Persona Secunda

Awakening: Act 1: The Velvet Room part 2

Wherein They Face more shadows and obtain Truth.

4 strangers met on a dream train, signed a contract and got a card. Then days later, on a real train, found themselves in some sort of nightmarish situation, with tar-like creatures attacking them. After easily defeating the group of Mendax, they failed to escape the car and found yet another creature, this one now helping two of its brethren up. You are in a subway car, it’s the dark hour, you’re looking at three 5-foot tall masked creatures covered in tar and you’re wearing sunglasses. hit it.

<the21stcentury> The creatures, Rowdy Kobalos, are 5 foot tall creature wearing a teal, expressionless mask too small for their face, revealing grinning jaws filled with razor sharp teeth. The tar slowly comes off, revealing bright red skin, and yet it doesn’t seem to ever flow completely off the arms and legs, continually dripping, creating small puddles. There’s 3 of them, A, B and C, to make things simpler

<aidan> (alright guess I’ll area attack them..)
<aidan> (d8 team, d8 kin distinction, d10 solar, d10 combat, d6 area, d6 area..think that is right)
<aidan> ,roll d8+d8+d10+d10+d6+d6
<shadowpool> Aidan: 24:1+4+7+9+1+2
<the21stcentury> I add 1d8 to the pool and give you one more PP
<aidan> (I’ll go with.. 9 and 4, then 7,2,1 for effect)
<the21stcentury> So d10, d6 and a d4 for effect
<aidan> yeah.
<aidan> hm d4?
<the21stcentury> and 13 effort, okay, well, let’s see how they react. i assume A gets the d10, B the d6 and C the d4, right?
<aidan> (ah down a step)
<the21stcentury> (Well, not down a step, but if you run out of dice for effect, you can have a d4)
<john_darling> (( d4 is the default – you can’t use a die that comes up as a 1 ))
<aidan> (ah ok
<the21stcentury> So, the three creatures scramble away from the beams of light that ricochet throughout the car… Team (d8) + Mad with Anger (d8) + Enhanced Reflexes (d8) + Acrobatics Pro (d8) x3
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 14:6+1+3+4
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 19:7+2+4+6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 19:3+6+8+2
<the21stcentury> So, A → 10 with a d8 effect, fails to avoid the attack and is hit with a face full of solar beam, direct hit! d10 Stress! B → 15 with a d8 effect, it deftly avoids all the beams! C → 14 with a d8 effect, it too avoids the ricocheting beams of deadly solar energy.
<the21stcentury> You may pick who goes next.
<aidan> Gil can go

<gil_miller> ok.
<gil_miller> Team (D8) – Minor League Slugger (D8) – Flying Nimbus D10 – Combat Professional D8
<gil_miller> ,roll d8+d8+d10+d8
<shadowpool> Gil_Miller: 18:3+5+9+1
<gil_miller> ugh, another one.
<the21stcentury> One D6 is stepped up to d8.
<the21stcentury> (Gil now has 3 PP)
<gil_miller> Right, so 14 with a d8
<the21stcentury> i’m assuming you’re attacking B or C, because you didn’t include stress dice?
<gil_miller> Hit B
<the21stcentury> So, the middle Rowdy Kobalos is at a loss, a flaming monkey is flying towards it with great haste and, even worse, seems completely fearless! This is bad! it scrambles for an escape! Team (d8), Feeds on Fear (d4, 1d6), Enhanced Reflexes (d8), Acrobatics pro (d8)
<the21stcentury> [
1d6 to shadow pool, which is 4d6 and 2d8 now]
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d4+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 17:1+2+6+8
<the21stcentury> (Anyone want to capitalize on an opportunity?)
<gil_miller> I’ll spend a pp to snag it as a stunt for my next roll, if no one else wants it.
<the21stcentury> The Rowdy Kobalos, running in a straight line away from the flaming monkey on a cloud trips, gets hit by a powerful onslaught, and allows its assailant to position himself well for a next attack!
<the21stcentury> Who goes next?
<gil_miller> John

<john_darling> “All right, Hephaestus – let’s finish this one off!”
<john_darling> (( Team d8, Calloused Hands d4 (1 PP), Superhuman Strength (SFX: Unleashed) 2d10, Combat d8, Stress d10 ))
<john_darling> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 27:5+4+1+4+5+8
<john_darling> (( ugghhh ))
<john_darling> (( I’ll spend that PP to keep an extra die for the Total ))
<the21stcentury> 1 d8 becomes a d10…
<the21stcentury> (In the Shadow Pool)
<john_darling> 18 w/ d10 effect
<the21stcentury> The wounded Rowdy Kobalos decides to use the cramped space to its advantage, running and hiding under a seat in the hopes to avoid the slow, yet powerful hammer strike, Team d8 + Scene Distinction: Cramped d8 + enhanced Reflexes d8 + acrobatics pro d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 12:5+1+2+4
<the21stcentury> It fails horribly! The hammer falls on the seat, smashing it over the shadow!
<the21stcentury> That shadow is now AT DEATH’S DOOR. a stiff breeze could knock it over! And someone can capitalize on the opportunity.
<the21stcentury> No one? Okay, then who’s next?
<john_darling> Shadow B

<the21stcentury> The Middle Rowdy Kobalos gets up. It snarls at its aggressor, Gil Miller. In a swift motion, it conjures a ball of flame from its hand. It laughs as the flame grows and pitches it as a professional might, while its comrades fling small flames at the passing fireball!
<the21stcentury> Team d8 + Mad with anger d8 + Wisp of Flame d8 (SFX: Shadowflame d6, step back 1d8, step up stress by 1) + Combat Pro d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 19:4+7+1+2+5
<the21stcentury> 12 effort, d8 effect, 1 to stress if it hits.
<the21stcentury> Plus, you could spend 1 PP to capitalize on an opportunity
<gil_miller> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> Gil_Miller: 17:2+5+9+1
<gil_miller> 14 d8
<the21stcentury> one more d8 turned into a d10, you get 1 more PP
<gil_miller> Whelp, guess I’m gonna start prankin’ people.
<the21stcentury> Gil nimbly avoids the fireball flung towards him, you hear a crash as the ball hits a nearby seat and explodes.
<the21stcentury> The first Rowdy Kobalos goes next!

<the21stcentury> It’s fuming with anger as it, too prepares an explosive fireball bolstered by its comrades.
<the21stcentury> Team d8, Mad with Anger d8 Wisp of Flame d8 (SFX Shadowflame) + combat pro d8 + shadow pool d8.
<the21stcentury> *shadow pool d10
<the21stcentury> which gets stepped down to d8 by the SFX
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d6+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 22:6+1+3+5+7
<the21stcentury> Oh, and the target is John Darling.
<the21stcentury> I am not very clear with this exchange :|
<the21stcentury> So 13 effort with a d8 effect, 1 stress step
<the21stcentury> Whoops, i messed up that roll
<the21stcentury> I forgot a d8. :|
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 7
<the21stcentury> 14 effort with d8 +1 effect… Sorry… I’ll get more on the ball.
<john_darling> Hephaestus squares his shoulders and prepares to absorb the blow.
<john_darling> Spend a PP on a Durability Stunt
<the21stcentury> alright
<john_darling> Team d8, Oil-Stained Coveralls d4, Enhanced Durability d8, Combat Pro d8, opponent’s stress d12, stunt d8
<john_darling> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 23:6+1+5+7+1+3
<the21stcentury> +1 d8, you get 1 pp
<john_darling> Spend the PP I just earned to keep another die.
<the21stcentury> alright
<john_darling> 18 w/ d8 effect
<john_darling> (( Use Fire Absorption for a d8 Stunt or +1 step next action ))
<the21stcentury> the fireball hits Hephaestus’ frame, braced for impact. the fireball explodes, covering the area in smoke, as it dissipates, John stands there, grinning happily as Hephaestus glows slightly
<the21stcentury> Scott goes next.

<scott_solder> all right
<scott_solder> i have long awaited this glorious moment!
<the21stcentury> Do your best
<scott_solder> i’ll finish off A with a well-aimed arquebus round
<scott_solder> Team d10, �Who needs a plan?� d4, Arquebus d8, Professional Firearms d8, Stress d12
<scott_solder> ,roll d10+d4+d8+d8+d12
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 31:9+1+4+6+11
<the21stcentury> you get 1 PP as the Shadow pool gets a d8 turned into a d10.
<scott_solder> so that would be 15 effort, 17 effect, right?
<the21stcentury> uh, effect is counted by a dice
<the21stcentury> you pick one dice and that’s how effective your action is
<john_darling> (( two dice for total, one die for effect ))
<scott_solder> of course, i actually said “15 effort, d8 effect”
<john_darling> (( :O take the d12! 20 total w/ d8 effect ))
<the21stcentury> Well, just 15? that’s… risky compared to your other options
<scott_solder> *20
<scott_solder> sorry, i’m just a bit tired atm, not thinking right
<the21stcentury> Alright, 20 with d8 effect, let’s see if this can be beaten (it cant)
<the21stcentury> The wounded Kobalos, after dragging itself from under the crushed seat notices the arquebus. It utters a single groan as it tries to limp away. Team d8, Feeds on fear d4 (d6 in the doom pool steps up to d8), Enhanced Reflexes d8, acrobatics pro d8.
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d4+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 14:6+4+1+3
<the21stcentury> 10 with a d8 effect. The shadow is utterly vaporized by a single arquebus shot, what little left of it disappears before it can hit the ground.
<the21stcentury> (Well, not quite a level up yet.)
<the21stcentury> The last remaining shadow goes forth!

<the21stcentury> It slowly moves forward and suddenly lunges at Aiden, attempting to smear him with the tar it secretes from its arms. Buddy d6 + Sticky Skin d6 + strong arms d8 + Sticky Hands SFX (Add d6 and step up the effect die by 1) + Combat Pro d8 + shadow pool d6 + shadow pool d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d6+d8+d6+d8+d6+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 25:4+5+1+2+4+4+5
<the21stcentury> spend d6 from shadow pool to add 1 dice to the result. Result 14, effect d10. What does Aiden Do?
<aidan_sen> (guess I’ll try and evade it )
<aidan_sen> (since it’s just me and not the persona, it would be d8 (team), d8( acrobatics) ?)
<aidan_sen> (or do i get to add reflexes?)
<the21stcentury> You can use your persona to evade, it’s part of you, after all.
<aidan_sen> ,roll d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> Aidan_Sen: 20:5+7+8
<the21stcentury> Well, that’s some pretty good rolls…
<the21stcentury> Guessing you go with 15 and d8 effect?
<aidan_sen> (yeah , sorry… the 7 and 8 )
<the21stcentury> Using his amazing parkour ability, Aidan avoids the lunging assailant who spills tar in a puddle before turning back, separated from its ally…
<the21stcentury> Rowdy Kobalos B goes next!

<the21stcentury> Separated from its ally by the group of persona users, it grins madly. Creating a fireball, it flings it with reckless abandon towards Scott, hoping to hit him with a particularly potent fireball
<the21stcentury> Solo d10, Mad with anger d8, Wisp of Flame d8, SFX: Shadowflame d6, combat pro d8, shadow pool d10
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d6+d8+d10
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 33:5+7+2+3+6+10
<scott_solder> welp
<the21stcentury> Spend d8 to keep one more dice
<the21stcentury> 18 effort, d10+1 effect
<the21stcentury> You could get stressed out in one hit with that! Mwahaha!
<the21stcentury> it’s about time some drama happens!
<scott_solder> Team d10, Cool as a Cucumber d8, Paper Control + Unleashed 2d6, Expert Occult d10
<the21stcentury> Occult? Hmm, How does that work?
<scott_solder> well, my other specialties don’t really fit paper control =v
<scott_solder> unless i conjure up a shotgun in retaliation or something, i guess?
<the21stcentury> Then come up with some reason occult helps you avoid/block a fireball. 8^y
<the21stcentury> Shotguns aren’t very occulty.
<the21stcentury> Maybe if you conjured up some… occult protection charms… >__>
<john_darling> (( Those cool paper wards from Japan? ))
<scott_solder> no, i meant using the power to make a shotgun with- ehh
<scott_solder> i’m sure there’s some paper demons out there
<scott_solder> okay, evil paper decoy
<the21stcentury> that’s a cool idea
<scott_solder> ,roll d10+d8+2d6+d10
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 22:9+1+5+7
<the21stcentury> ooh dang
<the21stcentury> oh, wait
<the21stcentury> you rolled 2d6
<the21stcentury> instead of 2 times d6
<the21stcentury> you can reroll properly instead
<scott_solder> ,roll d10+d8+(d6)2+d10
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 30:10+6+(3)
<the21stcentury> no no no
<the21stcentury> d10+d8+d6+d6+d10
<scott_solder> ,roll d10+d8+d6+d10
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 22:8+7+6+1
<the21stcentury> and you missed one of the d6s
<scott_solder> ,roll d6
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 5
<the21stcentury> okay, well, one more d6 in the shadow pool, you get +1 PP
<scott_solder> 15 d8
<the21stcentury> are you sure you don’t want to spend a pp to add a dice to your total?
<scott_solder> ok, might as well
<scott_solder> that’s 21 then, right?
<scott_solder> or am i still failing
<the21stcentury> nope, you beat 18
<the21stcentury> Creating a paper decoy, Scott manages to avoid the massive fireball which quickly consumes the conjured paper decoy.

<the21stcentury> The second remaining Shadow goes next, and it, too, has a wicked look in its eye!
<the21stcentury> On the other side of the group, the other remaining shadow takes a leap back as it fires yet another powerful, potent shadowflame fireball, this one aimed squarely at Aidan.
The21stCentury> solo d10, Mad with Anger d8, Wisp of Flame d8, SFX Shadowflame d6, Combat Pro d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d6+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 19:5+7+1+2+4
<the21stcentury> 12 with a d10 effect (d8 1 step, as per the SFX)
<the21stcentury> This one shouldn’t be too hard to beat.
<aidan_sen> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> Aidan_Sen: 13:5+7+1
<the21stcentury> step up the d6 in the shadow pool to a d8, 1 PP to Aidan
<aidan> (hm so obviously the 7 and the 5..)
<aidan> (let’s see what i can do)
<the21stcentury> I think you’re kind of out of options, if only you had used your persona’s reflexes… :\
<aidan> (I didn’t?)
<aidan> (i thought d8team,d8acrobatics, d8reflexes…)
<the21stcentury> You should’ve used a distinction.
<the21stcentury> in that case
<aidan> what distinction could I have used?
<aidan> :/
<the21stcentury> You could’ve tried to use cramped to your advantage, like John did last time.
<aidan> ah environmental ..
<the21stcentury> i’m sorry, but you’re kind of going to take some damage… d10 stress…
<the21stcentury> Aidan tried to escape, but was hit by the fireball head on. The explosion was mostly absorbed by his Persona, Lucifer, but still left him bruised and his eyebrows singed.
<the21stcentury> Let’s go with… Aiden next
<the21stcentury> so you can have your revenge quickly.
<aidan> (just one left?)
<the21stcentury> 2
<the21stcentury> one of them has d8 stress, though
<aidan> (what’s the doom pool?)
<the21stcentury> d8 and d10
<aidan> (so if I used berserk would I essentially be stressing myself out or does it go back to d10?)
<aidan> (when it returns?)
<aidan> *goes back
<the21stcentury> i’m not sure i understand what you mean
<the21stcentury> You could turn the d8 into a d10 or even a d12, or use the d10 into a d12 with that SFX, it works with the shadow pool, not the stress dice.
<aidan> ah ok.
<aidan> I guess I’ll attack the stressed out one with team d8, berserk d10 upped to d12, solar ray d10, combat d10, kin d8
<the21stcentury> and stress d8
<aidan> and then stress I suppose to finish that guy off?
<the21stcentury> It might not finish it off unless you beat him by 10 on the effort and you pick your d10 as the effect dice.
<aidan> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> Aidan: 25:2+4+6+9+1+3
<aidan> :(
<the21stcentury> also, berserk is d10
<the21stcentury> not d12
<the21stcentury> it’s d10, THEN it ups the dice to d12
<the21stcentury> after the roll is done
<aidan> oh
<the21stcentury> I’ll let you reroll the thing. ;)
<aidan> alright :I
<aidan> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d10+d10+d10
<shadowpool> Aidan: 34:6+8+2+4+6+8
<aidan> (hm would you keep an extra dice, john?)
<john_darling> (( 16 w/ d10 is pretty swell. you could go for broke and keep the 6 to make it 22, maybe get two steps. ))
<the21stcentury> ((if you get two steps, you’ll destroy that 2nd shadow))
<the21stcentury> so, what are you going to do, Egos?
<aidan> I guess I’ll spend a pp to keep the last d10
<aidan> so the first 2 d8s and d10.. 22
<the21stcentury> with d10 effect?
<aidan> yeah
<the21stcentury> Alright, the targeted Shadow tries to avoid the beam of concentrated light! Sadly, it cannot sense any fear from the shooter! Team d10, feeds on fear d4, Enhanced Reflexes d8, acrobatics pro d8, Aidan stress d10
<the21stcentury> ,roll d10+d4+d8+d8+d10
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 18:6+4+1+2+5
<the21stcentury> Oh man… good job.
<the21stcentury> Your effort was just high enough that the reaction is beaten by 11, meaning it steps up the d10 twice unless I spend d10 or d12 from the doom pool… Which i won’t do because… well, it’d be a waste.
<the21stcentury> The Rowdy Kobalos failed to avoid the beam of light and, as a shadow, was quickly burned away to nothingness, its very essence dissipating in the air.
<the21stcentury> Now you may pick who goes next.
<aidan> (a bunch of chibi jack frosts do a little if they weren’t chibi enough)
<aidan> (hm who hasn’t gone in awhile John or Gil, right?)
<the21stcentury> yeah, Gil has been inactive for the longest time
<aidan> (ok Gil_Miller are you around?)
<aidan> (I guess John, if Gil isn’t around? Scott went somewhat recently, right?)
<john_darling> (( i am here. yo gil, you afk? ))
<john_darling> (( i guess so. who do we have left? ))
<the21stcentury> You, Gil and Scott
<the21stcentury> to kill one fresh shadow.
<john_darling> (( i mean fire oil teeth monsters ))
<the21stcentury> only one left.
<john_darling> (( any stress? ))
<the21stcentury> ((nope))

<john_darling> Hephaestus channels the power of the flame into his strike!
<john_darling> Team d8 + Oil-Stained Coveralls d4 (1 PP) + Superhuman Strength d10 + Fire Absorption Stunt d8 + Combat d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 19:2
<john_darling> ,roll 1d8+1d4+1d10+1d8+1d8
<john_darling> (( Want to step up / add a die? ))
<the21stcentury> ((I step up the d10 into a second d12))
<john_darling> 13 w/ d8 effect
<john_darling> (( 2 PP for Mr. Darling ))
<the21stcentury> The last remaining shadow tries to run from the massive flaming hammer. Solo d10, Mad with Anger d8, enhanced reflexes d8, acrobatics pro d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d10
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 20:5+6+7+2
<the21stcentury> 13 doesn’t beat 13, but the effect die is d10, which means it steps down the d8 effect. right?
<john_darling> yup
<the21stcentury> The Rowdy Kobalos is hit, but resists bravely, pushing back on the hammer and deflecting the blow after being burned by the flames.
<the21stcentury> AND NOW TO WRAP THINGS UP!
<scott_solder> dun dun duuuuuuun
<the21stcentury> i spend the 2d12 in the Shadow pool to end the encounter…
<gil_miller> whelp
<the21stcentury> Everyone gets 2XP for that…
<john_darling> I think we totally could have finished that thing off. I vote Gil bats it into oblivion.
<john_darling> (( i mean, yeah, encounter over :) ))
<the21stcentury> ((But I want to give everyone XPs! :( ))
<john_darling> (( you can, we just all decide how to narrate it :) ))
<the21stcentury> Outnumbered, outgunned, utterly hopeless ,the last remaining shadow looks quite hopeless…
<john_darling> Aw, look how sad it is? Kill it with fire.
<scott_solder> (( all-out attack, guys! let’s go for it! ))
<aidan> ((we keep it as a pet and call it Macaroni))
<the21stcentury> So an all-out attack!? Very well!
<the21stcentury> As it tries to run away, it trips on the crushed remains of the seat that Hephaestus smashed earlier in the fight, leaving it completely exposed and defenseless. An all-out attack occurs and the group stomps, shoots and all-around wound the pathetic shadow until it begins to lose cohesion and dissolve.
<the21stcentury> Unlike the other two, however, this one leaves something behind, a single, brilliant reddish gem.

<the21stcentury> ((Time to fight over who gets to keep the spoils!))
<john_darling> “Uh. Evil gem. Takers?”
<scott_solder> “Interesting…I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.”
<gil_miller> After the cloud fades, Gil walks over to the disappearing slime and crouches down over it, "It’s kinda… shiny, but no lights reflectin off it…
aidan crosses his arms and sighs
<the21stcentury> ((No one’s greedy?))
<aidan> ((Gil is the closest))
<john_darling> (( i don’t know what it is… ))
<gil_miller> Wadding up his sleeve to cover his hand, Gil picks up the gem and takes a closer look.
<the21stcentury> The gem vanishes as soon as it is picked up, filling Gil with a strange, calm feeling.
<aidan> ((now it’s inside you. the shadow))
<the21stcentury> Somehow, Gil instantly knows something: This is the Dark Hour, and the gem was the very core of the shadows fought that night, the thing they were guarding with their lives… if you can call them lives at all.
<aidan> "That isn’t discerning… "
<gil_miller> Gil’s eyes lose focus as knowledge pours into his head.
<scott_solder> “I’d hoped to study that thing…oh well.”
aidan looks perplexed for a moment , he looks as if he might have said something wrong
aidan then dismisses it
<gil_miller> “So, this… is the Dark Hour, and that gem was the core of the monsters we just fought, the Shadows.”
<gil_miller> “I guess that Gem… told me?”
<john_darling> “…core of the monsters? What does that mean? It… powered them?”
<gil_miller> "I’m not really sure… "
<the21stcentury> The lights begin to flicker again. Then the car is once again plunged in darkness. Then, the lights come back on and the car begins to move again, the car returned to normal, once again filled with normal, tired people… You’re standing in the middle of the car, everything is back to normal, it seems.
John_Darling shrugs.
<john_darling> “Maybe we can pawn it.”
<gil_miller> Gil blinks a few times in surprise, then mutters, “Hour’s up, I suppose?”
<aidan> ((pawn gil?))
<gil_miller> (I think he’s talking about the gem, but i thought it went poof)
<the21stcentury> Within a minute, you enter a station and decide to get off the train to get your bearings.
<aidan> ((yeah it went poof so you are now the gem :D ))
<gil_miller> “So, how about we get that drink now?”
<the21stcentury> One thing you notice is the appearance of a blue door on a nearby wall, a door that glows softly and who people seem oblivious to…
<john_darling> “Drink.”
<gil_miller> Gil sighs, and says, “Well, I guess we can wait a little on that drink, since we’ve got a magic door to go take a look at.”
John_Darling sighs.
<john_darling> “OK, let’s go.”
<the21stcentury> (Don’t worry, you’ll have your drink soon enough)
<scott_solder> (( …at the very end of the campaign, right? :P ))
<gil_miller> Gil walks over to the door, and glances around a little self consciously to make sure that the others can see the door, then opens it.
<the21stcentury> You find yourselves sitting once again inside the Velvet Room. Prometheus sits at his desk, as last time, and greets you warmly. “Welcome back, to the Velvet Room. I take it your evening was interesting?”
<scott_solder> “Interesting…yeah, that’s one way to put it, I guess.”
<gil_miller> “So, that was the Dark Hour, right?”
<the21stcentury> “Yes, that was the Dark Hour, a period of time between the days, one only few people can experience. It is teeming with the shadows that dwell in people’s hearts…”
<gil_miller> “So, what was that gem I picked up?”
<gil_miller> “The core of the shadows?”
<the21stcentury> “That was a Truth, they are very prized… in fact, I, myself, collect them as well.”
<gil_miller> “Oh. Well, I can’t really just hand it over or anything…”
<john_darling> “A truth?”
<the21stcentury> “A Truth, The truth, it’s something very prized by shadows, as they crave humanity and the reality that comes with their existence. Very few things are as real as truth itself, condensed and crystallized…”
<the21stcentury> “Also, you can give it to us if you want” Aletheia adds helpfully.
<john_darling> “How?”
<aidan> “He just has to take off all his clothes” Aidan smirks
<the21stcentury> “It’s going to be on your person, in your pocket, perhaps, it’s very similar to your card. It’s just there when you need it.” Aletheia explains
aidan looks disappointed after Aletheia gives John an explanation
<the21stcentury> “Part of your contract includes a clause. In exchange for 12 truths, I will grant you a boon, fulfill a wish of yours, i have vast sources of power…” Prometheus adds.
<gil_miller> “ANY wish?”
<the21stcentury> “Within reason, it has to be reasonable.” Crowley explains.
<the21stcentury> “No wish for infinite wishes, for example”
<scott_solder> “Well, damn.”
<the21stcentury> “But the boss can do a lot of things. Wealth, power, health… Most things are within his grasp.” Crowley adds.
<gil_miller> “So, why do you want the truths?”
<the21stcentury> “I collect them to keep them from falling into wrong hands.”
<gil_miller> “I… see…” Gil’s eyes go far away for a brief bit.
<the21stcentury> “If you’d like, I can keep your truths safe.” Aletheia adds
<gil_miller> “So, what are the Shadows doing during the other 24 hours of the day?”
<the21stcentury> She taps the ornate wooden box in her hands a few times as she says that
<the21stcentury> “Normal people are unable to exist as people during the Dark Hour, you may have encountered this. Much like humans during the dark hour, Shadows cease to exist as shadows after the Dark Hour.” Prometheus Explains.
<gil_miller> “Well, that wasn’t that hard, really… I’d guess I’d be up for some more fights if we get a wish…”
<the21stcentury> “Do you have any more questions?” Prometheus adds warmly
<gil_miller> “Actually, yes. You aren’t… I mean, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but… who exactly are the three of you? Like… where are you all from?”
<the21stcentury> “You need not concern yourselves with trifling details such as those… Remember that this is a place between mind and matter, between dream and reality. We merely exist to serve a purpose… To prevent the misuse of truth and the proliferation of shadows.”
<gil_miller> Gil grumbles but doesn’t push the issue.
<the21stcentury> “If I may, I suggest you take the hunting of shadows seriously, your group has tremendous powers at its disposal and it would be wise to use it for good. Search for suspicious activity, destroy shadows, collect truths.”
<the21stcentury> (Any other questions or should we wrap this up for now?)
<gil_miller> “Well, I think we’ve done good enough for one night, so I’m saying we should head to the bar now.” Looking back to Prometheus, “You aren’t going anywhere if we have more questions, huh?”
<the21stcentury> “if you need me, you will find your way back here”
<the21stcentury> With that, the room fades away. you find yourself back at the subway station, staring at a wall…
<gil_miller> Gil thinks to himself, “Have we been staring at a wall this whole time?”
<the21stcentury> Let’s wrap this up now, the act ends as you all head for a bar Gil knows, near the stadium…
04:05:16: <the21stcentury> EVENT I; ACT II: THE DARK HOUR will begin next week, and start at that bar Gil knows.



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