallucinating monsters)
<scott_solder> (idr if they had a fork and knife, but we did see something fleeing)
<the21stcentury> (I think you’re misremembering, it was one of the fireball imps that clapped then scurried off…)
<alexis_einhardt> “Okay. Slimes and Imps. Apparently either I’m hallucinating, you’re bullshitting me, or we’re in a Japanese RPG.”
<the21stcentury> (I like that the tough Ex-OSI operative is also a video game nerd. :) )
<aidan_sen> (yeah I noticed that also)
<scott_solder> “I’d like to believe it, but I don’t think we’re in a JRPG. We don’t speak Japanese.”
<alexis_einhardt> “Smartass.”
<aidan_sen> “So you weren’t teleported anywhere after your little meeting?”
<alexis_einhardt> (not that I’m aware of 21st?)
<the21stcentury> (Nope, you didn’t experience anything strange… yet…)
<the21stcentury> (Except for the dream where you signed a contract, of course)
<alexis_einhardt> “No. It was a dream. I woke up at my house the same as any other dream.”
<john_darling> “We … woke up? … back on the train where we were when it struck midnight.”
<aidan_sen> (did alexis give john her name?)
<scott_solder> (i don’t think we did introductions)
<the21stcentury> (I don’t think so, nor her number… winky)
<alexis_einhardt> (she has a buisness card)
<john_darling> (do we need to share names?)
<the21stcentury> (That would be helpful, especially if you want to meet up later, to… like… chase shadows and such)
Aidan_Sen raises a finger to his lips
<aidan_sen> “Pardon me” he gestures to Alexis, not sure how address her
<aidan_sen> “Do you mind if the three of us…converse for a moment” he points John and Scott
<aidan_sen> “Just a second”
<aidan_sen> (is alexis attractive?)
Alexis_Einhardt shrugs “Go ahead.”
<aidan_sen> “Thanks”
<alexis_einhardt> (depends. tall. long brown hair. german-american ancestry. visibly toned/fit. currently wearing light makeup.)
02:08:45: Aidan_Sen takes the other two to the side “Do you two find it a bit odd. That Mr. Conductor takes four random strangers and puts them together in a room , later we find out there was a fifth who was arbitrarily left out of that particularly initiation. And she happens to be a hot chick?”
<aidan_sen> “Just me or something seem off here?”
John_Darling shrugs.
<aidan_sen> “Scott?”
<john_darling> “Is that somehow less odd than getting ambushed in a dream by a golden-eyed conductor who gives us magic powers?”
<aidan_sen> "I’m just saying good ol Gil goes missing. Suddenly mistress of the night shows up. Seems a bit strange. "
<scott_solder> “You’re right, it does seem a bit strange.”
Aidan_Sen looks back at Alexis
<aidan_sen> “Well at least it’s a pleasant way to die”
<alexis_einhardt> (it’s the 4-member party limit at work!)
Aidan_Sen smiles at John
<aidan_sen> “If she is a succubus.”
<aidan_sen> "Not so much if she is a doppleganger. "
<the21stcentury> (Are you going to try to read their lips again, Alexis?)
<scott_solder> “Maybe we could pick up some alcohol trivia while we’re at it.” Scott smiles.
<aidan_sen> “Alright so my suspicion is noted. Guess we shouldn’t keep her waiting ,eh?”
John_Darling nods, and heads back to the lady.
<john_darling> “I’m sorry m’am, I didn’t catch your name. I’m John. You are…?”
<alexis_einhardt> Alexis Einhardt. I work with the police.
Alexis_Einhardt hands him a business card
<john_darling> “Pleased to meet you. I work with cars.”
<aidan_sen> “Aidan….I deliver stuff”
Aidan_Sen looks to the side
<scott_solder> “Scott Solder. I don’t work with solders.”
<aidan_sen> (i read teh necronomicon and watch porn)
<alexis_einhardt> “So what do you do then with the unfortunate last name?”
Alexis_Einhardt tosses Aidan and Scott her card as well
<scott_solder> “Wish I knew. I really, really do.”
<alexis_einhardt> “So. Currenly unemployed. Got it.”
<aidan_sen> (pats scott on the head)
<scott_solder> “Well…that is one way of saying it.”
<alexis_einhardt> “It happens in this economy.”
<scott_solder> “That’s…true, yeah.”
<alexis_einhardt> (where do we go from here?)
<the21stcentury> Well, the best thing would be to start investigating for strange happenings. Good thing you’re in a bar filled with people who gossip!
In fact, there’s one rumor that you can hear from a nearby table.
A woman is warning her friend, a bit loudly. “It’s true. People go missing around that spot at night, the corner of Henry and 12th Avenue”
Perhaps there’s more to the story?
<scott_solder> “You hear that? Sounds like something we should investigate.”
<alexis_einhardt> (thank you biased gm)
<aidan_sen> (people gone missing you say!?)
<the21stcentury> “And the weirdest thing is, The people who disappear come back, and then they commit suicide! I swear! it happened to a friend of Sean’s wife!” Of course, her friend is a bit skeptical…
<the21stcentury> So, what’s the course of action?
<alexis_einhardt> “What do you say we meet up tomorrow night around the corner of Henry and 12th Avenue?”



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