Persona Secunda

Awakening Act II: The Dark Hour Part 2
Wherein they find and fight further shadows.

The group met Alexis and Gil mysteriously did not show up. a rumor was heard of people going missing at a certain street corner and them coming back around and committing suicide. This completely transparent plot hook worked and the group (which still doesn’t have a name) decided to meet up around midnight at the corner of Henry Blvd and 12th Avenue…
It is now the day after two days after people met a stranger in a dream train car. It’s close to midnight and the street corner is not very crowded at this hour. It’s time for sleuthing of some kind!

<the21stcentury> Are you all at the corner and if so, what are you doing?
<john_darling> Acting suspicious?
<scott_solder> ^
<aidan> I follow Scott
<aidan> <><
<aidan> (we are posing for a photoshoot for a photographer that isn’t there)
<the21stcentury> I guess Aidan can do that…
<aidan> (where did the murder take place?)
<john_darling> Alexis, what did you say your job was?
<aidan> (or suicide I should say)
<scott_solder> (it’s always murder)
<the21stcentury> (Suicides don’t take place here, but disappearances do, if the rumor is to be believed.)
<aidan> (abandoned house or what or just alleyway?)
<alexis> I work as a contracted investigator with the police. It’s on the card I gave you. Did you lose it?
<the21stcentury> There is an alleyway nearby, the corner building is an sort of old and badly maintained duplex.
<john_darling> No, I was making a verbal segue. Do the police have any leads?
<alexis> You mean to people being hacked up in pieces with no traces of evidence or dna? That would be a “no”. It defies logical explanation.
<john_darling> Hm. When I’m trying to diagnose a problem with a car, I start looking for potentially related issues.
<john_darling> <stops>
<john_darling> Excuse me, sir? My car was parked here a few hours ago, and I seem to have been a victim of some vandal. Have you seen anyone suspicious recently?
<aidan> (is it alright if my dude is walking around with a maglite?)
<the21stcentury> John stops a man walking by, he looks particularly nondescript. “Sorry, i wasn’t there, i’m just passing by…”
<the21stcentury> yes, Aidan, you can have a maglite. It’s always useful to find stuff!
<the21stcentury> the man looks a bit nervous, now that you look at him.
<john_darling> Nothing unusual, then? No strangers lurking in alleys?
aidan had starting to look through the back alleys while the other chatted . He held onto a maglite in case anything caught his eye. It also helped if someone happened to pounce upon him.
<the21stcentury> “I wouldn’t really know, but this isn’t the best neighborhood, ya know. Kinda weird, when you think about it.”
<john_darling> Huh? Why’s that?
<the21stcentury> “Well, it’s pretty close to downtown, lots of good bars around… you’d think there wouldn’t be a bad neighborhood like that so close. It always makes me nervous walking around here at night…”
aidan tries to examine drips,water, puddles, or any other liquid substances he comes across to see if he runs across anything similar to the tar-like goo the monsters were made of…
<aidan> ((is scott with me or them or somewhere else?))
<john_darling> Hm. Well, I’m sorry to have stopped you, sir. Those sound like good instincts to me.
<the21stcentury> Aidan: You don’t notice anything at first, but after looking, you notice that there’s tracks of some sort, lines on the ground. They seem to be a soft black under the maglight
<scott_solder> ((scott is with aiden because otherwise there’s nothing else to do!))
<the21stcentury> The lines seem divided in two groups, with some drips that also glow a soft black between the two groups…
<aidan> ((is the black a tangible substance?? or more like skids? ))
<alexis> (or is it oil?)
<the21stcentury> more lke skids.
<aidan> “Hm..Scott?”
<john_darling> (( skids? ))
<aidan> ((like tire marks))
<aidan> ((
<the21stcentury> it’s sort of like skids, but made with very… irregular tires
aidan stands up with the maglite still pointing down at the markings
<the21stcentury> The groups aren’t car-spaced either.
<aidan> ((scott should I just assume you are there? :) ))
<alexis> (motorcycle?)
<scott_solder> “I don’t know about you, but these don’t exactly look…regular, you know what I mean?”
<scott_solder> (i have always been here)
<aidan> (Ah figured you weren’t hovering near me… Compeltely :) ))
<alexis> “They don’t look like tire marks, no.”
<alexis> “Shall we follow the yellow brick road?”
aidan eyes dart to Alexis “You’re sneaky..”
aidan wasn’t aware the two had been joined by others
<alexis> “K’, I’ll scout ahead.”
<scott_solder> Scott doesn’t have a “witty” remark for once. “Okay, you…do that.”
John_Darling shrugs.
<john_darling> Let’s go.
aidan looks at her a bit skeptically but he doesn’t seem like he will be able to stop her
<the21stcentury> The streetlights flicker. off and then back on. it’s getting dangerously close to midnight, now that you think about it.
aidan continues to follow the markings with his light
aidan looks up at the streetfights
Alexis leads ahead of the group, maintaining being unseen and checking for people or anything suspicious along the skid trail
<the21stcentury> The tracks lead to a wall
<aidan> “Good sign”
<the21stcentury> a brick wall, looks sturdy
<aidan> (we do remember that it was midnight on the subway right? and the midnight hour stuff?)
<aidan> (just double checking)
<scott_solder> (i think so, we talked about it earlier)
<the21stcentury> (It’s up to you if you made the connection or not…)
Alexis searches for any hidden switch/opening just in case
<aidan> “10 dollars says a door or tunnel appears on this as soon as this.” Aidan reveals his watch " Reaches midnight"
<the21stcentury> None seem apparent…
<alexis> “Tracks just don’t disapear.”
<alexis> “Why midnight?”
<aidan> “You’ll see..” Aidan smirks
aidan centers the light on the brick wall
<the21stcentury> The maglite flickers… Seems like it’s time…
<john_darling> Hm. Alexis, you may want to get out of here…
<aidan> “Here comes the sandman…”
<alexis> And why’s that? I can handle myself.
<alexis> These monsters you were talking about last night?
<the21stcentury> Everything goes dark for a second, the streetlights die, the maglight stops functioning, darkness envelops the city. The moon’s light steadily brightens, turning greenish-yellow. Puddles of what appears to be blood emerge here and there… You can hear a slight drip from behind. The Streetlights come back on, weak and bathing the area in the same sickly glow
The alley seems somehow… longer, larger now, perhaps a trick of the light… the wall is still very much there, however.
<the21stcentury> You do notice that the trail is now… wet, covered in that blood-like substance that pools everywhere.
Alexis looks at the freaky green-tinted surroundings
<john_darling> …yeah, it’s gonna be monsters again.
<aidan> “Guess I owe people money” Aidan examines the maglite
<the21stcentury> The maglite seems… well it won’t work anymore, as if the batteries died suddenly.
<scott_solder> “Bring it on.” Scott’s starting to feel pumped up now that Things Are Happening.
aidan clicks it on and off with no luck . Under his breath he says “At least I can still hit people with it…”
Alexis checks the wall out again to see if anything has changed with it
<aidan> (did the wall move away as the alley got longer?)
<the21stcentury> It’s still there, it looks a bit… odd, it’d slightly dripping with blood, or a blood-like substance… it’s hard to tell what it actually is.
<the21stcentury> You hear something, a clanking noise from the other side of the boulevard
aidan eyes Scott and then moves over to John and whispers “Does he worry you at all?”
<alexis> Anyone else hear that?
<alexis> I vote that if someone or something’s out there we don’t wait for it to get the jump on us. Last thing I want is to be caught flat footed.
<aidan> “Likely something trying to kill us…yes”
John_Darling whispers back. “Yeah, but I didn’t study weird shit when I was growing up. Maybe he can tell us about this stuff. Best I can do is hit things.”
<aidan> “Fair enough.” His whispers back
John_Darling frowns slightly.
<alexis> (can I sneakily head to the sound?)
<john_darling> You’re awfully gung-ho about this, Alexis. Aren’t you… worried?
<the21stcentury> (You should be able peek around out of the alley, yes…)
<alexis> “Enemy first, freak out later. If I let my emotions get to me on the spot the Taliban would have killed me multiple times over”
<alexis> (how does the roll work again?)
<the21stcentury> I don’t need to make you roll for that
<the21stcentury> You do hear a few more clangs.
<alexis> “Gonna scout. Be on your guard.”
Alexis scouts in the direction of the noise
aidan furrows his brow at Alexis’ response .
<john_darling> Ah… shouldn’t we… be protecting her?
John_Darling rubs the back of his neck awkwardly.
<aidan> “I don’t know..I never fought the Taliban..”
<the21stcentury> Stealthily scouting, Alexis sees the boulevard. The sidewalks have coffin-like structures here and there, made from some kind of dark crystalline substance. Straight facing the alley is now another alley that wasn’t there, overlapping with a storefront. In that alley, you can notice two tall humanoid shadowy figures.
aidan looks slightly amused in a macabre sort of way
Alexis waves the party over
<the21stcentury> They’re rather tall and large, at least 7 feet tall, wide enough for Alexis to know that whoever they are, they pack a wallop. But they’re in the shadows, not close enough to the streetlights for you to have a good, clear picture of the possible assailants.
<alexis> wispering “We have company.”
<the21stcentury> The figures look around in an exaggerated way…
<alexis> “And they’re not acting like people.” still whispering
<scott_solder> Scott whispers back, “I think we’ve found our monsters.”
<alexis> “We should think of a plan before we rush in.” Alexis continues
<alexis> “Anyone else have experience with sneaking around? If not I’ll volunteer to flank them.”
<john_darling> Like what?
<scott_solder> “I thought rushing in was the plan.”
<aidan> “Not around”
<the21stcentury> You hear a pair of clanging noises as a third figure rises in front of the two figures, it’s almost in the street, emerging from what looked like a puddle of blood. This one can be seen clearly in the moonlight.
<alexis> “Rushing in gets people kill—— what the hell, another one?!” surprised whisper.
aidan whispers to Scott “I don’t think she is aware of her dark passenger yet…”
<aidan> ((aidan likes to whisper))
<scott_solder> “I guess not.” Scott whispers back.
<john_darling> OK. Well, I guess we should go beat those things up.
<aidan> “Hold on a sec..”
<aidan> “Alexis, you are aware your card is more than just a card. Yes?”
Alexis pops a pill (anti-anxiety) and grabs her M9 out of her concealed holster. Takes it off safe.
<the21stcentury> What stands before you is a tall man-like creature, its skin looking bluish in the moonlight. It wears a loose poncho, revealing surprisingly muscular arms, the likes you’d see on someone who abused steroids. The hands have the flesh stripped off, revealing steel that gleams in the eery light. It weirs a mask, a dark blue female mask bearing a rough XI inscription.
<aidan> “By card..I mean the tarot card the one the creepy trio gave you”
<alexis> (occult person should probably recognize arcana number. hint. hint.)
<aidan> (that is scott ;-))
<scott_solder> (i know i know)
<the21stcentury> (Maybe it’s just his name. Xi is a very common greek name, ya know.)
<alexis> “Go on.”
<scott_solder> “XI…Strength. Hope you guys got some muscle.” Scott manages to suppress a laugh.
aidan pulls out his card and lays it on the ground
<john_darling> That’s… ugh. Couldn’t our monsters be more like… drunk people? Or something more… traditional? Like zombies.
<aidan> “Basically if you concentrate hard enough and utter an Jungian phrase. You can summon a guardian of sorts.”
<the21stcentury> The two shadows in the alley walk out, towards the middle of the street, towards their new companion. As the moonlight catches them, you notice they’re all more or less the same…
<the21stcentury> they still don’t seem to be aware of you.
<alexis> (if you be flashy and ruin our chance to flank I will be upset Aidan)
<aidan> (I’m just explaining things to your character :P ))
<aidan> (hence why I didn’t say the phrase..))
<aidan> (or term)
<alexis> “Okay. so monsters, check. Magic powers, check. I’ll let you demonstrate while I circle arround their back. Hopefully I’ll pick it up.”
<scott_solder> "Strength is one of the 22 Major Arcana in a tarot deck. It can represent <the21stcentury> SO, actually, Alexis has more than one option here.
<the21stcentury> Do you still want to sneak by?
<the21stcentury> This would separate you from the group when the time for battling comes
<john_darling> (( Meaning you start off Solo instead of Team ))
<the21stcentury> You’d also need a successful roll against the doom pool (which is 3d6)
<alexis> yeah, solo sneak roll
<the21stcentury> Okay!
<alexis> Solo d8, Underhanded Stratagemist (flanking, suprise attack) d8, Covert d10
<alexis> ,roll d8+d8+d10
<shadowpool> Alexis: 10:1+3+6
<john_darling> (( do you have any powers you an use? ))
<alexis> ((haven’t awakened it yet))
<alexis> (well shit)
<the21stcentury> Ooh, a 1! that’s one more PP for you (total of 4 PP for you) and one more d6 to the Shadow Pool.
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d6+d6+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 15:6+2+3+4
<aidan> :)
<the21stcentury> Alright, so your total has to be 9 (6+3) with a d4 effect (Because you have no dice left to use for effect dice) and the shadow pool total is… 10 (6+4) with a d6 effect… you are sadly spotted!
<alexis> (0/2 for covert rolls. grumbles)
<the21stcentury> One of the shadows [Uncharitable Barbarus] spots you and shrieks. its 2 companions turn and shriek as well You’re saddled with a d6 complication: “Found Out” for the turn. things are gonna be painful…
<aidan> (i take it we can tell she has been discovered? )

<the21stcentury> Luckily for you, Aidan’s persona gives him enhanced reflexes, so Aidan can go first!
<alexis> (now you get to protect the girl :P)
<aidan> Lucifer , I choose you!
<alexis> (see. all according to plan)
<aidan> :3
<aidan> SOLARRR RAY!!!!!! (goku voice)
<the21stcentury> Here’s some music for AMBIANCE!
<aidan> (how many dudes are there 3?)
<the21stcentury> yep, 3
<aidan> (also I’ll go with dark romantic to protect the girl ;-) )
<aidan> (mu hahaha)
<the21stcentury> heh
<the21stcentury> how oddly fitting.
<alexis> (all acording to plan!)
<aidan> (how much pp do i have, debating if i should go d4 or d8 for that)
<the21stcentury> you have 4
<the21stcentury> Which you should use before you lose them.
<aidan> (alright guess I’ll go d8..I’m that romantic ;>)
<aidan> (k)
<aidan> (so two additional d6s right?)
<the21stcentury> if you use your AOE SFX, yeah
<aidan> (so 2 d8s, 1 10, 2 d6s ?)
<aidan> (yep)
<the21stcentury> does that include a specialty?
<aidan> (oh another d10)
<aidan> (forgot combat)
<aidan> ,roll d6+d6+d8+d8+d10+d10
<shadowpool> Aidan: 26:3+5+8+1+3+6
<aidan> er
<aidan> let’s see
<the21stcentury> You get 1 PP for a total of 5, one D6 in the shadow pool is stepped up.
<aidan> can I use a pp to make that half way decent
<the21stcentury> 14 is a halfway decent total, but yeah, you could spend a PP to keep an additional total dice.
<aidan> (john_darling any suggestion?)
<john_darling> 14 w/ d10 is good. could spend a pp to keep the 5, that’d be a certain hit
<aidan> ok since I should start spending I’ll do that
<the21stcentury> you get to keep 3 effect die, BTW
<the21stcentury> because of your AOE SFX
<aidan> 5
8+6= 19 with d10 effect
02:06:35: <aidan> is it a different effect die for each target?
<the21stcentury> yes
<the21stcentury> sorry if i wasn’t clear
<aidan> ah ok so
<aidan> d10 effect, d8 effect and d6 effect ..only options :/
<aidan> i believe?
<the21stcentury> Alright! Let’s see how that works out!
<aidan> since i’m using the other 3
<aidan> (I will save you my love ;-) )
<aidan> (Aidan becomes junpei)
<the21stcentury> The 3 Barbarus are blindsided but react quickly! They scramble clumsily.
<the21stcentury> Jdark, i get to step up shadow pool dice if i use d4 distinctions, right?
<alexis> (junpei wasn’ creepy. you’re thinking yosuke.)
<john_darling> yup
<the21stcentury> good
<the21stcentury> So they scramble clumsily! they all do Team d6, Selfish d4, enhanced Durability d8, combat pro d8!
<the21stcentury> 3 d6s are stepped up to d8, shadow pool total: 4d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d4+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 12:5+1+2+4
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d4+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 11:4+4+1+2
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d4+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 14:6+1+3+4
<the21stcentury> haha, they’re not very good at it.
<the21stcentury> A has 9, d8 effect. B has 8, d8 effect, C has 10, d8 effect… and now Aidan will be in a very bad spot, i kinda feel bad about it, heheh
<the21stcentury> A takes stress up to d10, B takes stress to d8 and C takes stress to d4 (d6 stepped down due to the d8 effect, right jdark?)
<the21stcentury> BUT as they get hit by the solar rays, they emit a piercing shriek and send out a shockwave of pure rage, dealing d8 emotional stress to Aidan… 3 times… Aidan is now at d12 Physical Stress!
<the21stcentury> one more hit and you’ll be stressed out!
<john_darling> reaction is 9 d8?
<the21stcentury> what do you mean, 9 d8?
<john_darling> i’m having trouble following the reaction results
<the21stcentury> Okay, they each have the Rage Wave SFX
<john_darling> A got 9 total, with d8 effect? B had 8 w/ d8
<the21stcentury> yes
<the21stcentury> Rage Wave is an SFX that, upon recieving Physical Stress, causes Emotional Stress equal to the effect dice.
<john_darling> ok, so Aidan’s … 19? … was a critical success, and his effect die should get stepped up
<the21stcentury> OH damn, you’re right
<the21stcentury> Twice, in fact
<aidan> how are we suppose to defeat these guys O_O
<the21stcentury> That changes the situation somewhat
<john_darling> twice for A & B, once for C. so he’d stress out the first two, and C would take d12 … whatever kind of stress he was dealing
<aidan> oh.
<the21stcentury> actually, only the first one, the second is at 12
<john_darling> ah, right
<the21stcentury> and C is not at 12, it’s at d8
<the21stcentury> So, to properly recap what actually happened, thanks to Jdark’s vigilance…
<alexis> (rules lawyers can be helpful)
<the21stcentury> Countless solar rays were fired at 3 shadows. The first one was destroyed instantly, the second one was very grievously wounded and the third one merely wounded. The two surviving shadows let out a shockwave of rage towards their assailant, dealing d8 + 1 emotional stress, leaving Aidan at d4 physical stress and d10 emotional stress…
<the21stcentury> Aidan gets 1 XP for his Hunter of Shadows milestone.
<aidan> (merely a flesh wound)
<the21stcentury> Hmm
<the21stcentury> would you guys say that counted as defending Alexis?
<aidan> eh considering I automatically went
<john_darling> probably
<alexis> yes
<the21stcentury> it’s a conundrum, but i’m gonna rule as you defending her because you used dark romantic… That implies defending someone, right?
<the21stcentury> you get +3 XP for the Hunter of Shadows Milestone… good job, Aidan! You’re getting all the XPs!
<aidan> yeah dark romantic has heroic connotations
<the21stcentury> So, Aidan, who goes next?
<aidan> John want to hit stuff with your hammer?
<john_darling> Sure, my turn?
<aidan> yeah
<the21stcentury> what doest thou doest?
<john_darling> OK, Hephaestus, let’s show ‘em how it’s done!
<john_darling> Team d8 + Calloused Hands d4 + Superhuman Strength d10 + Combat d8
<john_darling> ,roll 1d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 13:5+4+1+3
<john_darling> well, 2pp….
<john_darling> 9 w/ d8 effect
<john_darling> (( roar? ))
<the21stcentury> You forgot the stress
<the21stcentury> d12 or d8
<john_darling> ooops
<john_darling> ,roll 1d12
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 5
<john_darling> heh. 10 w/ d8 effect.
<the21stcentury> very well
<the21stcentury> One of the two remaining shadows sees the mighty hammer of Hephaestus and tries to block as well as it can.
<the21stcentury> also, Forgot to mention I stepped up a d8 to 10, because of that 1
<the21stcentury> so Buddy d8, brutish d8, enhanced durability d8, combat pro d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 20:8+2+4+6
<the21stcentury> 14 with a d8 effect. The Uncharitable Barbarus manages to steel himself, succeeding in deflecting the mighty blow.
<the21stcentury> Who goes next?
<the21stcentury> (I’d suggest Alexis, so she can awaken)
<john_darling> Alexis
<alexis> “Here goes nothing…”
Alexis holds her card
<alexis> “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. SEMIRAMIS
Alexis lost the connection
<the21stcentury> oh nooo
<scott_solder> fffffffffuuuuuuuuuu
<the21stcentury> :\
<aidan> Alexis is actually jumping between different time eras
<the21stcentury> I guess… We… move on to someone else?
<aidan> Scott is actually the main baddie and summoned her away before she could cause dmg O_O
<john_darling> SCott?
<aidan> insert evil laugh
<the21stcentury> Scott, is you there?
<scott_solder> So you’ve finally realized my grand scheme. Muwahahahaha
<aidan> that’s why he gets so happy during the midnight hour
<the21stcentury> So, what does Scott Do?
<scott_solder> “Told you guys we should’ve stuck to rushing them. Bullets are quicker than sound.” Scott brings out Magoichi Saica and takes aim at B…
<scott_solder> stress is d12 right?
<the21stcentury> Yes
<scott_solder> ok
<scott_solder> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d12
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 26:4+7+8+2+5
<the21stcentury> What distinction did you use?
<scott_solder> cool as a cucumber
<the21stcentury> Very well
<the21stcentury> The targeted shadow tries to block the bullet with its steel fists, but will it succeed again?
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 18:8+2+3+5
<the21stcentury> Oh, i’m guessing your total is 15, yes?
<the21stcentury> with d12 effect?
<scott_solder> yes
<the21stcentury> Hmm, let’s see… do I spend a shadow dice… Naaaah, I’m gonna need them later on
<scott_solder> D:
<the21stcentury> You hit, the bullet pierces the steel hands, dealing massive damage to the already weakened shadow. it begins to disappear into a cloud of smoke.
<the21stcentury> Who goes next?
<scott_solder> well, alexis is currently lost to the timestream so…john is up
<john_darling> i already went
<the21stcentury> Guess it’s Shadow time?
<scott_solder> yeah, i think so
<the21stcentury> Shadow time! Huehuehue!
<aidan> (does scott know who his persona is?)
<the21stcentury> The last remaining shadow looks around and decides to rush Aidan, who’s still kind of shaken from the rage waves.
<scott_solder> (well yeah, this d10 occult ain’t for show :P)
<aidan> (from video games or ..? :3 )
<scott_solder> (…okay maybe it is)
<scott_solder> (from whatever it needs to be!)
<aidan> (ominous)
<the21stcentury> Solo d10, Brutish d8, fists of steel d8, Frenzy d8 (from the Shadow pool, will be stepped up), combat pro d8
<aidan> (O_O )
<the21stcentury> ,roll d10+d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 23:1+3+5+6+8
<aidan> (shadow gone knock me out .. )
<the21stcentury> oops, forgot the d12
<the21stcentury> ,roll d12
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 8
<aidan> :/
<scott_solder> ahahahaha oh shit
<the21stcentury> 16 with a d8 effect
<aidan> :/
<aidan> :/
<the21stcentury> don’t worry, it’s gonna be PHYSICAL STRESS, it won’t kill you or anything,
<the21stcentury> just break a few of your bones, maybe cause some internal bleeding
<the21stcentury> no biggie
<aidan> what die would I roll affiliation wise
<the21stcentury> team, probably
<aidan> k so
<aidan> what did I forget last time I tried to dodge?
<the21stcentury> Distinction?
<aidan> hmmm
<aidan> maybe?
<the21stcentury> also, the d8 stress
<aidan> so could I do kin to evil (i know you want to hurt me baby ;-) ?)
<the21stcentury> Hmm, that’s a bit far fetched
<aidan> hm
<aidan> i really should have picked better distinctions
<the21stcentury> Rebellious soul could work ish? you’d need to frame it as a sorta stunty parkour thing, maybe?
<the21stcentury> that… actually doesn’t make sense… :|
<aidan> dark romantic (have to survive and keep fighting? )
<aidan> :/
<the21stcentury> Alright
<aidan> so d8,d8 an d8?
<aidan> *and
<aidan> and d8
<aidan> forgot acrobatics
<the21stcentury> affiliation, Distinction, Power, Specialty and Stress
<aidan> i think i forgot to add reflexes last time
<the21stcentury> that’s 5 D8s
<aidan> k
<aidan> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> Aidan: 21:5+8+1+3+4
<aidan> boop boop
<the21stcentury> Oh, haha, stumble! 1 d8 turns into a d10, you get a PP
<aidan> hmm
<the21stcentury> So, what do you do?
<aidan> what happens if i spend a pp to make it 17 with d8 effect?
<the21stcentury> you avoid the attack
<aidan> ok I’ll do that :/
<the21stcentury> cool
<the21stcentury> Aiden manages to jump out of the way, in a romantic manner… somehow
<john_darling> (( throwing himself in front of Alexis? ))
<the21stcentury> So, I guess… Well, I’d love Alexis to be here, but VW is missing because of Internet issues
<the21stcentury> throwing a wink at Alexis, rather, since he was the primary target
<the21stcentury> So i guess… John can be next?
<john_darling> do we want to go for alexis? or just say she’s panicked or something
<the21stcentury> Yeah, makes sense
<aidan> she ran off to spy
<aidan> on the boss
<the21stcentury> going out with a full-blown PTSD attack
<aidan> and she joined up with Nega Gil
<aidan> as a result
<aidan> and is now wearing obligatory slavegirl outfit
<john_darling> lol
<john_darling> well, hephaestus is going to use its comrade as a bludgeon
<aidan> (Prometheus to Gil “YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!” in Obi-Wan voice)
<the21stcentury> That’s… impossible, shadows all evaporate into clouds of dust as they die…
<john_darling> team d8, calloused hands d8, superhuman strength d10, unleashed d10, combat d8 – what’s its stress?
<the21stcentury> d8
<john_darling> (( ok, he’ll use a bludgeon as a bludgeon. like a mailbox or something. ))
<john_darling> ah, then i’ll step down d8 to a d4 for the pp
<the21stcentury> A streetlight?
<the21stcentury> :P
<john_darling> ,roll 1d8+1d4+1d10+1d10+1d8+1d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 25:8+1+3+4+4+5
<john_darling> ffff
<john_darling> keep an extra die. 8+4+5=17 w/ d10 effect
<the21stcentury> you get 2 PP, -1 you’re now at 7 PP
<the21stcentury> The Remaining shadow tries to block, hoping to attain the same success as its ally did
<the21stcentury> Solo d10, Brutish d8, Enhanced durability d8, Frenzy d10 from Shadow Pool, will be stepped up, combat pro d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d10+d8+d8+d10+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 18:3+5+7+1+2
<aidan> (doh)
<the21stcentury> 7 + 5 = 12… So yeah, it steps up to d12 effect… good job, you successfully bludgeoned it!
<the21stcentury> One more successful hit and it, too, dies
<the21stcentury> So, two things, A) Scott got 1 XP, i forgot to say it, for killing a shadow and having the right Milestone, B) Who goes next? :)
<john_darling> aidan
<the21stcentury> Aidan! You better beat it!
<the21stcentury> just beat it!
<aidan> how much stress does it have?
<the21stcentury> d12 stresses
<the21stcentury> almost all the stress!
<aidan> what’s in the doom pool
<aidan> wondering if i should berserk it for the lawls
<the21stcentury> 3d10, 1s12
<the21stcentury> *1d12
<aidan> so I could step up the 3d10 to 3d12 O_O ?
<aidan> O_O
<aidan> wait
<the21stcentury> 1d10 to 1d12
<aidan> ah ok
<aidan> and it works after the roll, right?
<the21stcentury> it steps it up after the roll, yess
<aidan> k
<aidan> is there a danger to using berserk
<aidan> just wondering
<aidan> it seemed like there was..
<the21stcentury> yes… it steps up a shadow pool dice
<the21stcentury> that’s the danger, it means you can cause more problems later on when a shadow decided to draw on the shadow pool
<aidan> isn’t it only temp, though?
<the21stcentury> Only in the sense that shadow dice will get used up at some point
<aidan> ah ok
<aidan> well wtf I’ll go at him
<aidan> can always reroll if I fuck up :/
<aidan> due to to lucifer’s ability
<the21stcentury> yes, that is true
<aidan> how close to dying is he?
<aidan> ah d12
<aidan> ok so close
<the21stcentury> basically, if you hit, you kill it
<aidan> k
<aidan> i’ll go berserk using the d12.
<the21stcentury> so you can’t step it up? smart
<aidan> is the creature afraid?
<aidan> wondering if i could do mercy kill kin to evil
<the21stcentury> That’s a way to see it, i’ll allow it!
<aidan> ok guess I’ll go d4
<aidan> watch me regret this
<aidan> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> Aidan: 32:6+4+9+10+1+2
<the21stcentury> you get 1 PP for your 1, I add a d6 to the shadow pool
<the21stcentury> what total, what effect do you go for?
<aidan> do i get a pp for the d4 or nah?
<the21stcentury> yeah, you do
<aidan> 19 I think with … d12 effect seems right
<the21stcentury> Alright, that’s… overkill, but alright
<aidan> if you are gonna kill
<aidan> might as well use overkill
<the21stcentury> there’s no kill like overkill
<aidan> Lucifer holds out hand
<aidan> everything turns white
<aidan> ( :) )
<aidan> (monster evaporates or …whatever happens goes away line by line)
<the21stcentury> ,roll d10+d8+d8+d6+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 21:3+5+6+6+1
<aidan> (disintegrates ..)
<the21stcentury> the d6 from the shadow pool is stepped up to a d8 due to frenzy
<the21stcentury> It is disintegrated by the light-bearer’s righteous… light…
<aidan> of righteousness
<the21stcentury> That’s also one more XP for the Hunter of Shadows Milestone.
<the21stcentury> As it evaporates, the last shadow leaves a single gem behind… a truth!
<john_darling> (( who wants it? ))’
<aidan> (should I be the test dummy?)
<aidan> (if we give it to Prometheus does it count towards all of us?)
<the21stcentury> (Nope, just towards whoever gets it)
aidan walks over and picks it up
<aidan> (mu haha)
<aidan> ( :I)
<john_darling> heh
<aidan> “A curious thing”
<the21stcentury> It vanishes as soon as Aidan touches it. it fills Aidan with a strange feeling and imparts him with a simple warning. Watch your Back.
<the21stcentury> So, not gonna warn anyone?
<aidan> ( :) )
<aidan> (it’s not just warning me?)
<the21stcentury> Alright…
<aidan> (it’s warning the whole group?)
<the21stcentury> all you know is that you should watch your back
<aidan> (hm)
aidan looks over his shoulder at his compatriots “We should move…”
<the21stcentury> You hear a scream, it’s very close!
<the21stcentury> a human scream close by!
<the21stcentury> But with VW not here, I will cut this short on this cliffhanger

Awakening: Act II: The Dark Hour Part 1
Wherein they meet another dreamer at a Bar.

<the21stcentury> Alright, let’s set the mood a bit… It’s after midnight, John Darling, Aidan Sen and Scott Solder are at a bar near the stadium, The Third Strike. (I don’t like having to come up with names, but that’s all that came to mind). You have all exchanged numbers, but something came up preventing Gil from joining you, even though coming there was his idea in the first place.
The Third Strike Bar, with its walls full of Baseball Paraphernalia and memorabilia is still full of activity at this hour. Where are you and what are you doing?
John_Darling goes straight to the bar, and politely gets the bartender’s attention.
<alexis_einhardt> (going last as i’m already there BY HAPENSCHANCE. will describe the event that brings notice)
<john_darling> Good evening, my good man. Three scotch and soda, when you have a moment.
<john_darling> And one rye, neat.
John_Darling turns to his companions.
<john_darling> “I am buy you a drink. Then, we are going to drink. Finally, we may discuss … things.”
<the21stcentury> The barman, a jolly man brings the order
John_Darling takes the rye, and distributes the scotch and soda among the others.
John_Darling inhales the aroma of the rye before taking a sip, savoring the spicy flavor.
<john_darling> “So, you.”
John_Darling points at Scott.
<john_darling> “What in the blue fuck did we just go through?”
<scott_solder> “Huh? How would I know?”
aidan takes a sip from his drink , relieved he wasn’t being called out.
<scott_solder> “I mean, you were there, wouldn’t you know?”
<scott_solder> Scott sighs, and puts down his drink. “Well okay, let’s go over it again.”
<aidan> “You should probably ask the man who absorbed the gem of truth”
<aidan> “A pity he isn’t here…”
John_Darling sips.
<john_darling> “I thought I heard you mention something about … creepy stuff? Books or something. I’m a mechanic, man, I can’t keep all that theory stuff straight.”
aidan smiles and looks at one of the TVs in the bar, finding himself rather bored by the discussion
<aidan> “You ..did seem eerily calm back there..” looking to Scott from the side
<aidan> “Not that it’s really my business” he takes a longer sip
<scott_solder> “Oh, so that’s what this is about! Well I’m sorry, but I don’t have a clue either. I just, you know, happened to be in my element.”
<john_darling> “So tell us about your element.”
Alexis_Einhardt < from the corner of the room there is a loud -CRASH- and you hear a woman yell “I told you not to fucking touch me you pervert!” as you see an older man now on the floor separated form his kicked out bar stool >
<scott_solder> Scott gulps down some alcohol before answering. “Well, you see- what the fuck.”
<the21stcentury> The older man gets up confusedly.
<alexis_einhardt> < the woman pays the bartender for her tab and starts walking towards the exit angrily here hopefully she hears someone mention the word “Persona” >
<john_darling> "Excuse me, miss?
<john_darling> “Is something wrong? Could we help you with something?”
aidan stands up drink in hand and watches the exchange with a curious morbidity as if expecting things to go awry
<alexis_einhardt> “I just came here for a simple drink. Sadly I get interrupted before I can enjoy one.”
<aidan> “This should be amusing” he remarks to Scott “Or at least I hope so”
<the21stcentury> The older man is trying to find the exit as quietly as possible…
<john_darling> “Well, tell you what, I was never able to just let a distressed lady go without offering to help. How about I buy you a drink?”
<alexis_einhardt> “A drink, nothing more.”
<alexis_einhardt><alexis_einhardt> (was this too hard handed or is it working?)
<john_darling> “Didn’t offer anything else, except maybe a sympathetic ear. We all go through a rough patch now and then.”
aidan looks over awkwardly at John and then over to the woman and smiles
John_Darling catches the bartender’s eye.
<john_darling> “Whatever the lady wants, on me.”
<alexis_einhardt> (what’s the most expensive mixed liquor on the menu?)
<aidan> “John’s made a new friend” he quietly remarks to Scott
<the21stcentury> (I have to admit, i know practically nothing about liquor… So you get some expensive cocktail i don’t know anything about.)
<scott_solder> “Yeah, I’m surprised” Scott replies likewise.
Alexis_Einhardt orders the most expensive mixed liquor on the menu
<scott_solder> (aww, no awesome cocktail trivia?)
<aidan> “Now do we sit here and see how far he gets or do we intrude?” Aidan taps on his glass
<john_darling> “Uh… OK.” John rubs the back of his head. “I’m just a mechanic, m’am. I don’t… ah, never mind.”
<aidan> “We could always bet …will he or will he not get the number” Aidan smirks
<aidan> “Or will he get further”
<scott_solder> “Five bucks says he won’t get it.”
<aidan> “Does having a persona infuse you with animal magnetism . Our expert puts it to the test.”
<aidan> “Alright. I’m in for that”
<alexis_einhardt> “Thanks, it’s been a long couple days. First I have to look at a murder scene that looks like some monster got to some poor college student… and the next thing I know I’m having some crazy vivid dream in this blue velvet train car where I sign a contract. I needed a drink to see if I’m still sane.”
<john_darling> “A guy in a light blue conductor’s cap? Gold eyes?”
<alexis_einhardt> (it’s faaaaaate!)
aidan looks over at Scott
<scott_solder> “Um…I don’t think this is how it normally goes.”
<aidan> “Can you read lips?”
<scott_solder> “Something about murders and shit.”
<aidan> “Also do you think Gil has been kidnapped or is he power tripping…?” Aidan looks back at Scott
<alexis_einhardt> (are they wispering?)
<scott_solder> (yes)
<aidan> “Neither would particularly surprise me…maybe a bit from column a and b”
<aidan> “Like the Hulk”
<scott_solder> “Well whatever it is, I’m sure he can handle it.”
<aidan> “Or Blanka from Street Fighter the Movie”
aidan makes an odd expression
<aidan> “kinda…”
<alexis_einhardt> “Yes. a guy in a blue conductor’s cap and a man and woman beside him all in blue with gold eye—— wait, how did you know?”
<john_darling> “I never believed in fate, m’am… not until last night.”
<john_darling> “I had something of a waking dream with three other people I had only met in a dream.”
<scott_solder> “Oh boy, here we go. ‘I never believed in fate’. He seriously just said that.”
<john_darling> “It was… surreal. Unbelievable.”
<scott_solder> “Not sure I wish I could figure out what else he’s saying though.”
<aidan> "At least he didn’t say “until tonight” "
<aidan> “You have to give him a little credit..” Aidan to the side “a little..”
<scott_solder> “That’d be pretty generous.”
<alexis_einhardt> (how does rolling d10 covert specality against reading lips work again?)
<alexis_einhardt> (that Alexis has been doing this entire time?)
<aidan> (are we reading lips?)
<aidan> (Scott? :) )
<scott_solder> (i guess we are now!)
<scott_solder> (…how does that work anyway?)
<alexis_einhardt> ,roll d8+d4+d8
<shadowpool> Alexis_Einhardt: 10:5+4+1
<the21stcentury> you build your dice pool. In this case, Affiliation (solo) + a distinction at d4 or d8, depending on if it’s helping or hindering you + a specialty, in this case covert. Um, you should also state your intent and describe how you’re building your pool, like, what distinction are you using and why;‘s it hindering you?
<alexis_einhardt> (distinction underhanded strategamist at d4 attempting to catch the other two off guard, but i don’t know their weaknesses. and roling d10 covert which whoops i rolled as a d8. redo?)
<the21stcentury> Yeah, you can reroll. :)
<alexis_einhardt> ,roll d8+d4+d10
<shadowpool> Alexis_Einhardt: 8:1+2+5
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 6:2+4
<the21stcentury> Wait, i messed up
<the21stcentury> you rolled a 1, so you get a total of 2 PP from this exchange and I add 1 d6 to the Shadow pool
<the21stcentury> meaning my roll will be ,d6+d6+d6
<alexis_einhardt> (gotcha. gonna loose this one. damn)
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d6+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 10:2+3+5
<alexis_einhardt> (no witty comments from me :( )
<the21stcentury> Sadly, yeah, you fail to read their lips properly. You have a rough idea that they were talking about stuff. :P
<alexis_einhardt> “waking dream with three people?”
<john_darling> “It’s hard to describe. Would you mind if I called them over? Maybe we can pool our information.”
<scott_solder> “Ugh, can’t tell what they’re saying. It’s like they’re trying to keep their conversation secret.”
<aidan> (i think 21st was talking to alexis , not us :D )
<aidan> (or no?)
<the21stcentury> (yes, it’s Alexis who tried to lip read… right?)
<the21stcentury> (at least, she rolled)
<alexis_einhardt> (yes)
<scott_solder> (ah, i thought it was the other way around)
<alexis_einhardt> “go ahead. and thanks for the drink… just tone down the cheezy lines. it’s not actually endearing.”
<the21stcentury> (Also, the drinking with new person tally for John is now 4, so let’s add 4 XP for the milestone)
John_Darling waves over the others.
<scott_solder> “Oh look, he seems a bit desperate. Should he help him, or let him suffer alone?”
<aidan> “You want to fake cough or do you want me to?”
<scott_solder> “You do it, I’m not a good actor.”
<alexis_einhardt> (you guys are hilarious by the way)
aidan takes a deep swig from from his glass and gulps
<aidan> * COUGH * * COUGH *
<aidan> “Oh.” he puts his hand out , he says loudly * Cough * * cough *
<scott_solder> “Christ, are you okay? You sound like you’re dying.”
<aidan> “wrong pipe..I’m” * smaller cough * * followed by a lesser cough * “alright” * followed by a little lesser cough * “I think”
aidan places both hands on the bar
aidan whispers to Scott “perfectly fine”
aidan then looks over to the side at Alexis and John
<aidan> * lesser cough * * followed by less cough *
<aidan> “hate it when that happens..”
John_Darling quirks an eyebrow and taps his foot.
aidan shakes his head
<john_darling> “Hey, c’mere.”
aidan moves quickly over to John . As he does he quickly raises his right hand and says “Hello” to Alexis
<scott_solder> “All right, all right, I’m coming.” Sighing, Scott makes his way over to John’s table.
Alexis_Einhardt looks into her minipurse and flings two cough drops straight at Aidan’s chest
<alexis_einhardt> “Catch” (trying not to laugh)
aidan catches it with his left hand “And thank you”
<aidan> “Always prepared . Good quality” He nods at John “Very good quality”
<scott_solder> “Indeed.” Scott nods back.
<john_darling> “Great, glad you liked it. So you remember that fucked up train car with the creepy contract guy and his sidekicks? She’s seen him too.”
<aidan> “Oh” Aidan tries to act surprised as he looks over to Scott
<aidan> “Small world”
<alexis_einhardt> “Blue outfits. Gold glowing eyes.”
<scott_solder> “Uh, wow. Yeah, I guess it is.”
<alexis_einhardt> “Contract you couldn’t make out the last line of?”
<john_darling> “Yeah, that was bullshit.”
<aidan> “Fancy little card that follows you around like one of those little creepy dolls you see in a Twilight Zone episode”
aidan looks over to Scott, thinking he is the only one who might get the reference
<aidan> “Well, maybe not that creepy”
<scott_solder> Scott glares at Aiden a bit.
<aidan> “Continue”
Alexis_Einhardt pulls out a blue tarot card with a lantern covering an eye
<alexis_einhardt> “Something like this?”
<scott_solder> “The Hermit…interesting.”
<john_darling> “Yeah, looks familiar.”
<scott_solder> (can normals see the cards?)
<the21stcentury> (Yes, they’re just cards, it’s only during the Dark Hour that they can be used magically to summon your Persona)
<alexis_einhardt> “So someone explain this collective insanity.”
<john_darling> “So. We were attacked. These things helped defend us.”
<john_darling> “But you’re saying people died?”
<alexis_einhardt> “……attacked?”
<aidan> “Imagine slimer but not cute”
<john_darling> “Monsters. No other words. We were attacked by monsters.”
<aidan> “Slimesters” Aidan smiles
<alexis_einhardt> “I find that hard to believe. Humans are the real monsters. The world doesn’t need anything extra when we’re capable of horrors ourselves.”
John_Darling shrugs.
<john_darling> “You had the same dream we did, about the conductor with the golden eyes. Why would we lie about this?”
<alexis_einhardt> “Because I don’t want to believe that the world is more fucked up than I already know it to be.”
aidan whispers to Scott “Granted she mentioned the blue room of velvety goodness first. So this could just be a very elaborate scheme to help our friend get laid”
Scott_Solder whispers back, Are you sure about that? I mean, how desperate can you get?
aidan looks over at John and then looks back at Scott and shrugs
<john_darling> “Maybe it is. But maybe we can do something about it.”
<alexis_einhardt> “Peanut Gallery. What happened on this attack? Where was it at?”
<aidan> (what stop did we get off at 21st? was it just stadium?)
<the21stcentury> (Yeah, sure, that works. I kept it super vague.)
<aidan> “Subway. When the attacks ended we ended up around the Stadium .”
<aidan> “This one…”
<aidan> (so whatever baseball one I guess? * shrugs *)
<scott_solder> (there’s more than one stadium? :P)
<the21stcentury> (Yes, it’s a baseball stadium.)
<aidan> (hence why I said this one, scott :P )
<aidan> (whatever one we are near by )
<aidan> “We kind of ended up on the subway rather mysteriously..” Aidan purses his lips
<alexis_einhardt> “And Dragon Quest slime monsters?”
John_Darling looks confused.
<scott_solder> “Well, they were weren’t so cute, but they were about as threatening.”
<aidan> “Are Dragon Quest slime monsters similar to Final Fantasy slime monsters?”
aidan scratches the back of his head
<aidan> “They’re all basically the same, right?”
<scott_solder> Scott glares at Aidan. “I should punch you for saying that.”
<john_darling> “Well, there was those three with the giant teeth.”
<john_darling> “That was different.”
<alexis_einhardt> “What time did this happen? Was there anything unusual besides these slime monsters?”
<aidan> “Guy with the fork…there was the guy with the fork”
<scott_solder> “Wasn’t it around midnight? I think I checked the time before stuff started happening.”
<the21stcentury> (Guy with the fork?)
<aidan> (Didn’t we see a huge guy with a fork and knife that scurried off?)
<aidan> (alternatively Aidan is hallucinating monsters)
<scott_solder> (idr if they had a fork and knife, but we did see something fleeing)
<the21stcentury> (I think you’re misremembering, it was one of the fireball imps that clapped then scurried off…)
<alexis_einhardt> “Okay. Slimes and Imps. Apparently either I’m hallucinating, you’re bullshitting me, or we’re in a Japanese RPG.”
<the21stcentury> (I like that the tough Ex-OSI operative is also a video game nerd. :) )
<aidan_sen> (yeah I noticed that also)
<scott_solder> “I’d like to believe it, but I don’t think we’re in a JRPG. We don’t speak Japanese.”
<alexis_einhardt> “Smartass.”
<aidan_sen> “So you weren’t teleported anywhere after your little meeting?”
<alexis_einhardt> (not that I’m aware of 21st?)
<the21stcentury> (Nope, you didn’t experience anything strange… yet…)
<the21stcentury> (Except for the dream where you signed a contract, of course)
<alexis_einhardt> “No. It was a dream. I woke up at my house the same as any other dream.”
<john_darling> “We … woke up? … back on the train where we were when it struck midnight.”
<aidan_sen> (did alexis give john her name?)
<scott_solder> (i don’t think we did introductions)
<the21stcentury> (I don’t think so, nor her number… winky)
<alexis_einhardt> (she has a buisness card)
<john_darling> (do we need to share names?)
<the21stcentury> (That would be helpful, especially if you want to meet up later, to… like… chase shadows and such)
Aidan_Sen raises a finger to his lips
<aidan_sen> “Pardon me” he gestures to Alexis, not sure how address her
<aidan_sen> “Do you mind if the three of us…converse for a moment” he points John and Scott
<aidan_sen> “Just a second”
<aidan_sen> (is alexis attractive?)
Alexis_Einhardt shrugs “Go ahead.”
<aidan_sen> “Thanks”
<alexis_einhardt> (depends. tall. long brown hair. german-american ancestry. visibly toned/fit. currently wearing light makeup.)
02:08:45: Aidan_Sen takes the other two to the side “Do you two find it a bit odd. That Mr. Conductor takes four random strangers and puts them together in a room , later we find out there was a fifth who was arbitrarily left out of that particularly initiation. And she happens to be a hot chick?”
<aidan_sen> “Just me or something seem off here?”
John_Darling shrugs.
<aidan_sen> “Scott?”
<john_darling> “Is that somehow less odd than getting ambushed in a dream by a golden-eyed conductor who gives us magic powers?”
<aidan_sen> "I’m just saying good ol Gil goes missing. Suddenly mistress of the night shows up. Seems a bit strange. "
<scott_solder> “You’re right, it does seem a bit strange.”
Aidan_Sen looks back at Alexis
<aidan_sen> “Well at least it’s a pleasant way to die”
<alexis_einhardt> (it’s the 4-member party limit at work!)
Aidan_Sen smiles at John
<aidan_sen> “If she is a succubus.”
<aidan_sen> "Not so much if she is a doppleganger. "
<the21stcentury> (Are you going to try to read their lips again, Alexis?)
<scott_solder> “Maybe we could pick up some alcohol trivia while we’re at it.” Scott smiles.
<aidan_sen> “Alright so my suspicion is noted. Guess we shouldn’t keep her waiting ,eh?”
John_Darling nods, and heads back to the lady.
<john_darling> “I’m sorry m’am, I didn’t catch your name. I’m John. You are…?”
<alexis_einhardt> Alexis Einhardt. I work with the police.
Alexis_Einhardt hands him a business card
<john_darling> “Pleased to meet you. I work with cars.”
<aidan_sen> “Aidan….I deliver stuff”
Aidan_Sen looks to the side
<scott_solder> “Scott Solder. I don’t work with solders.”
<aidan_sen> (i read teh necronomicon and watch porn)
<alexis_einhardt> “So what do you do then with the unfortunate last name?”
Alexis_Einhardt tosses Aidan and Scott her card as well
<scott_solder> “Wish I knew. I really, really do.”
<alexis_einhardt> “So. Currenly unemployed. Got it.”
<aidan_sen> (pats scott on the head)
<scott_solder> “Well…that is one way of saying it.”
<alexis_einhardt> “It happens in this economy.”
<scott_solder> “That’s…true, yeah.”
<alexis_einhardt> (where do we go from here?)
<the21stcentury> Well, the best thing would be to start investigating for strange happenings. Good thing you’re in a bar filled with people who gossip!
In fact, there’s one rumor that you can hear from a nearby table.
A woman is warning her friend, a bit loudly. “It’s true. People go missing around that spot at night, the corner of Henry and 12th Avenue”
Perhaps there’s more to the story?
<scott_solder> “You hear that? Sounds like something we should investigate.”
<alexis_einhardt> (thank you biased gm)
<aidan_sen> (people gone missing you say!?)
<the21stcentury> “And the weirdest thing is, The people who disappear come back, and then they commit suicide! I swear! it happened to a friend of Sean’s wife!” Of course, her friend is a bit skeptical…
<the21stcentury> So, what’s the course of action?
<alexis_einhardt> “What do you say we meet up tomorrow night around the corner of Henry and 12th Avenue?”

Awakening: Act 1: The Velvet Room part 2
Wherein They Face more shadows and obtain Truth.

4 strangers met on a dream train, signed a contract and got a card. Then days later, on a real train, found themselves in some sort of nightmarish situation, with tar-like creatures attacking them. After easily defeating the group of Mendax, they failed to escape the car and found yet another creature, this one now helping two of its brethren up. You are in a subway car, it’s the dark hour, you’re looking at three 5-foot tall masked creatures covered in tar and you’re wearing sunglasses. hit it.

<the21stcentury> The creatures, Rowdy Kobalos, are 5 foot tall creature wearing a teal, expressionless mask too small for their face, revealing grinning jaws filled with razor sharp teeth. The tar slowly comes off, revealing bright red skin, and yet it doesn’t seem to ever flow completely off the arms and legs, continually dripping, creating small puddles. There’s 3 of them, A, B and C, to make things simpler

<aidan> (alright guess I’ll area attack them..)
<aidan> (d8 team, d8 kin distinction, d10 solar, d10 combat, d6 area, d6 area..think that is right)
<aidan> ,roll d8+d8+d10+d10+d6+d6
<shadowpool> Aidan: 24:1+4+7+9+1+2
<the21stcentury> I add 1d8 to the pool and give you one more PP
<aidan> (I’ll go with.. 9 and 4, then 7,2,1 for effect)
<the21stcentury> So d10, d6 and a d4 for effect
<aidan> yeah.
<aidan> hm d4?
<the21stcentury> and 13 effort, okay, well, let’s see how they react. i assume A gets the d10, B the d6 and C the d4, right?
<aidan> (ah down a step)
<the21stcentury> (Well, not down a step, but if you run out of dice for effect, you can have a d4)
<john_darling> (( d4 is the default – you can’t use a die that comes up as a 1 ))
<aidan> (ah ok
<the21stcentury> So, the three creatures scramble away from the beams of light that ricochet throughout the car… Team (d8) + Mad with Anger (d8) + Enhanced Reflexes (d8) + Acrobatics Pro (d8) x3
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 14:6+1+3+4
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 19:7+2+4+6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 19:3+6+8+2
<the21stcentury> So, A → 10 with a d8 effect, fails to avoid the attack and is hit with a face full of solar beam, direct hit! d10 Stress! B → 15 with a d8 effect, it deftly avoids all the beams! C → 14 with a d8 effect, it too avoids the ricocheting beams of deadly solar energy.
<the21stcentury> You may pick who goes next.
<aidan> Gil can go

<gil_miller> ok.
<gil_miller> Team (D8) – Minor League Slugger (D8) – Flying Nimbus D10 – Combat Professional D8
<gil_miller> ,roll d8+d8+d10+d8
<shadowpool> Gil_Miller: 18:3+5+9+1
<gil_miller> ugh, another one.
<the21stcentury> One D6 is stepped up to d8.
<the21stcentury> (Gil now has 3 PP)
<gil_miller> Right, so 14 with a d8
<the21stcentury> i’m assuming you’re attacking B or C, because you didn’t include stress dice?
<gil_miller> Hit B
<the21stcentury> So, the middle Rowdy Kobalos is at a loss, a flaming monkey is flying towards it with great haste and, even worse, seems completely fearless! This is bad! it scrambles for an escape! Team (d8), Feeds on Fear (d4, 1d6), Enhanced Reflexes (d8), Acrobatics pro (d8)
<the21stcentury> [
1d6 to shadow pool, which is 4d6 and 2d8 now]
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d4+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 17:1+2+6+8
<the21stcentury> (Anyone want to capitalize on an opportunity?)
<gil_miller> I’ll spend a pp to snag it as a stunt for my next roll, if no one else wants it.
<the21stcentury> The Rowdy Kobalos, running in a straight line away from the flaming monkey on a cloud trips, gets hit by a powerful onslaught, and allows its assailant to position himself well for a next attack!
<the21stcentury> Who goes next?
<gil_miller> John

<john_darling> “All right, Hephaestus – let’s finish this one off!”
<john_darling> (( Team d8, Calloused Hands d4 (1 PP), Superhuman Strength (SFX: Unleashed) 2d10, Combat d8, Stress d10 ))
<john_darling> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 27:5+4+1+4+5+8
<john_darling> (( ugghhh ))
<john_darling> (( I’ll spend that PP to keep an extra die for the Total ))
<the21stcentury> 1 d8 becomes a d10…
<the21stcentury> (In the Shadow Pool)
<john_darling> 18 w/ d10 effect
<the21stcentury> The wounded Rowdy Kobalos decides to use the cramped space to its advantage, running and hiding under a seat in the hopes to avoid the slow, yet powerful hammer strike, Team d8 + Scene Distinction: Cramped d8 + enhanced Reflexes d8 + acrobatics pro d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 12:5+1+2+4
<the21stcentury> It fails horribly! The hammer falls on the seat, smashing it over the shadow!
<the21stcentury> That shadow is now AT DEATH’S DOOR. a stiff breeze could knock it over! And someone can capitalize on the opportunity.
<the21stcentury> No one? Okay, then who’s next?
<john_darling> Shadow B

<the21stcentury> The Middle Rowdy Kobalos gets up. It snarls at its aggressor, Gil Miller. In a swift motion, it conjures a ball of flame from its hand. It laughs as the flame grows and pitches it as a professional might, while its comrades fling small flames at the passing fireball!
<the21stcentury> Team d8 + Mad with anger d8 + Wisp of Flame d8 (SFX: Shadowflame d6, step back 1d8, step up stress by 1) + Combat Pro d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 19:4+7+1+2+5
<the21stcentury> 12 effort, d8 effect, 1 to stress if it hits.
<the21stcentury> Plus, you could spend 1 PP to capitalize on an opportunity
<gil_miller> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> Gil_Miller: 17:2+5+9+1
<gil_miller> 14 d8
<the21stcentury> one more d8 turned into a d10, you get 1 more PP
<gil_miller> Whelp, guess I’m gonna start prankin’ people.
<the21stcentury> Gil nimbly avoids the fireball flung towards him, you hear a crash as the ball hits a nearby seat and explodes.
<the21stcentury> The first Rowdy Kobalos goes next!

<the21stcentury> It’s fuming with anger as it, too prepares an explosive fireball bolstered by its comrades.
<the21stcentury> Team d8, Mad with Anger d8 Wisp of Flame d8 (SFX Shadowflame) + combat pro d8 + shadow pool d8.
<the21stcentury> *shadow pool d10
<the21stcentury> which gets stepped down to d8 by the SFX
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d6+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 22:6+1+3+5+7
<the21stcentury> Oh, and the target is John Darling.
<the21stcentury> I am not very clear with this exchange :|
<the21stcentury> So 13 effort with a d8 effect, 1 stress step
<the21stcentury> Whoops, i messed up that roll
<the21stcentury> I forgot a d8. :|
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 7
<the21stcentury> 14 effort with d8 +1 effect… Sorry… I’ll get more on the ball.
<john_darling> Hephaestus squares his shoulders and prepares to absorb the blow.
<john_darling> Spend a PP on a Durability Stunt
<the21stcentury> alright
<john_darling> Team d8, Oil-Stained Coveralls d4, Enhanced Durability d8, Combat Pro d8, opponent’s stress d12, stunt d8
<john_darling> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 23:6+1+5+7+1+3
<the21stcentury> +1 d8, you get 1 pp
<john_darling> Spend the PP I just earned to keep another die.
<the21stcentury> alright
<john_darling> 18 w/ d8 effect
<john_darling> (( Use Fire Absorption for a d8 Stunt or +1 step next action ))
<the21stcentury> the fireball hits Hephaestus’ frame, braced for impact. the fireball explodes, covering the area in smoke, as it dissipates, John stands there, grinning happily as Hephaestus glows slightly
<the21stcentury> Scott goes next.

<scott_solder> all right
<scott_solder> i have long awaited this glorious moment!
<the21stcentury> Do your best
<scott_solder> i’ll finish off A with a well-aimed arquebus round
<scott_solder> Team d10, �Who needs a plan?� d4, Arquebus d8, Professional Firearms d8, Stress d12
<scott_solder> ,roll d10+d4+d8+d8+d12
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 31:9+1+4+6+11
<the21stcentury> you get 1 PP as the Shadow pool gets a d8 turned into a d10.
<scott_solder> so that would be 15 effort, 17 effect, right?
<the21stcentury> uh, effect is counted by a dice
<the21stcentury> you pick one dice and that’s how effective your action is
<john_darling> (( two dice for total, one die for effect ))
<scott_solder> of course, i actually said “15 effort, d8 effect”
<john_darling> (( :O take the d12! 20 total w/ d8 effect ))
<the21stcentury> Well, just 15? that’s… risky compared to your other options
<scott_solder> *20
<scott_solder> sorry, i’m just a bit tired atm, not thinking right
<the21stcentury> Alright, 20 with d8 effect, let’s see if this can be beaten (it cant)
<the21stcentury> The wounded Kobalos, after dragging itself from under the crushed seat notices the arquebus. It utters a single groan as it tries to limp away. Team d8, Feeds on fear d4 (d6 in the doom pool steps up to d8), Enhanced Reflexes d8, acrobatics pro d8.
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d4+d8+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 14:6+4+1+3
<the21stcentury> 10 with a d8 effect. The shadow is utterly vaporized by a single arquebus shot, what little left of it disappears before it can hit the ground.
<the21stcentury> (Well, not quite a level up yet.)
<the21stcentury> The last remaining shadow goes forth!

<the21stcentury> It slowly moves forward and suddenly lunges at Aiden, attempting to smear him with the tar it secretes from its arms. Buddy d6 + Sticky Skin d6 + strong arms d8 + Sticky Hands SFX (Add d6 and step up the effect die by 1) + Combat Pro d8 + shadow pool d6 + shadow pool d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d6+d6+d8+d6+d8+d6+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 25:4+5+1+2+4+4+5
<the21stcentury> spend d6 from shadow pool to add 1 dice to the result. Result 14, effect d10. What does Aiden Do?
<aidan_sen> (guess I’ll try and evade it )
<aidan_sen> (since it’s just me and not the persona, it would be d8 (team), d8( acrobatics) ?)
<aidan_sen> (or do i get to add reflexes?)
<the21stcentury> You can use your persona to evade, it’s part of you, after all.
<aidan_sen> ,roll d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> Aidan_Sen: 20:5+7+8
<the21stcentury> Well, that’s some pretty good rolls…
<the21stcentury> Guessing you go with 15 and d8 effect?
<aidan_sen> (yeah , sorry… the 7 and 8 )
<the21stcentury> Using his amazing parkour ability, Aidan avoids the lunging assailant who spills tar in a puddle before turning back, separated from its ally…
<the21stcentury> Rowdy Kobalos B goes next!

<the21stcentury> Separated from its ally by the group of persona users, it grins madly. Creating a fireball, it flings it with reckless abandon towards Scott, hoping to hit him with a particularly potent fireball
<the21stcentury> Solo d10, Mad with anger d8, Wisp of Flame d8, SFX: Shadowflame d6, combat pro d8, shadow pool d10
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d6+d8+d10
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 33:5+7+2+3+6+10
<scott_solder> welp
<the21stcentury> Spend d8 to keep one more dice
<the21stcentury> 18 effort, d10+1 effect
<the21stcentury> You could get stressed out in one hit with that! Mwahaha!
<the21stcentury> it’s about time some drama happens!
<scott_solder> Team d10, Cool as a Cucumber d8, Paper Control + Unleashed 2d6, Expert Occult d10
<the21stcentury> Occult? Hmm, How does that work?
<scott_solder> well, my other specialties don’t really fit paper control =v
<scott_solder> unless i conjure up a shotgun in retaliation or something, i guess?
<the21stcentury> Then come up with some reason occult helps you avoid/block a fireball. 8^y
<the21stcentury> Shotguns aren’t very occulty.
<the21stcentury> Maybe if you conjured up some… occult protection charms… >__>
<john_darling> (( Those cool paper wards from Japan? ))
<scott_solder> no, i meant using the power to make a shotgun with- ehh
<scott_solder> i’m sure there’s some paper demons out there
<scott_solder> okay, evil paper decoy
<the21stcentury> that’s a cool idea
<scott_solder> ,roll d10+d8+2d6+d10
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 22:9+1+5+7
<the21stcentury> ooh dang
<the21stcentury> oh, wait
<the21stcentury> you rolled 2d6
<the21stcentury> instead of 2 times d6
<the21stcentury> you can reroll properly instead
<scott_solder> ,roll d10+d8+(d6)2+d10
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 30:10+6+(3)
<the21stcentury> no no no
<the21stcentury> d10+d8+d6+d6+d10
<scott_solder> ,roll d10+d8+d6+d10
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 22:8+7+6+1
<the21stcentury> and you missed one of the d6s
<scott_solder> ,roll d6
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 5
<the21stcentury> okay, well, one more d6 in the shadow pool, you get +1 PP
<scott_solder> 15 d8
<the21stcentury> are you sure you don’t want to spend a pp to add a dice to your total?
<scott_solder> ok, might as well
<scott_solder> that’s 21 then, right?
<scott_solder> or am i still failing
<the21stcentury> nope, you beat 18
<the21stcentury> Creating a paper decoy, Scott manages to avoid the massive fireball which quickly consumes the conjured paper decoy.

<the21stcentury> The second remaining Shadow goes next, and it, too, has a wicked look in its eye!
<the21stcentury> On the other side of the group, the other remaining shadow takes a leap back as it fires yet another powerful, potent shadowflame fireball, this one aimed squarely at Aidan.
The21stCentury> solo d10, Mad with Anger d8, Wisp of Flame d8, SFX Shadowflame d6, Combat Pro d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d6+d8
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 19:5+7+1+2+4
<the21stcentury> 12 with a d10 effect (d8 1 step, as per the SFX)
<the21stcentury> This one shouldn’t be too hard to beat.
<aidan_sen> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> Aidan_Sen: 13:5+7+1
<the21stcentury> step up the d6 in the shadow pool to a d8, 1 PP to Aidan
<aidan> (hm so obviously the 7 and the 5..)
<aidan> (let’s see what i can do)
<the21stcentury> I think you’re kind of out of options, if only you had used your persona’s reflexes… :\
<aidan> (I didn’t?)
<aidan> (i thought d8team,d8acrobatics, d8reflexes…)
<the21stcentury> You should’ve used a distinction.
<the21stcentury> in that case
<aidan> what distinction could I have used?
<aidan> :/
<the21stcentury> You could’ve tried to use cramped to your advantage, like John did last time.
<aidan> ah environmental ..
<the21stcentury> i’m sorry, but you’re kind of going to take some damage… d10 stress…
<the21stcentury> Aidan tried to escape, but was hit by the fireball head on. The explosion was mostly absorbed by his Persona, Lucifer, but still left him bruised and his eyebrows singed.
<the21stcentury> Let’s go with… Aiden next
<the21stcentury> so you can have your revenge quickly.
<aidan> (just one left?)
<the21stcentury> 2
<the21stcentury> one of them has d8 stress, though
<aidan> (what’s the doom pool?)
<the21stcentury> d8 and d10
<aidan> (so if I used berserk would I essentially be stressing myself out or does it go back to d10?)
<aidan> (when it returns?)
<aidan> *goes back
<the21stcentury> i’m not sure i understand what you mean
<the21stcentury> You could turn the d8 into a d10 or even a d12, or use the d10 into a d12 with that SFX, it works with the shadow pool, not the stress dice.
<aidan> ah ok.
<aidan> I guess I’ll attack the stressed out one with team d8, berserk d10 upped to d12, solar ray d10, combat d10, kin d8
<the21stcentury> and stress d8
<aidan> and then stress I suppose to finish that guy off?
<the21stcentury> It might not finish it off unless you beat him by 10 on the effort and you pick your d10 as the effect dice.
<aidan> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> Aidan: 25:2+4+6+9+1+3
<aidan> :(
<the21stcentury> also, berserk is d10
<the21stcentury> not d12
<the21stcentury> it’s d10, THEN it ups the dice to d12
<the21stcentury> after the roll is done
<aidan> oh
<the21stcentury> I’ll let you reroll the thing. ;)
<aidan> alright :I
<aidan> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d10+d10+d10
<shadowpool> Aidan: 34:6+8+2+4+6+8
<aidan> (hm would you keep an extra dice, john?)
<john_darling> (( 16 w/ d10 is pretty swell. you could go for broke and keep the 6 to make it 22, maybe get two steps. ))
<the21stcentury> ((if you get two steps, you’ll destroy that 2nd shadow))
<the21stcentury> so, what are you going to do, Egos?
<aidan> I guess I’ll spend a pp to keep the last d10
<aidan> so the first 2 d8s and d10.. 22
<the21stcentury> with d10 effect?
<aidan> yeah
<the21stcentury> Alright, the targeted Shadow tries to avoid the beam of concentrated light! Sadly, it cannot sense any fear from the shooter! Team d10, feeds on fear d4, Enhanced Reflexes d8, acrobatics pro d8, Aidan stress d10
<the21stcentury> ,roll d10+d4+d8+d8+d10
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 18:6+4+1+2+5
<the21stcentury> Oh man… good job.
<the21stcentury> Your effort was just high enough that the reaction is beaten by 11, meaning it steps up the d10 twice unless I spend d10 or d12 from the doom pool… Which i won’t do because… well, it’d be a waste.
<the21stcentury> The Rowdy Kobalos failed to avoid the beam of light and, as a shadow, was quickly burned away to nothingness, its very essence dissipating in the air.
<the21stcentury> Now you may pick who goes next.
<aidan> (a bunch of chibi jack frosts do a little if they weren’t chibi enough)
<aidan> (hm who hasn’t gone in awhile John or Gil, right?)
<the21stcentury> yeah, Gil has been inactive for the longest time
<aidan> (ok Gil_Miller are you around?)
<aidan> (I guess John, if Gil isn’t around? Scott went somewhat recently, right?)
<john_darling> (( i am here. yo gil, you afk? ))
<john_darling> (( i guess so. who do we have left? ))
<the21stcentury> You, Gil and Scott
<the21stcentury> to kill one fresh shadow.
<john_darling> (( i mean fire oil teeth monsters ))
<the21stcentury> only one left.
<john_darling> (( any stress? ))
<the21stcentury> ((nope))

<john_darling> Hephaestus channels the power of the flame into his strike!
<john_darling> Team d8 + Oil-Stained Coveralls d4 (1 PP) + Superhuman Strength d10 + Fire Absorption Stunt d8 + Combat d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 19:2
<john_darling> ,roll 1d8+1d4+1d10+1d8+1d8
<john_darling> (( Want to step up / add a die? ))
<the21stcentury> ((I step up the d10 into a second d12))
<john_darling> 13 w/ d8 effect
<john_darling> (( 2 PP for Mr. Darling ))
<the21stcentury> The last remaining shadow tries to run from the massive flaming hammer. Solo d10, Mad with Anger d8, enhanced reflexes d8, acrobatics pro d8
<the21stcentury> ,roll d10
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 20:5+6+7+2
<the21stcentury> 13 doesn’t beat 13, but the effect die is d10, which means it steps down the d8 effect. right?
<john_darling> yup
<the21stcentury> The Rowdy Kobalos is hit, but resists bravely, pushing back on the hammer and deflecting the blow after being burned by the flames.
<the21stcentury> AND NOW TO WRAP THINGS UP!
<scott_solder> dun dun duuuuuuun
<the21stcentury> i spend the 2d12 in the Shadow pool to end the encounter…
<gil_miller> whelp
<the21stcentury> Everyone gets 2XP for that…
<john_darling> I think we totally could have finished that thing off. I vote Gil bats it into oblivion.
<john_darling> (( i mean, yeah, encounter over :) ))
<the21stcentury> ((But I want to give everyone XPs! :( ))
<john_darling> (( you can, we just all decide how to narrate it :) ))
<the21stcentury> Outnumbered, outgunned, utterly hopeless ,the last remaining shadow looks quite hopeless…
<john_darling> Aw, look how sad it is? Kill it with fire.
<scott_solder> (( all-out attack, guys! let’s go for it! ))
<aidan> ((we keep it as a pet and call it Macaroni))
<the21stcentury> So an all-out attack!? Very well!
<the21stcentury> As it tries to run away, it trips on the crushed remains of the seat that Hephaestus smashed earlier in the fight, leaving it completely exposed and defenseless. An all-out attack occurs and the group stomps, shoots and all-around wound the pathetic shadow until it begins to lose cohesion and dissolve.
<the21stcentury> Unlike the other two, however, this one leaves something behind, a single, brilliant reddish gem.

<the21stcentury> ((Time to fight over who gets to keep the spoils!))
<john_darling> “Uh. Evil gem. Takers?”
<scott_solder> “Interesting…I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.”
<gil_miller> After the cloud fades, Gil walks over to the disappearing slime and crouches down over it, "It’s kinda… shiny, but no lights reflectin off it…
aidan crosses his arms and sighs
<the21stcentury> ((No one’s greedy?))
<aidan> ((Gil is the closest))
<john_darling> (( i don’t know what it is… ))
<gil_miller> Wadding up his sleeve to cover his hand, Gil picks up the gem and takes a closer look.
<the21stcentury> The gem vanishes as soon as it is picked up, filling Gil with a strange, calm feeling.
<aidan> ((now it’s inside you. the shadow))
<the21stcentury> Somehow, Gil instantly knows something: This is the Dark Hour, and the gem was the very core of the shadows fought that night, the thing they were guarding with their lives… if you can call them lives at all.
<aidan> "That isn’t discerning… "
<gil_miller> Gil’s eyes lose focus as knowledge pours into his head.
<scott_solder> “I’d hoped to study that thing…oh well.”
aidan looks perplexed for a moment , he looks as if he might have said something wrong
aidan then dismisses it
<gil_miller> “So, this… is the Dark Hour, and that gem was the core of the monsters we just fought, the Shadows.”
<gil_miller> “I guess that Gem… told me?”
<john_darling> “…core of the monsters? What does that mean? It… powered them?”
<gil_miller> "I’m not really sure… "
<the21stcentury> The lights begin to flicker again. Then the car is once again plunged in darkness. Then, the lights come back on and the car begins to move again, the car returned to normal, once again filled with normal, tired people… You’re standing in the middle of the car, everything is back to normal, it seems.
John_Darling shrugs.
<john_darling> “Maybe we can pawn it.”
<gil_miller> Gil blinks a few times in surprise, then mutters, “Hour’s up, I suppose?”
<aidan> ((pawn gil?))
<gil_miller> (I think he’s talking about the gem, but i thought it went poof)
<the21stcentury> Within a minute, you enter a station and decide to get off the train to get your bearings.
<aidan> ((yeah it went poof so you are now the gem :D ))
<gil_miller> “So, how about we get that drink now?”
<the21stcentury> One thing you notice is the appearance of a blue door on a nearby wall, a door that glows softly and who people seem oblivious to…
<john_darling> “Drink.”
<gil_miller> Gil sighs, and says, “Well, I guess we can wait a little on that drink, since we’ve got a magic door to go take a look at.”
John_Darling sighs.
<john_darling> “OK, let’s go.”
<the21stcentury> (Don’t worry, you’ll have your drink soon enough)
<scott_solder> (( …at the very end of the campaign, right? :P ))
<gil_miller> Gil walks over to the door, and glances around a little self consciously to make sure that the others can see the door, then opens it.
<the21stcentury> You find yourselves sitting once again inside the Velvet Room. Prometheus sits at his desk, as last time, and greets you warmly. “Welcome back, to the Velvet Room. I take it your evening was interesting?”
<scott_solder> “Interesting…yeah, that’s one way to put it, I guess.”
<gil_miller> “So, that was the Dark Hour, right?”
<the21stcentury> “Yes, that was the Dark Hour, a period of time between the days, one only few people can experience. It is teeming with the shadows that dwell in people’s hearts…”
<gil_miller> “So, what was that gem I picked up?”
<gil_miller> “The core of the shadows?”
<the21stcentury> “That was a Truth, they are very prized… in fact, I, myself, collect them as well.”
<gil_miller> “Oh. Well, I can’t really just hand it over or anything…”
<john_darling> “A truth?”
<the21stcentury> “A Truth, The truth, it’s something very prized by shadows, as they crave humanity and the reality that comes with their existence. Very few things are as real as truth itself, condensed and crystallized…”
<the21stcentury> “Also, you can give it to us if you want” Aletheia adds helpfully.
<john_darling> “How?”
<aidan> “He just has to take off all his clothes” Aidan smirks
<the21stcentury> “It’s going to be on your person, in your pocket, perhaps, it’s very similar to your card. It’s just there when you need it.” Aletheia explains
aidan looks disappointed after Aletheia gives John an explanation
<the21stcentury> “Part of your contract includes a clause. In exchange for 12 truths, I will grant you a boon, fulfill a wish of yours, i have vast sources of power…” Prometheus adds.
<gil_miller> “ANY wish?”
<the21stcentury> “Within reason, it has to be reasonable.” Crowley explains.
<the21stcentury> “No wish for infinite wishes, for example”
<scott_solder> “Well, damn.”
<the21stcentury> “But the boss can do a lot of things. Wealth, power, health… Most things are within his grasp.” Crowley adds.
<gil_miller> “So, why do you want the truths?”
<the21stcentury> “I collect them to keep them from falling into wrong hands.”
<gil_miller> “I… see…” Gil’s eyes go far away for a brief bit.
<the21stcentury> “If you’d like, I can keep your truths safe.” Aletheia adds
<gil_miller> “So, what are the Shadows doing during the other 24 hours of the day?”
<the21stcentury> She taps the ornate wooden box in her hands a few times as she says that
<the21stcentury> “Normal people are unable to exist as people during the Dark Hour, you may have encountered this. Much like humans during the dark hour, Shadows cease to exist as shadows after the Dark Hour.” Prometheus Explains.
<gil_miller> “Well, that wasn’t that hard, really… I’d guess I’d be up for some more fights if we get a wish…”
<the21stcentury> “Do you have any more questions?” Prometheus adds warmly
<gil_miller> “Actually, yes. You aren’t… I mean, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but… who exactly are the three of you? Like… where are you all from?”
<the21stcentury> “You need not concern yourselves with trifling details such as those… Remember that this is a place between mind and matter, between dream and reality. We merely exist to serve a purpose… To prevent the misuse of truth and the proliferation of shadows.”
<gil_miller> Gil grumbles but doesn’t push the issue.
<the21stcentury> “If I may, I suggest you take the hunting of shadows seriously, your group has tremendous powers at its disposal and it would be wise to use it for good. Search for suspicious activity, destroy shadows, collect truths.”
<the21stcentury> (Any other questions or should we wrap this up for now?)
<gil_miller> “Well, I think we’ve done good enough for one night, so I’m saying we should head to the bar now.” Looking back to Prometheus, “You aren’t going anywhere if we have more questions, huh?”
<the21stcentury> “if you need me, you will find your way back here”
<the21stcentury> With that, the room fades away. you find yourself back at the subway station, staring at a wall…
<gil_miller> Gil thinks to himself, “Have we been staring at a wall this whole time?”
<the21stcentury> Let’s wrap this up now, the act ends as you all head for a bar Gil knows, near the stadium…
04:05:16: <the21stcentury> EVENT I; ACT II: THE DARK HOUR will begin next week, and start at that bar Gil knows.

Awakening: Act 1: The Velvet Room part 1
Wherein They visit the Velvet Room and meet shadows

<the21stcentury> You all awake in a chair in an unfamiliar room, one that seems to move. You look around and examine your surroundings. You seem to be on a large and well-furnished train car / study. The walls are covered in blue velvet, the carpet is blue velvet with arcane symbols inscribed in gold and the windows, revealing a foggy expanse, are surrounded by blue velvet drapes. in the center of the car is a large mahogany desk. you are not alone, next to you are 3 other people, complete strangers, all sitting, examining the room as you are. In front of you, seated at the desk is a man…

He has olive skin, short brown hair with a light blue conductor’s cap perched on his head. His eyes are a brilliant shade of gold. He wears a blue uniform, a blue jacket over a blue vest over a light blue shirt, with a dark blue tie. Gold buttons and a complex seal upon the cap complete the attire.

Standing next to him are two people, a man with black hair and the same shimmering golden eyes. He, too, wears a cap, but a smaller and less ornate one. He wears a light blue shirt, a dark blue sleeveless vest over it, and an even darker blue open jacket over it. His vest and jacket have gold buttons and “Crowley” is embroidered on the vest breast in gold. He is holding a wooden box in his hands and large books are hanging by his belt.

On the other side is a young woman with shoulder-length brown hair and the same brilliant gold eyes as the others. She, too, wears a blue train attendant outfit with gold buttons. It is composed of a closed blue jacket matching the room’s velvet, with gold buttons. She had a blue scarf under it and wears a long blue skirt, matching the room as well. A cap completes her outfit, much like the man named Crowley’s. Her name, embroidered on her jacket, reads “Aletheia”. She holds an ornate wooden box, encrusted with gold and jewels.

The seated man cuts the silence short and addresses the assembled group in front of him. “Though you are dreaming, this meeting will have important repercussions. This is the Velvet Room, a place between Mind and Matter, dream and reality. Tonight, you will be faced with a contract.”

Sliding a piece of paper in front of you and your companions, he continues. “Signing it attests that you are acting out of your own free will” and he smiles.

<john_darling> This… is not the bar.
<scott_solder> Scott Solder glances to his left and right, counting the people beside him. One, two three…four. Not a good number.
aidan smirks playing along with the dream
<aidan> "Define “free will”…"
<prometheus>"Simply put, your actions will be your own, though the consequences will be yours to bear. you will have infinite possibilities open unto you."
<aidan> “So our volition to act. Free will does sound prettier…”
<gilmiller> Gil blinks a bit and mutters, wholly to himself. “Well, this isn’t the weirdest dream I’ve had, but it’s up there. I know I put in a hard day today, but come on, at least let me dream of something relaxing.”
<john_darling> “So… uh, what do we get if we sign? What’s in it for me?”
aidan turns to the other man. For a dream about him the other actors were sure getting alot of screentime
<prometheus> “Excellent Question. You will obtain complete control over your own destiny and all that entails, which includes the ability to control your own Persona.” He said that last word with quite a lot of gravitas… Persona…
<john_darling> “What’s a persona?”
<scott_solder> “Destiny…” That word catches Scott’s attention.
<prometheus> “A Persona is the mask you use to face hardships…”
aidan pokes the person next to him,who happens to be Gil ..mostly out of boredom. Oddly it felt like flesh.
<prometheus> “A certain reflection of your true self”
<gilmiller> Gil rolls his eyes a bit, “Look, I know I haven’t been using that Psych degree, but there’s no need to make it sound so magical or anything.”
<gilmiller> “Hey, whatcha do that for?”
<aidan> " I was bored.."
aidan turns his attention away from Gil..deterring any further questions of his
<aidan> “Why are there four of us here?”
<scott_solder> “Because there isn’t five of us?”
<prometheus> “You were the ones who heard the call, in a way, you chose to come here”
John_Darling takes the contract and begins reading it.
<aidan> "Wouldn’t it “be there aren’t five of us”?" Aiden looks over Scott..
<scott_solder> Scott shrugs. “Whatever. It means the same thing either way, right?”
<aidan> “I chose to be a strange room with three other guys….and a train conductor hurm…”
<aidan> “And whoever that is” Aidan gestures towards the woman standing in the back
<the21stcentury> The contract seems composed of a short paragraph that states “I attest that i act out of my free will and that consequences of my actions are mine to bear” and a series or arcane symbols you don’t seem to be able to decipher. Most of the page is covered in those until the line at the bottom.
<gilmiller> “Look, I’m no Jung, but I know when a dream is trying to say something, so just gimmie that contract, and I’ll take a look at it.” Gil starts flipping through it, muttering, “My agent would kill me if he knew I was doing something like this.”
aidan looks over at Scott
<aidan> “Are you gonna read it also?”
<scott_solder> “Well, yeah. It seems slightly important.”
<the21stcentury> The young woman, Aletheia, walks over to the group and hands each man a pen, ornate and covered in symbols that seem to glow softly.
<john_darling> “Uh… sorry, but I can’t read this last bit.”
aidan inspects the pen
<prometheus> The man simply smiles. “You do not need to worry about the details. Not yet, at any rate.”
<aidan> “Do we get to keep the pen?”
<gilmiller> “Ah, thanks, er… Ma’am? Sorry, I didn’t get your name. Actually, any of your names. But, it seems harmless enough.” Gil signs and leans back in his chair.
John_Darling shrugs, and signs the contract.
<scott_solder> Scott signs the contract without hesitation. Maybe things would be more interesting from now on, so why not?
<the21stcentury> “I’m Aletheia” she chimes with a wink and a smile. “I’m Crowley” says the black-haired man wryly. The sitting man pauses and then says simply. “You may call me Prometheus, at your service”
<john_darling> “Can’t be held legally bound to something I don’t understand, so why not?”
<aidan> “I don’t think that’s how it works…”
<scott_solder> “Prometheus. Haven’t seen that movie. Is it any good?”
<john_darling> “Sorry, I don’t get to the cineplex much.”
<gilmiller> Gil shrugs, saying, “I dunno, but the original Prometheus wasn’t exactly a guy who was always on the up and up. No offense.”
aidan continues to look over the contract “I thought he got freed by Hercules…”
<crowley> Crowley grins at what Gil said
<aletheia> Aletheia chimes enthusiastically: “You should sign it, you’ll get something in exchange”
<gilmiller> “Well, yeah, eventually. There was a lot of lying and duping gods and then getting chained to a mountain where your liver got torn out every day. Though, to be fair, he only did his duping to help humanity, so I guess that should count for something.”
<prometheus> Prometheus simply smiles. “There are a lot of stories… But they are irrelevant right now.”
aidan signs reluctantly , the woman’s enthusiasm seemed to win him over.
<the21stcentury> Prometheus gathers the contracts and pens and puts them in a drawer next to him, then, he signs at Crowley. Crowley Opens his wooden box and lowers it, revealing an ancient-looking deck of cards. Prometheus takes it in his hands and shuffles it pensively. Then he separates the deck in 4 small piles, putting one in front of each person.
<prometheus> “Cut your deck and draw a card. it will reveal your true nature.”, Prometheus states.
John_Darling obliges the man by cutting the deck closest to him, and drawing a card.
<the21stcentury> John drew the Chariot
<john_darling> “Is… that good?”
John_Darling looks confused.
aidan smirks
<scott_solder> Scott takes a moment to examine the cards – you don’t see cards like those every day – and follows suit, cutting the deck and drawing a card.
<aidan> “It’s better than Death”
GilMiller continues to be a good sport to his subconscious by cutting a deck and pulling out a card.
<the21stcentury> Gil draws The Strength. Scott drew The Hierophant
GilMiller smiles and does his best to avoid flexing. A little one manages to sneak out, though.
<aidan> “Last again, huh?” alright, Aidan follows suit
<the21stcentury> Aidan draws The Justice
<gilmiller> “So, what’s a Hierophant?”
aidan lets out a small hurm
<crowley> Crowley explains “A Hieorophant is a kind of priest, a holy man.”
GilMiller casts an uncertain eye over towards Scott.
<scott_solder> “Pretty much, yeah, that’s it. In tarot readings, it represents wisdom, conforming to society, that sort of thing.”
GilMiller still casts an uncertain eye over towards Scott.
<prometheus> Prometheus explains: “These cards represent your future, as well as your present. They represent your persona and will be helpful to you. You may keep them”
<the21stcentury> Prometheus gathers the remaining cards, forms a deck, places it back in the box , which Crowley closes again.
<prometheus> “You will wake up soon, perhaps without a memory of tonight… But you will be called again, in a different way…”
<the21stcentury> The room begins to get hazy as you wake up. For days, the memory of the night’s events would elude you…
GilMiller ’s last thought before he fades away is “My subconscious really likes being cryptic.”

<the21stcentury> It is now Saturday, a quarter to midnight. For various reasons, you are all on the same subway car, though you are not aware of that fact. There might have been a strange urge to use the subway that night, or maybe it was routine, but there you are, in a not-so-crowded, yet not entirely empty subway car. As time passes, you notice an unusual feeling and suddenly, the lights go out. The lights come back after a second or two of pure darkness, and yet something’s not quite right.Several things, in fact, are outright wrong. The car has grown, extremely longer, larger in every way. it shouldn’t even fit in the tunnel, and yet… it somehow does. The light is now a sickly greenish-yellow. Puddles of a blood-like substance are pooled around the car, and the people are all gone, replaced with black crystalline coffin-like structures… An uneasy feeling fills the air as you notice that you are not, in fact, alone. There are 4 of you still in the car… Gil Miller, Scott Solder, Aiden Sen and John Darling… meeting at last for the second time ever, and for the first time in the flesh.

<john_darling> “Man. This is why I never take the subway.”
<gilmiller> Gil slowly recognizes the other people in the car with him. “So… I drifted off to sleep in the subway? Because, this stuff right here? It’s gotta be a dream.”
<gilmiller> “I mean, all you guys again, the car, the lights. This is just straight up nightmare stuff.”
<scott_solder> “Nightmare? I dunno, this seems pretty cool to me.”
<scott_solder> “So yeah, it’s probably a dream.”
<gilmiller> “Cool? There’s fucking blood on the ground. This is messed up!”
<john_darling> “The stuff on the floor bothers you, but these coffins don’t?”
<scott_solder> “I can see why you’d think that. I mean, not everyone shares my…hobbies.”
<scott_solder> More like, nobody would want to hang out with an “occult freak”.
<john_darling> “Uh… what are you talking about?”
<the21stcentury> You hear a drip coming from further down the car, a heavy, dull drip, as if something very thick was dripping.
<gilmiller> (whoops missed the coffins) “Well, yeah. Them too.”
Aidan_Sen ignores the others making small talk as freakin blood and coffins surround them
GilMiller moves away from the nearest one.
<gilmiller> "What’s that sound?
<gilmiller> “Wait, I know. It’s more blood, because that’s just how these sorts of dreams go.”
<scott_solder> “Who knows? Probably some terrifying monster that wants us dead. You’re not scared, are you?” Scott says this with a deliberately creepy smile.
<scott_solder> (now scott is just trolling everyone)
GilMiller glares at Scott.
<scott_solder> “I’m kidding. But we aren’t learning anything from just standing here.”
<john_darling> “Well, my seat at the Cove isn’t going to get sat in without me. So let’s go.”
<aidan_sen> “We should be looking for other survivors or a way out..”
<gilmiller> “Well, I’m slowly starting to think that I may not be dreaming, so let’s figure out what’s going on.”
Aidan_Sen grimaces
<scott_solder> “Right then, let’s go.” Scott leads the way forward, towards the source of the noise.
<the21stcentury> Scott’s the first to see it. a large puddle of some sort of tar-like substance, with large globs of it dripping from a seam around the cieling of the car.
<the21stcentury> The puddle seems to congeal and move slightly
<scott_solder> “What is this stuff…? Is it moving?”
<gilmiller> Gil nervously chuckles, “Well, at least it isn’t blood.”
<john_darling> “Any chance we can just call MBAT and call it a night? Leave this to the mop brigade?”
<gilmiller> “Sure. Why don’t you go ask for someone. I’ll wait here and hold my breath.”
<aidan_sen> (is the train still moving ?)
<the21stcentury> (no, everything is still)
<gilmiller> “So, what is it? Tar, maybe?”
<gilmiller> “But… where’s it coming from?”
<aidan_sen> “That isn’t tar…” Aidan seems quite certain
<john_darling> “Up, Gil. It’s coming from /up/.”
John_Darling grins.
GilMiller grins back, “Alright, so what’s /up/, then?”
GilMiller speaks in the tone of a man who knows he’s delivering a straight line.
<the21stcentury> suddenly, the pool of sludge begins to move perceptibly, a lump begins to form, then two more, then three more. Each growing rapidly, as if something was starting to emerge from a pit filled with that tar-like substance. The lumps start moving, sluggishly, away from the mass of tar and towards the group.
<scott_solder> “I guess that answers that.”
<gilmiller> “Right. Not tar, then.”
<john_darling> “…rats, maybe?”
GilMiller looks at John in wordless disbelief.
<aidan_sen> “oh…what the fuck”
<gilmiller> “Um, stop me if this is crazy, but it looks like they’re coming to us…”
<gilmiller> “Should we, I dunno, run or something? Walk briskly at least?”
GilMiller starts slowly backing away from the lumps.
Aidan_Sen has already started walking back in the direction they came
<aidan_sen> "Yeah..I think escape should be a priority "
<john_darling> “OK. Which way, then?”
<the21stcentury> The 6 lumps keep advancing slowly and begin bubbling along the top, as something starts to rise from it, a mask. A single teal mask sitting at the apex of each of the 6 lumps. The masks are fairly basic human masks featuring a neutral expression and the letter I carved on the forehead. Soon after, arms begin to emerge from the puddles around the lumps.
The creatures begin to drag themselves, speeding up and heading for the group. Each puddle with 5 to 8 arms, and a glint of ivory
<scott_solder> “Did any of you see an exit anywhere? I don’t think Tar Demon Mask Thing is very patient!”
<john_darling> “That’s… bizarre. But fascinating.”
<gilmiller> “There’s gotta be a door back the way we came!”
<aidan_sen> “The emergency exit..”
<john_darling> (( John is walking with the group towards… away from the stuff. ))
<the21stcentury> There is, in fact, a lever, further back, with “emergency exit” written next to it, but try as anyone may, it does not budge…
<the21stcentury> But at the same time, you begin to notice something in your pockets, something rectangular, thin and stiff… like a large playing card…
<scott_solder> “Wait, I remember…that dream…Persona…”
<the21stcentury> Upon saying that, Scott hears the sound of glass breaking. A second body, a silhouette, appears behind him.

<gilmiller> Gil hears the crashing of glass inside his mind. The Lion on the Strength card runs towards the edge of the picture, growing larger and larger. However, as it gets closer, it soon becomes clear that the lion has turned into a monkey. As it leaps out of the card’s surface, the monkey’s fur ignites into a furious blaze. Reaching a small sack he carries, it pulls out a staff that is far too large to have properly fit in the sack. Wu Kong, the Blazing Master, leaps up and lands on a small, golden cloud. He takes his place just behind Gil, waiting for battle to break loose.
<john_darling> Blue fire erupts from around John, illuminating the silhouette of a heavily muscular man. Before him is an anvil, upon which rests a red-hot sword. The man raises a hammer above his head… The man strikes the sword on the anvil, and with a tremendous “CLANG!”, the blue fire dissipates.
<scott_solder> A sudden sense of power enters Scott’s mind. Before he knows it, a large arquebus-wielding solider has materialized before him, ready to strike.
Aidan_Sen presses the Justice card to his forehead and huge vortex of light appears where the card is. A shadowy figure emerges from the center of the vortex and enters the stage. He is draped in a cloak of crimson that looks like it is almost made of his flesh. His body is similar armor. All of his face is covered except for his eyes and his mouth. Aidan_Sen places the Justice card in his pocket after the figure emerges
<the21stcentury> The creatures, The Shadows, recoil as they witness the four men summoning a persona each… But the respite is short as they roar, a great mouth opening below each mask, revealing rows of dull, pure white teeth. they won’t be going away without a fight!

<the21stcentury> Oh, i should mention
<the21stcentury> The scene has the Distinctions: Cramped, creepy atmosphere and the enemies are a single group.
<the21stcentury> okay, what do you do now, Aiden?
<aidan> (how many are there?)
<the21stcentury> there’s 6, but they form a single cohesive group
<the21stcentury> so it’s 1 target with multiple team dice
<the21stcentury> Thanks for the music. :)

<aidan> Lucifer moves forward, his hand emerges from his cloak and he opens up clasped hand. Several rays project out from his hand and out towards the shadows
<aidan> (([using the distinction] Kin to evil [at d4] perhaps?)
<the21stcentury> (So you do it reluctantly? i like it)
<the21stcentury> (you may roll)
<aidan> ,roll 1d8+1d4+1d10+1d6+1d6+1d10
<shadowpool> Aidan: 22:1+2+8+1+3+7
<aidan> :/
<the21stcentury> Ooh, two more plot points for you
<the21stcentury> you have a total of 4 plot points
<the21stcentury> So, what die are you using to make your total and which die are you using for your effect?
<aidan> so I guess the 8 and the 3?
<the21stcentury> so 11 with effect of d10, d4 and d4. Very well, let’s see the reaction
<the21stcentury> The shadow cluster, the Dreadful Mendax, try to avoid the storm of light that’s shot at them, with a dreadful cry, they run away as quickly as possible to avoid the onslaught!
<the21stcentury> team 3d8, distinction: Cowardly d8, Power: Intangible d8, Specialty: Combat Rookie d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 22:2+4+6+7+1+2
<the21stcentury> so 6 + 7 = 13, beating the 11 by two. They manage to dodge the mis-aimed beams of light.
<the21stcentury> Okay, Aiden’s turn has passed, you may pick who goes next, Aiden
<aidan> ((I guess jdarksun is definitely here, so John)
<john_darling> “OK, Hephaestus – show me what you got!”
<john_darling> (( Team d8, Calloused Hands (d4+PP), Superhuman Strength d10, Combat d8)
<john_darling> ,roll d8+d4+d10+d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 18:8+1+4+5
<john_darling> (( 13 w/ d10 effect ))
<the21stcentury> ((you get 1 PP, one of the d6 steps up))
<the21stcentury> The Dreadful Mendax scatter around away from the massive hammer’s strike.
<the21stcentury> team 3d8, Distinction: Cowardly d8, Power: Intangible d8, Specialty: Combat Rookie d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 24:1+3+5+6+8+1
<the21stcentury> it gets 14. One of the mendax barely escapes by liquifying where it’s struck.
<john_darling> (( can’t i trigger one of those 1s? ))
<john_darling> (( i think so – not 100% clear, might only be when you’re rolling against me, but let’s tackle that later. i’ll give you a PP now for a d10 stunt later. ;) ))
<the21stcentury> cool, keep it in mind
<john_darling> “Hmm, this is going to take some practice…”
<the21stcentury> Who’s next, then?
<john_darling> (( The intangible blobs are up. ))
<the21stcentury> Very well
<the21stcentury> Emboldened by two near misses, the regroup and Lash out against the nearest target: John Darling.
<the21stcentury> 3d8 team, distinction: Feeds on Fear d8 (I’m assuming John is at least a little scared right now ;) ), Power: Stretching d8, specialty: Combat Rookie d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 29:3+4+5+6+6+5
<the21stcentury> Dang, this might hurt!
<the21stcentury> 12 with a d8 effect dice
<john_darling> (( team d8, cramped d8, enhanced durability d8, combat d8 ))
<john_darling> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 19:8+2+4+5
<john_darling> (( I’ll spend a Plot Point to keep another die. ))
<john_darling> (( 17 w/ d8 effect ))
<john_darling> Using the confined space to his advantage, John dodges under a seat, emerging unscathed on the other side.
<the21stcentury> Okay, so who’s next? How about Gil?
<gilmiller> So, what’s in the doom pool?
<the21stcentury> d8, 3d6
<gilmiller> ok.
<gilmiller> team d8, distinction: Lovable goofball 1d4 + 1PP, Najimbo Staff D8, Combat d8, steal a d8 from the doom pool with Trickster.
<gilmiller> ,roll d8+d4+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> GilMiller: 23:6+4+8+2+3
<gilmiller> Right, then, 14 with a d8 effect die.
<the21stcentury> good
<the21stcentury> The dreadful Mendax tries to dodge the flaming staff desperately!
<aidan> now the Intangible blob
<the21stcentury> 3d8, distinction: Cowardly: d8, Power: Intangible d8, Combat Rookie: d6, And i spend a d6 from the doom pool to activate its SFX Tar-like body! On a reaction to a MELEE ATTACK, I can give the stuck complication until Gil’s next turn.
<the21stcentury> let’s see how it turns out
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 24:7+1+2+4+5+5
<the21stcentury> 10 with a d8 effect.
<the21stcentury> So you connect, deal damage, but are stuck due to the tar-like body of one of the creatures until your next turn. be careful!
<gilmiller> WuKong charges forward on his Nimbus, leveling his staff like a lance. Just as the blob lashes out to strike the attacker, WuKong lowers his staff and strikes the ground with it, using it to vault over the Shadow. Off balance from not connecting with its attack, the shadow is an easy target for WuKong’s staff. However, the blob refuses to let go of the staff that is embedded in it.
<the21stcentury> Scott Solder is next, by process of elimination
<scott_solder> team d10, cool as a cucumber d6, arquebus d8, professional firearms d8
<scott_solder> is that right?
<the21stcentury> cool as a cucumber is d8
<scott_solder> right, d8
<the21stcentury> and the thing has a d8 of stress
<scott_solder> so it’s d10+d8+d8+d8+d8?
<the21stcentury> yep looks good to me
<scott_solder> ,roll d10+d8+d8+d8+d8
<shadowpool> Scott_Solder: 26:7+8+2+4+5
<scott_solder> 13 with a d8 effect die
<the21stcentury> Very well
<john_darling> (( why not 15? ))
<john_darling> (( or 13 w/ d10 effect? ))
<john_darling> (( should totally go 15 w/ d8 effect ))
<scott_solder> (( numbers are my weakness! ))
<the21stcentury> ((Actually, the thing will have a dead dice regardless of what hits it, as long as it hits))
<the21stcentury> ((so 15 with d8 would be best))
<scott_solder> (( okay, 15 w/ d8 then ))
<the21stcentury> Alright, the dreadful mendax scrambles as it has done all night, desperately trying to avoid a deadly gun shot.
<aidan> (it likes to scramble)
<the21stcentury> Team 3d8, Cowardly d8, intangible d8, combat rookie d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 22:2+4+6+7+1+2
<the21stcentury> Well, that’s a 13 with a d8 effect, so it gets hit and takes stress. Enough to severely wound two of the group of shadows, removing 1 dice from its team
<the21stcentury> Everyone’s had their turn, so you can pick who goes next, Scott.
<scott_solder> let’s see if gil is still around
<the21stcentury> Excellent choice
<gilmiller> heyoy
<gilmiller> team d8, distinction: Minor League Slugger d8, Najimbo Staff D8, Combat d8
<gilmiller> d8 stress, right?
<the21stcentury> nope
<the21stcentury> the dice has been destroyed, along with 2 of the group
<the21stcentury> so it’s “fresh” again, albeit with 1 less team dice
<gilmiller> ,roll d8
<shadowpool> GilMiller: 18:2+4+5+7
<gilmiller> 12 with a d8
<the21stcentury> Alright, let’s see if it hits
<the21stcentury> Team 2d8, Distinction: Cowardly d8, Power: intangible d8, Specialty: Combat Rookie d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 16:2+3+3+4+4
<the21stcentury> 8 with d8 effect. :| Whelp, you hit
<the21stcentury> You’re still stuck again
<gilmiller> That’s rough man. :)
<the21stcentury> d8 complication until your next turn because, it’s still made of tar
<gilmiller> WuKong flails with his staff, striking another blob. The sizzle of the slime hissing away tells WuKong that his staff is stuck again.
<the21stcentury> Who’s next?
<gilmiller> How about Aidan?
<aidan> Lucifer looks pissed off…
<aidan> (alright so)
<aidan> (team d8, dark romantic d8, solar ray d10, combat d10, area attack d6, stress d8, that right?)
<the21stcentury> Dark Romantic? Hmmm, how does that apply to the situation?
<aidan> (was thinking in the heroic sense.. but we just go with kin again)
<the21stcentury> Oh, it’s alright
<the21stcentury> So i guess you shoot a series of lasers while quoting poe and looking badass?
<aidan> (‘you have failed to tantalize me puddle of mush" )
<aidan> (O_O)
<aidan> ,roll d8+d8+d10+d10+d6+d8
<shadowpool> Aidan: 33:3+4+6+7+5+8
<the21stcentury> Dang, no opportunities to activate.
<the21stcentury> And that’s a pretty hefty roll, what’re you gonna do with them nice numbers, i wonder
<aidan> hm
<john_darling> (( Do you have any Plot Points? ))
<aidan> ((I have… 4?))
<the21stcentury> yep, 4
<john_darling> (( you could keep an extra die for the total – the three d8s. 15 w/ d10, d10 as your two effect dice ))
<the21stcentury> John, he can totes use the 5 from the d6!
<john_darling> (( oh yeah. so, 8, 5, 4.))
<aidan> k
<the21stcentury> is that your final answer?
<aidan> yeah
<the21stcentury> so 17; d10, d10 effect, let’s see if it hits (if should)
<the21stcentury> Desperately trying to avoid, the cowardly Mendax scramble, hoping to avoid the brunt of the assault.
<aidan> Lucifer grimaces. He appraises the blob-like beast and once again fires light beams from his hands, the lights shoot out as to avoid Wu Kong’s staff
<the21stcentury> 2d8 + Cowardly: d8 + intangible d8 + combat rookie d6
<the21stcentury> ,roll d8+d8+d8+d8+d6
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 19:3+6+7+1+2
<the21stcentury> Dang, i’d need to spend 2 dice to avoid this, not worth it.
<the21stcentury> you successfully destroy 3 dreadful Mendax, leaving a lone survivor
<the21stcentury> Who’s next?
<aidan> (john right?)
<john_darling> (( ok. no stress on the last guy, right? ))
<john_darling> (( team d8, knight in oil-stained coveralls d8, superhuman strength d8, combat d8, stunt d10 ))
<the21stcentury> ooh, you’re gonna have to describe the stunt
<john_darling> “Last one. Smash this congealed lump of grease, Hephaestus!”
<john_darling> With the screech of tearing metal, Hephaestus rips a seat out from the floor of the subway car and throws it at the Mendax.
<john_darling> ,roll d8+d8+d10+d8+d10
<shadowpool> John_Darling: 26:3+5+8+8+2
<gilmiller> (Collateral damage man!)
<john_darling> (( 16 w/ d10 effect ))
<the21stcentury> Yowch, let’s see if it can dodge… probably not…
<the21stcentury> Frozen in fear, the last remaining Mendax reacts, slowly, trying to avoid getting completely squashed…
<shadowpool> The21stCentury: 10:4+1+2+3
<the21stcentury> ,roll d4+d4+d8+d6
<the21stcentury> IT IS UTTERLY SQUASHED (but i get an extra d6 in the doom pool due to its cowardly nature freezing it in place)
<aidan> dun dun dun
<john_darling> (( 6? steps up the effect die twice! that’s d14. ))
<the21stcentury> It’s so squashed, man
<scott_solder> mmm, pancakes
<john_darling> The seat continues to slide for a good fifteen seconds before slowing to a stop.
<john_darling> (( Describing crazy stuff like that makes it easier for the GM to react if rolls go bad. Or good, even. More flavor = more better. ))
<the21stcentury> You win! Everyone with the Hunter of Shadows gets 1 XP (it’s a group of super weak shadows, and counts as only 1)

<the21stcentury> With the last Shadow destroyed, the group’s personae disappear…
<gilmiller> “So, that was pretty invigorating.”
GilMiller then bursts out laughing.
aidan looks skeptically at Gil and then at the others
<scott_solder> “I’ll say. That was…pretty fun, actually.” Scott can’t help but smile as he says this.
aidan then tries the emergency exit again
<the21stcentury> it still won’t budge…
<john_darling> “I could use a drink. You guys want a drink after that? We should find something to drink.”
<gilmiller> “There’s a good bar by the stadium where I play. It’s a little out of the way, but it’s good.”
<the21stcentury> You hear a sound. a slow clapping
<aidan> “Yes…killing a blob thing in crypt land is fun.,.”
GilMiller turns to look for another person in the car.
<john_darling> “Sarcastic clapping? Man, SNL is on the outs. Didn’t you hear?”
aidan keeps trying to open the emergency exit
<the21stcentury> in front of you is now a humanoid creature, covered in the same tar-like substance.
<aidan> “And now we face the fucking serial killer….”
<the21stcentury> it’s clapping slowly, with the tar covering it making squelching sounds
<the21stcentury> It smiles, revealing a set of razor-sharp teeth
<the21stcentury> It then runs away…
<the21stcentury> towards the front of the train
<scott_solder> “…the hell was that?”
<aidan> “the mom…”
<gilmiller> “So… Drinks it is, then? Drinks sound really good.”
<john_darling> “Hey, how’s that door coming?”
<aidan> “….It’s not”
<the21stcentury> Well, the emergency exit mechanism isn’t working at all…
<gilmiller> “You tried flipping out on it like we did a second ago?”
<scott_solder> “What about that thing? Shouldn’t we like, go after it?”
<gilmiller> After thinking for a second, Gill says, “Well, I guess drinks can wait. I’d like to get a better idea of what’s going on, so maybe Aidan has a point.”
<john_darling> “Fine, fine. Let’s go stomp on that toothed oil oyster. Beats wandering around in the dark.”
<scott_solder> “That’s three of us then. Okay, let’s catch us a monster.”
<the21stcentury> A little ways away, the humanoid shadow is helping two others come out of the now almost completely depleted pool of sludge… There are now three such creatures, each with a teal mask revealed as the sludge drips and drains. Wearing a mask too small for their faces, they grin revealing razor teeth…
<the21stcentury> And you guys will fight them next week because we’re all tired



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