Persona Secunda

Awakening: Act 1: The Velvet Room part 1

Wherein They visit the Velvet Room and meet shadows

<the21stcentury> You all awake in a chair in an unfamiliar room, one that seems to move. You look around and examine your surroundings. You seem to be on a large and well-furnished train car / study. The walls are covered in blue velvet, the carpet is blue velvet with arcane symbols inscribed in gold and the windows, revealing a foggy expanse, are surrounded by blue velvet drapes. in the center of the car is a large mahogany desk. you are not alone, next to you are 3 other people, complete strangers, all sitting, examining the room as you are. In front of you, seated at the desk is a man…

He has olive skin, short brown hair with a light blue conductor’s cap perched on his head. His eyes are a brilliant shade of gold. He wears a blue uniform, a blue jacket over a blue vest over a light blue shirt, with a dark blue tie. Gold buttons and a complex seal upon the cap complete the attire.

Standing next to him are two people, a man with black hair and the same shimmering golden eyes. He, too, wears a cap, but a smaller and less ornate one. He wears a light blue shirt, a dark blue sleeveless vest over it, and an even darker blue open jacket over it. His vest and jacket have gold buttons and “Crowley” is embroidered on the vest breast in gold. He is holding a wooden box in his hands and large books are hanging by his belt.

On the other side is a young woman with shoulder-length brown hair and the same brilliant gold eyes as the others. She, too, wears a blue train attendant outfit with gold buttons. It is composed of a closed blue jacket matching the room’s velvet, with gold buttons. She had a blue scarf under it and wears a long blue skirt, matching the room as well. A cap completes her outfit, much like the man named Crowley’s. Her name, embroidered on her jacket, reads “Aletheia”. She holds an ornate wooden box, encrusted with gold and jewels.

The seated man cuts the silence short and addresses the assembled group in front of him. “Though you are dreaming, this meeting will have important repercussions. This is the Velvet Room, a place between Mind and Matter, dream and reality. Tonight, you will be faced with a contract.”

Sliding a piece of paper in front of you and your companions, he continues. “Signing it attests that you are acting out of your own free will” and he smiles.

<john_darling> This… is not the bar.
<scott_solder> Scott Solder glances to his left and right, counting the people beside him. One, two three…four. Not a good number.
aidan smirks playing along with the dream
<aidan> "Define “free will”…"
<prometheus>"Simply put, your actions will be your own, though the consequences will be yours to bear. you will have infinite possibilities open unto you."
<aidan> “So our volition to act. Free will does sound prettier…”
<gilmiller> Gil blinks a bit and mutters, wholly to himself. “Well, this isn’t the weirdest dream I’ve had, but it’s up there. I know I put in a hard day today, but come on, at least let me dream of something relaxing.”
<john_darling> “So… uh, what do we get if we sign? What’s in it for me?”
aidan turns to the other man. For a dream about him the other actors were sure getting alot of screentime
<prometheus> “Excellent Question. You will obtain complete control over your own destiny and all that entails, which includes the ability to control your own Persona.” He said that last word with quite a lot of gravitas… Persona…
<john_darling> “What’s a persona?”
<scott_solder> “Destiny…” That word catches Scott’s attention.
<prometheus> “A Persona is the mask you use to face hardships…”
aidan pokes the person next to him,who happens to be Gil ..mostly out of boredom. Oddly it felt like flesh.
<prometheus> “A certain reflection of your true self”
<gilmiller> Gil rolls his eyes a bit, “Look, I know I haven’t been using that Psych degree, but there’s no need to make it sound so magical or anything.”
<gilmiller> “Hey, whatcha do that for?”
<aidan> " I was bored.."
aidan turns his attention away from Gil..deterring any further questions of his
<aidan> “Why are there four of us here?”
<scott_solder> “Because there isn’t five of us?”
<prometheus> “You were the ones who heard the call, in a way, you chose to come here”
John_Darling takes the contract and begins reading it.
<aidan> "Wouldn’t it “be there aren’t five of us”?" Aiden looks over Scott..
<scott_solder> Scott shrugs. “Whatever. It means the same thing either way, right?”
<aidan> “I chose to be a strange room with three other guys….and a train conductor hurm…”
<aidan> “And whoever that is” Aidan gestures towards the woman standing in the back
<the21stcentury> The contract seems composed of a short paragraph that states “I attest that i act out of my free will and that consequences of my actions are mine to bear” and a series or arcane symbols you don’t seem to be able to decipher. Most of the page is covered in those until the line at the bottom.
<gilmiller> “Look, I’m no Jung, but I know when a dream is trying to say something, so just gimmie that contract, and I’ll take a look at it.” Gil starts flipping through it, muttering, “My agent would kill me if he knew I was doing something like this.”
aidan looks over at Scott
<aidan> “Are you gonna read it also?”
<scott_solder> “Well, yeah. It seems slightly important.”
<the21stcentury> The young woman, Aletheia, walks over to the group and hands each man a pen, ornate and covered in symbols that seem to glow softly.
<john_darling> “Uh… sorry, but I can’t read this last bit.”
aidan inspects the pen
<prometheus> The man simply smiles. “You do not need to worry about the details. Not yet, at any rate.”
<aidan> “Do we get to keep the pen?”
<gilmiller> “Ah, thanks, er… Ma’am? Sorry, I didn’t get your name. Actually, any of your names. But, it seems harmless enough.” Gil signs and leans back in his chair.
John_Darling shrugs, and signs the contract.
<scott_solder> Scott signs the contract without hesitation. Maybe things would be more interesting from now on, so why not?
<the21stcentury> “I’m Aletheia” she chimes with a wink and a smile. “I’m Crowley” says the black-haired man wryly. The sitting man pauses and then says simply. “You may call me Prometheus, at your service”
<john_darling> “Can’t be held legally bound to something I don’t understand, so why not?”
<aidan> “I don’t think that’s how it works…”
<scott_solder> “Prometheus. Haven’t seen that movie. Is it any good?”
<john_darling> “Sorry, I don’t get to the cineplex much.”
<gilmiller> Gil shrugs, saying, “I dunno, but the original Prometheus wasn’t exactly a guy who was always on the up and up. No offense.”
aidan continues to look over the contract “I thought he got freed by Hercules…”
<crowley> Crowley grins at what Gil said
<aletheia> Aletheia chimes enthusiastically: “You should sign it, you’ll get something in exchange”
<gilmiller> “Well, yeah, eventually. There was a lot of lying and duping gods and then getting chained to a mountain where your liver got torn out every day. Though, to be fair, he only did his duping to help humanity, so I guess that should count for something.”
<prometheus> Prometheus simply smiles. “There are a lot of stories… But they are irrelevant right now.”
aidan signs reluctantly , the woman’s enthusiasm seemed to win him over.
<the21stcentury> Prometheus gathers the contracts and pens and puts them in a drawer next to him, then, he signs at Crowley. Crowley Opens his wooden box and lowers it, revealing an ancient-looking deck of cards. Prometheus takes it in his hands and shuffles it pensively. Then he separates the deck in 4 small piles, putting one in front of each person.
<prometheus> “Cut your deck and draw a card. it will reveal your true nature.”, Prometheus states.
John_Darling obliges the man by cutting the deck closest to him, and drawing a card.
<the21stcentury> John drew the Chariot
<john_darling> “Is… that good?”
John_Darling looks confused.
aidan smirks
<scott_solder> Scott takes a moment to examine the cards – you don’t see cards like those every day – and follows suit, cutting the deck and drawing a card.
<aidan> “It’s better than Death”
GilMiller continues to be a good sport to his subconscious by cutting a deck and pulling out a card.
<the21stcentury> Gil draws The Strength. Scott drew The Hierophant
GilMiller smiles and does his best to avoid flexing. A little one manages to sneak out, though.
<aidan> “Last again, huh?” alright, Aidan follows suit
<the21stcentury> Aidan draws The Justice
<gilmiller> “So, what’s a Hierophant?”
aidan lets out a small hurm
<crowley> Crowley explains “A Hieorophant is a kind of priest, a holy man.”
GilMiller casts an uncertain eye over towards Scott.
<scott_solder> “Pretty much, yeah, that’s it. In tarot readings, it represents wisdom, conforming to society, that sort of thing.”
GilMiller still casts an uncertain eye over towards Scott.
<prometheus> Prometheus explains: “These cards represent your future, as well as your present. They represent your persona and will be helpful to you. You may keep them”
<the21stcentury> Prometheus gathers the remaining cards, forms a deck, places it back in the box , which Crowley closes again.
<prometheus> “You will wake up soon, perhaps without a memory of tonight… But you will be called again, in a different way…”
<the21stcentury> The room begins to get hazy as you wake up. For days, the memory of the night’s events would elude you…
GilMiller ’s last thought before he fades away is “My subconscious really likes being cryptic.”

<the21stcentury> It is now Saturday, a quarter to midnight. For various reasons, you are all on the same subway car, though you are not aware of that fact. There might have been a strange urge to use the subway that night, or maybe it was routine, but there you are, in a not-so-crowded, yet not entirely empty subway car. As time passes, you notice an unusual feeling and suddenly, the lights go out. The lights come back after a second or two of pure darkness, and yet something’s not quite right.Several things, in fact, are outright wrong. The car has grown, extremely longer, larger in every way. it shouldn’t even fit in the tunnel, and yet… it somehow does. The light is now a sickly greenish-yellow. Puddles of a blood-like substance are pooled around the car, and the people are all gone, replaced with black crystalline coffin-like structures… An uneasy feeling fills the air as you notice that you are not, in fact, alone. There are 4 of you still in the car… Gil Miller, Scott Solder, Aiden Sen and John Darling… meeting at last for the second time ever, and for the first time in the flesh.

<john_darling> “Man. This is why I never take the subway.”
<gilmiller> Gil slowly recognizes the other people in the car with him. “So… I drifted off to sleep in the subway? Because, this stuff right here? It’s gotta be a dream.”
<gilmiller> “I mean, all you guys again, the car, the lights. This is just straight up nightmare stuff.”
<scott_solder> “Nightmare? I dunno, this seems pretty cool to me.”
<scott_solder> “So yeah, it’s probably a dream.”
<gilmiller> “Cool? There’s fucking blood on the ground. This is messed up!”
<john_darling> “The stuff on the floor bothers you, but these coffins don’t?”
<scott_solder> “I can see why you’d think that. I mean, not everyone shares my…hobbies.”
<scott_solder> More like, nobody would want to hang out with an “occult freak”.
<john_darling> “Uh… what are you talking about?”
<the21stcentury> You hear a drip coming from further down the car, a heavy, dull drip, as if something very thick was dripping.
<gilmiller> (whoops missed the coffins) “Well, yeah. Them too.”
Aidan_Sen ignores the others making small talk as freakin blood and coffins surround them
GilMiller moves away from the nearest one.
<gilmiller> "What’s that sound?
<gilmiller> “Wait, I know. It’s more blood, because that’s just how these sorts of dreams go.”
<scott_solder> “Who knows? Probably some terrifying monster that wants us dead. You’re not scared, are you?” Scott says this with a deliberately creepy smile.
<scott_solder> (now scott is just trolling everyone)
GilMiller glares at Scott.
<scott_solder> “I’m kidding. But we aren’t learning anything from just standing here.”
<john_darling> “Well, my seat at the Cove isn’t going to get sat in without me. So let’s go.”
<aidan_sen> “We should be looking for other survivors or a way out..”
<gilmiller> “Well, I’m slowly starting to think that I may not be dreaming, so let’s figure out what’s going on.”
Aidan_Sen grimaces
<scott_solder> “Right then, let’s go.” Scott leads the way forward, towards the source of the noise.
<the21stcentury> Scott’s the first to see it. a large puddle of some sort of tar-like substance, with large globs of it dripping from a seam around the cieling of the car.
<the21stcentury> The puddle seems to congeal and move slightly
<scott_solder> “What is this stuff…? Is it moving?”
<gilmiller> Gil nervously chuckles, “Well, at least it isn’t blood.”
<john_darling> “Any chance we can just call MBAT and call it a night? Leave this to the mop brigade?”
<gilmiller> “Sure. Why don’t you go ask for someone. I’ll wait here and hold my breath.”
<aidan_sen> (is the train still moving ?)
<the21stcentury> (no, everything is still)
<gilmiller> “So, what is it? Tar, maybe?”
<gilmiller> “But… where’s it coming from?”
<aidan_sen> “That isn’t tar…” Aidan seems quite certain
<john_darling> “Up, Gil. It’s coming from /up/.”
John_Darling grins.
GilMiller grins back, “Alright, so what’s /up/, then?”
GilMiller speaks in the tone of a man who knows he’s delivering a straight line.
<the21stcentury> suddenly, the pool of sludge begins to move perceptibly, a lump begins to form, then two more, then three more. Each growing rapidly, as if something was starting to emerge from a pit filled with that tar-like substance. The lumps start moving, sluggishly, away from the mass of tar and towards the group.
<scott_solder> “I guess that answers that.”
<gilmiller> “Right. Not tar, then.”
<john_darling> “…rats, maybe?”
GilMiller looks at John in wordless disbelief.
<aidan_sen> “oh…what the fuck”
<gilmiller> “Um, stop me if this is crazy, but it looks like they’re coming to us…”
<gilmiller> “Should we, I dunno, run or something? Walk briskly at least?”
GilMiller starts slowly backing away from the lumps.
Aidan_Sen has already started walking back in the direction they came
<aidan_sen> "Yeah..I think escape should be a priority "
<john_darling> “OK. Which way, then?”
<the21stcentury> The 6 lumps keep advancing slowly and begin bubbling along the top, as something starts to rise from it, a mask. A single teal mask sitting at the apex of each of the 6 lumps. The masks are fairly basic human masks featuring a neutral expression and the letter I carved on the forehead. Soon after, arms begin to emerge from the puddles around the lumps.
The creatures begin to drag themselves, speeding up and heading for the group. Each puddle with 5 to 8 arms, and a glint of ivory
<scott_solder> “Did any of you see an exit anywhere? I don’t think Tar Demon Mask Thing is very patient!”
<john_darling> “That’s… bizarre. But fascinating.”
<gilmiller> “There’s gotta be a door back the way we came!”
<aidan_sen> “The emergency exit..”
<john_darling> (( John is walking with the group towards… away from the stuff. ))
<the21stcentury> There is, in fact, a lever, further back, with “emergency exit” written next to it, but try as anyone may, it does not budge…
<the21stcentury> But at the same time, you begin to notice something in your pockets, something rectangular, thin and stiff… like a large playing card…
<scott_solder> “Wait, I remember…that dream…Persona…”
<the21stcentury> Upon saying that, Scott hears the sound of glass breaking. A second body, a silhouette, appears behind him.

<gilmiller> Gil hears the crashing of glass inside his mind. The Lion on the Strength card runs towards the edge of the picture, growing larger and larger. However, as it gets closer, it soon becomes clear that the lion has turned into a monkey. As it leaps out of the card’s surface, the monkey’s fur ignites into a furious blaze. Reaching a small sack he carries, it pulls out a staff that is far too large to have properly fit in the sack. Wu Kong, the Blazing Master, leaps up and lands on a small, golden cloud. He takes his place just behind Gil, waiting for battle to break loose.
<john_darling> Blue fire erupts from around John, illuminating the silhouette of a heavily muscular man. Before him is an anvil, upon which rests a red-hot sword. The man raises a hammer above his head… The man strikes the sword on the anvil, and with a tremendous “CLANG!”, the blue fire dissipates.
<scott_solder> A sudden sense of power enters Scott’s mind. Before he knows it, a large arquebus-wielding solider has materialized before him, ready to strike.
Aidan_Sen presses the Justice card to his forehead and huge vortex of light appears where the card is. A shadowy figure emerges from the center of the vortex and enters the stage. He is draped in a cloak of crimson that looks like it is almost made of his flesh. His body is similar armor. All of his face is covered except for his eyes and his mouth. Aidan_Sen places the Justice card in his pocket after the figure emerges
<the21stcentury> The creatures, The Shadows, recoil as they witness the four men summoning a persona each… But the respite is short as they roar, a great mouth opening below each mask, revealing rows of dull, pure white teeth. they won’t be going away without a fight!

<the21stcentury> Oh, i should mention
<the21stcentury> The scene has the Distinctions: Cramped, creepy atmosphere and the enemies are a single group.
<the21stcentury> okay, what do you do now, Aiden?
<aidan> (how many are there?)
<the21stcentury> there’s 6, but they form a single cohesive group
<the21stcentury> so it’s 1 target with multiple team dice
<the21stcentury> Thanks for the music. :)

<aidan> Lucifer moves forward, his hand emerges from his cloak and he opens up clasped hand. Several rays project out from his hand and out towards the shadows
<aidan> (([using the distinction] Kin to evil [at d4] perhaps?)
<the21stcentury> (So you do it reluctantly? i like it)
<the21stcentury> (you may roll)
<aidan> ,roll 1d8+1d4+1d10+1d6+1d6+1d10
<shadowpool> Aidan: 22:1+2+8+1+3+7
<aidan> :/
<the21stcentury> Ooh, two more plot points for you
<the21stcentury> you have a total of 4 plot points
<the21stcentury> So, what die are you using to make your total and which die are you using for your effect?
<aidan> so I guess the 8 and the 3?
<the21stcentury> so 11 with effect of d10, d4 and d4. Very well, let’s see the reaction
<the21stcentury> The shadow cluster, the Dreadful Mendax, try to avoid the storm of light that’s shot at them, with a dreadful cry, they run away as quickly as possible to avoid the onslaught!
<the21stcentury> team 3d8, distinction: Cowardly d8, Power: Intangible d8, Specialty: Combat Rookie d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 22:2+4+6+7+1+2
<the21stcentury> so 6 + 7 = 13, beating the 11 by two. They manage to dodge the mis-aimed beams of light.
<the21stcentury> Okay, Aiden’s turn has passed, you may pick who goes next, Aiden
<aidan> ((I guess jdarksun is definitely here, so John)
<john_darling> “OK, Hephaestus – show me what you got!”
<john_darling> (( Team d8, Calloused Hands (d4+PP), Superhuman Strength d10, Combat d8)
<john_darling> ,roll d8+d4+d10+d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 18:8+1+4+5
<john_darling> (( 13 w/ d10 effect ))
<the21stcentury> ((you get 1 PP, one of the d6 steps up))
<the21stcentury> The Dreadful Mendax scatter around away from the massive hammer’s strike.
<the21stcentury> team 3d8, Distinction: Cowardly d8, Power: Intangible d8, Specialty: Combat Rookie d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 24:1+3+5+6+8+1
<the21stcentury> it gets 14. One of the mendax barely escapes by liquifying where it’s struck.
<john_darling> (( can’t i trigger one of those 1s? ))
<john_darling> (( i think so – not 100% clear, might only be when you’re rolling against me, but let’s tackle that later. i’ll give you a PP now for a d10 stunt later. ;) ))
<the21stcentury> cool, keep it in mind
<john_darling> “Hmm, this is going to take some practice…”
<the21stcentury> Who’s next, then?
<john_darling> (( The intangible blobs are up. ))
<the21stcentury> Very well
<the21stcentury> Emboldened by two near misses, the regroup and Lash out against the nearest target: John Darling.
<the21stcentury> 3d8 team, distinction: Feeds on Fear d8 (I’m assuming John is at least a little scared right now ;) ), Power: Stretching d8, specialty: Combat Rookie d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 29:3+4+5+6+6+5
<the21stcentury> Dang, this might hurt!
<the21stcentury> 12 with a d8 effect dice
<john_darling> (( team d8, cramped d8, enhanced durability d8, combat d8 ))
<john_darling> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 19:8+2+4+5
<john_darling> (( I’ll spend a Plot Point to keep another die. ))
<john_darling> (( 17 w/ d8 effect ))
<john_darling> Using the confined space to his advantage, John dodges under a seat, emerging unscathed on the other side.
<the21stcentury> Okay, so who’s next? How about Gil?
<gilmiller> So, what’s in the doom pool?
<the21stcentury> d8, 3d6
<gilmiller> ok.
<gilmiller> team d8, distinction: Lovable goofball 1d4 + 1PP, Najimbo Staff D8, Combat d8, steal a d8 from the doom pool with Trickster.
<gilmiller> ,roll d8+d4+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> GilMiller: 23:6+4+8+2+3
<gilmiller> Right, then, 14 with a d8 effect die.
<the21stcentury> good
<the21stcentury> The dreadful Mendax tries to dodge the flaming staff desperately!
<aidan> now the Intangible blob
<the21stcentury> 3d8, distinction: Cowardly: d8, Power: Intangible d8, Combat Rookie: d6, And i spend a d6 from the doom pool to activate its SFX Tar-like body! On a reaction to a MELEE ATTACK, I can give the stuck complication until Gil’s next turn.
<the21stcentury> let’s see how it turns out
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 24:7+1+2+4+5+5
<the21stcentury> 10 with a d8 effect.
<the21stcentury> So you connect, deal damage, but are stuck due to the tar-like body of one of the creatures until your next turn. be careful!
<gilmiller> WuKong charges forward on his Nimbus, leveling his staff like a lance. Just as the blob lashes out to strike the attacker, WuKong lowers his staff and strikes the ground with it, using it to vault over the Shadow. Off balance from not connecting with its attack, the shadow is an easy target for WuKong’s staff. However, the blob refuses to let go of the staff that is embedded in it.
<the21stcentury> Scott Solder is next, by process of elimination
<scott_solder> team d10, cool as a cucumber d6, arquebus d8, professional firearms d8
<scott_solder> is that right?
<the21stcentury> cool as a cucumber is d8
<scott_solder> right, d8
<the21stcentury> and the thing has a d8 of stress
<scott_solder> so it’s d10+d8+d8+d8+d8?
<the21stcentury> yep looks good to me
<scott_solder> ,roll d10+d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 26:7+8+2+4+5
<scott_solder> 13 with a d8 effect die
<the21stcentury> Very well
<john_darling> (( why not 15? ))
<john_darling> (( or 13 w/ d10 effect? ))
<john_darling> (( should totally go 15 w/ d8 effect ))
<scott_solder> (( numbers are my weakness! ))
<the21stcentury> ((Actually, the thing will have a dead dice regardless of what hits it, as long as it hits))
<the21stcentury> ((so 15 with d8 would be best))
<scott_solder> (( okay, 15 w/ d8 then ))
<the21stcentury> Alright, the dreadful mendax scrambles as it has done all night, desperately trying to avoid a deadly gun shot.
<aidan> (it likes to scramble)
<the21stcentury> Team 3d8, Cowardly d8, intangible d8, combat rookie d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 22:2+4+6+7+1+2
<the21stcentury> Well, that’s a 13 with a d8 effect, so it gets hit and takes stress. Enough to severely wound two of the group of shadows, removing 1 dice from its team
<the21stcentury> Everyone’s had their turn, so you can pick who goes next, Scott.
<scott_solder> let’s see if gil is still around
<the21stcentury> Excellent choice
<gilmiller> heyoy
<gilmiller> team d8, distinction: Minor League Slugger d8, Najimbo Staff D8, Combat d8
<gilmiller> d8 stress, right?
<the21stcentury> nope
<the21stcentury> the dice has been destroyed, along with 2 of the group
<the21stcentury> so it’s “fresh” again, albeit with 1 less team dice
<gilmiller> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> GilMiller: 18:2+4+5+7
<gilmiller> 12 with a d8
<the21stcentury> Alright, let’s see if it hits
<the21stcentury> Team 2d8, Distinction: Cowardly d8, Power: intangible d8, Specialty: Combat Rookie d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 16:2+3+3+4+4
<the21stcentury> 8 with d8 effect. :| Whelp, you hit
<the21stcentury> You’re still stuck again
<gilmiller> That’s rough man. :)
<the21stcentury> d8 complication until your next turn because, it’s still made of tar
<gilmiller> WuKong flails with his staff, striking another blob. The sizzle of the slime hissing away tells WuKong that his staff is stuck again.
<the21stcentury> Who’s next?
<gilmiller> How about Aidan?
<aidan> Lucifer looks pissed off…
<aidan> (alright so)
<aidan> (team d8, dark romantic d8, solar ray d10, combat d10, area attack d6, stress d8, that right?)
<the21stcentury> Dark Romantic? Hmmm, how does that apply to the situation?
<aidan> (was thinking in the heroic sense.. but we just go with kin again)
<the21stcentury> Oh, it’s alright
<the21stcentury> So i guess you shoot a series of lasers while quoting poe and looking badass?
<aidan> (‘you have failed to tantalize me puddle of mush" )
<aidan> (O_O)
<aidan> ,roll d8+d8+d10+d10+d6+d8
<shadowpool> Aidan: 33:3+4+6+7+5+8
<the21stcentury> Dang, no opportunities to activate.
<the21stcentury> And that’s a pretty hefty roll, what’re you gonna do with them nice numbers, i wonder
<aidan> hm
<john_darling> (( Do you have any Plot Points? ))
<aidan> ((I have… 4?))
<the21stcentury> yep, 4
<john_darling> (( you could keep an extra die for the total – the three d8s. 15 w/ d10, d10 as your two effect dice ))
<the21stcentury> John, he can totes use the 5 from the d6!
<john_darling> (( oh yeah. so, 8, 5, 4.))
<aidan> k
<the21stcentury> is that your final answer?
<aidan> yeah
<the21stcentury> so 17; d10, d10 effect, let’s see if it hits (if should)
<the21stcentury> Desperately trying to avoid, the cowardly Mendax scramble, hoping to avoid the brunt of the assault.
<aidan> Lucifer grimaces. He appraises the blob-like beast and once again fires light beams from his hands, the lights shoot out as to avoid Wu Kong’s staff
<the21stcentury> 2d8 + Cowardly: d8 + intangible d8 + combat rookie d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 19:3+6+7+1+2
<the21stcentury> Dang, i’d need to spend 2 dice to avoid this, not worth it.
<the21stcentury> you successfully destroy 3 dreadful Mendax, leaving a lone survivor
<the21stcentury> Who’s next?
<aidan> (john right?)
<john_darling> (( ok. no stress on the last guy, right? ))
<john_darling> (( team d8, knight in oil-stained coveralls d8, superhuman strength d8, combat d8, stunt d10 ))
<the21stcentury> ooh, you’re gonna have to describe the stunt
<john_darling> “Last one. Smash this congealed lump of grease, Hephaestus!”
<john_darling> With the screech of tearing metal, Hephaestus rips a seat out from the floor of the subway car and throws it at the Mendax.
<john_darling> ,roll d8+d8+d10+d8+d10
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 26:3+5+8+8+2
<gilmiller> (Collateral damage man!)
<john_darling> (( 16 w/ d10 effect ))
<the21stcentury> Yowch, let’s see if it can dodge… probably not…
<the21stcentury> Frozen in fear, the last remaining Mendax reacts, slowly, trying to avoid getting completely squashed…
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 10:4+1+2+3
<the21stcentury> ,roll d4+d4+d8+d6
<the21stcentury> IT IS UTTERLY SQUASHED (but i get an extra d6 in the doom pool due to its cowardly nature freezing it in place)
<aidan> dun dun dun
<john_darling> (( 6? steps up the effect die twice! that’s d14. ))
<the21stcentury> It’s so squashed, man
<scott_solder> mmm, pancakes
<john_darling> The seat continues to slide for a good fifteen seconds before slowing to a stop.
<john_darling> (( Describing crazy stuff like that makes it easier for the GM to react if rolls go bad. Or good, even. More flavor = more better. ))
<the21stcentury> You win! Everyone with the Hunter of Shadows gets 1 XP (it’s a group of super weak shadows, and counts as only 1)

<the21stcentury> With the last Shadow destroyed, the group’s personae disappear…
<gilmiller> “So, that was pretty invigorating.”
GilMiller then bursts out laughing.
aidan looks skeptically at Gil and then at the others
<scott_solder> “I’ll say. That was…pretty fun, actually.” Scott can’t help but smile as he says this.
aidan then tries the emergency exit again
<the21stcentury> it still won’t budge…
<john_darling> “I could use a drink. You guys want a drink after that? We should find something to drink.”
<gilmiller> “There’s a good bar by the stadium where I play. It’s a little out of the way, but it’s good.”
<the21stcentury> You hear a sound. a slow clapping
<aidan> “Yes…killing a blob thing in crypt land is fun.,.”
GilMiller turns to look for another person in the car.
<john_darling> “Sarcastic clapping? Man, SNL is on the outs. Didn’t you hear?”
aidan keeps trying to open the emergency exit
<the21stcentury> in front of you is now a humanoid creature, covered in the same tar-like substance.
<aidan> “And now we face the fucking serial killer….”
<the21stcentury> it’s clapping slowly, with the tar covering it making squelching sounds
<the21stcentury> It smiles, revealing a set of razor-sharp teeth
<the21stcentury> It then runs away…
<the21stcentury> towards the front of the train
<scott_solder> “…the hell was that?”
<aidan> “the mom…”
<gilmiller> “So… Drinks it is, then? Drinks sound really good.”
<john_darling> “Hey, how’s that door coming?”
<aidan> “….It’s not”
<the21stcentury> Well, the emergency exit mechanism isn’t working at all…
<gilmiller> “You tried flipping out on it like we did a second ago?”
<scott_solder> “What about that thing? Shouldn’t we like, go after it?”
<gilmiller> After thinking for a second, Gill says, “Well, I guess drinks can wait. I’d like to get a better idea of what’s going on, so maybe Aidan has a point.”
<john_darling> “Fine, fine. Let’s go stomp on that toothed oil oyster. Beats wandering around in the dark.”
<scott_solder> “That’s three of us then. Okay, let’s catch us a monster.”
<the21stcentury> A little ways away, the humanoid shadow is helping two others come out of the now almost completely depleted pool of sludge… There are now three such creatures, each with a teal mask revealed as the sludge drips and drains. Wearing a mask too small for their faces, they grin revealing razor teeth…
<the21stcentury> And you guys will fight them next week because we’re all tired




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